Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • gc_peshwa
    04-14 12:22 PM
    Lets keep this going...great effort by IV!

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  • swamy
    11-28 01:02 PM
    I am not sure we want to gag him - it's kind of late too to do that. But letting the sponsors know they are encouraging hate-groups is good. If this would work CNN itself may have pulled the plug on him

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  • satishku_2000
    05-24 05:31 PM
    Clinton and Obama voted for it.

    Any idea what is the number of the amendment

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  • sc3
    07-02 07:08 PM
    leave my indian employer soon. they are saying they have 90 days notice period.... which was set from india. I work in ohio which has "employment at will" law... I am not going to serve the full notice period..... but if they deduct any money..... I am going fight like hell.... planning to complain to DOL and state govt office......I will keep updated on what happens....

    "Employment at will" does not invalidate your notice period requirements. If you have an agreement with your company for a notice period, as long as it is not unduly restrictive, 90 days is probably arguably restrictive, you will have to honor your word.


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  • eb3retro
    11-02 11:55 AM
    I would like to share my experience and it may help some people here.
    My H1 was sponsored by company A when I was working with them on OPT. I paid $3000 for H1 filing and attorney fees and company A gave me the H1 approval notice only after I signed an agreement that I would work for atleast one year with them.
    Afetr 1 month of my H1 approval, I got a better job offer from company B and I got the H1 transferred. I notified my client and company A who threatened to revoke my H1, take me to court etc etc. They also withheld 4 weeks of my pay.
    After joining company B, I filed a complaint against company A with DOL that they withheld my salary and also they demanded H1 fees from me. After 2 weeks of that complaint, my salary was deposited into my account and DOL was looking into my complaint about H1 fees. This case finally got resolved last week after about 18 months, when DOL finally persuaded company A to pay $3000 back to me.
    I would request everyone who is a victim of these blood sucking employers to
    take every possible action against them. There's a very little chance that they would go to court because they are themselves involved in gross irregularities.

    now that this is not a private issue anymore (you have taken the employer to the court and DOL) you can defenitely save some souls if you reveal your employer here. having said, wish everyone had courage like you. good job.

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  • mirage
    03-10 10:52 PM
    As I thought about this further, I figured out the data is even worse than I thought earlier, as this may not have any 2007 numbers. People who filed their labors in 2007 were still waiting in july of 2007. So this data is only upto late 2006. Now the figures could be

    5000 2001
    20000 2002
    20000 2003
    20000 2004
    5000 2005
    5000 2006

    10000 2004
    20000 2005
    20000 2006
    This is my guess, This is how it could be distributed(I know it is a very vague guess)...
    10000 2001
    15000 2002
    15000 2003
    15000 2004
    10000 2005
    5000 2006
    5000 2007
    5000 2008

    5000 2004
    10000 2005
    15000 2006
    20000 2007
    20000 2008


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  • GCard_Dream
    01-31 11:21 AM
    If you are not using a sub labor and filing 140 in a week or so, there is nothing for you to worry about.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am not using substitution labor. I do not condone any one who does it for monetary reasons.

    So the rule hasn't taken affect yet huh! I will definitely send my application out in premium processing this week. Just worried that I have passed the 45-day time period :( . Does my I-140 have to be approved before this rule is implemented, or just that my application needs to be filed ?

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  • pd052009
    04-04 08:29 PM


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  • RNGC
    12-09 03:11 PM
    Should we send at least 100 emails via change.gov to Mr. Obama's team on Legal Immigration?


    Can anyone draft a sample email explaining our concerns?

    sending a email right now....

    this should be a action item....Instead of canned template, each one of us should write our story...do mention the bills by Joe Lofgren...

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  • green_card
    11-11 08:41 AM
    Thank you for adding some rationality to the discussion.

    I-485 is mostly about the eligibility of the individual (like medical, illegal presence, fraud etc.) and so getting rejected at I-485 stage is not that common (especially after the approval of the underlying immigration petition). And if it does get rejected, more often than not, the individual may never be eligible for permanent residence due to the same reason. So usefulness of H1-B as back-up is of very limited narure.


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  • dixie
    02-13 08:40 PM
    LOL .. Shows how much you are in touch with reality yourself. A website visited by misers and doubting thomases does not a good business proposition make.

    I believe IV can charge up to $10,000 a day for advertising on the website. That would be $300,000/month or $3.6 million a year. Even $3000/day would result in over $1 million. That should not be very difficult to do.

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  • nrk
    10-30 06:30 AM
    Thanks caliguy,

    I got the letter.

    As of 10:30 AM PST (Thursday), I have responsed to all requests for Sample letter, details of officer at TSC and steps to reach IO at TSC.

    If you have not received an email from me, please send me a message again. It's been almost impossible to keep up with all the requests I have received since last night.

    Any requests that I get after 10:30 AM PST, I will respond to them tonight.

    Good luck and keep the faith....


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  • xu1
    04-26 03:14 PM
    How do i do it?
    Give me the paypal email id to send money to.
    Thanks for becoming one of us!! Please click

    And then find a link of "Contribution Form" underneadth "How to contribute" and there you are taken to the paypal contribution page with IV's email address..

    Thx again..

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  • Saikrishna
    07-19 11:25 AM
    Thanks to GOD for helping him in order to help us regarding with all our immigration problem...

    Sure and will do some contribution (on this website)soon to him and IV core team for their fruitless efforts.

    ONE REQUEST FOR EVERYONE - Please contribute some money from your pockets to Aman ASAP and make him happy...



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  • manjunathrao_sl
    07-16 12:22 PM

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  • learning01
    02-01 07:07 PM
    (Gavel noise * 3)


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  • amitga
    01-08 03:03 PM
    Visa Bulletin for February 2010 (http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_4611.html)

    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 22MAY05 22JAN05 C C
    3rd 22SEP02 22SEP02 22JUN01 01JUL02 22SEP02

    No Change for EB2-I or EB3-I.

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  • black_logs
    04-18 07:48 AM
    We are languishing close to 85K. It is very important that we reach 150K very soon. There are some big decisions pending because of that.
    Does anyone know how close are we in achieving this target, did we atleast cross 100k?

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  • walking_dude
    03-13 12:49 PM
    I, for one, am unable to join a state chapter, because , the nearest chapter is 400 miles and 2 states away. What good would it do to me to join something that I can never be part of. I wanted to start a state chapter here in my place, but I couldnt find any useful resources on how to do it. May be eb3_nepa has some reasons like it.

    I was also unable to find a state chapter just a few months back. So I started one. Now we have around 60 members. Someone needs to take the initiative and set the ball rolling. That someone can be you.

    Here's an excellent resource on how to start a state chapter.


    The Admin Fixes letter campaign was a good initiative. But, the target date got moved twice, and now I dont even know when the end date is.

    The end date is the date when the fixes get passed.

    IV moved the target dates to get more letters from members. It paid back richly as thousands more letters were got through the hardwork of volunteers who collected these letters. As pointed by paskal work is in progress on the campaign and more stuff is getting done.

    May be IV should be a top-down organization. Any organization as big as IV would probably be better served with a Top Team. That team could probably elected by the community. I am confident, that most of our members wouldnt even mind spending a few extra bucks to pay a honarary amount to this team for their efforts and time. Then there will be more structure and accountability and action going on around here.

    If you really think you can get someone like Aman Kapoor - who visited DC 18 times last year spending 60k of his personal money - by paying a few extra bucks, be my guest!

    IV is a volunteer organization. Its strength is volunteers who believe in the cause and ready to spend their efforts and money for a cause that benefits not only them, but also the slackers who do nothing and sit on the forum badmouthing/belittling those who do.

    A paid person will not do all that for you for the few extra bucks you are ready to pay.

    I came to know about IV pretty late. When I did learn about IV and joined IV, I was a very enthusiastic participant. Of late, I do believe IV is fading away. I dont see so many activities going on around here. Like eb3_nepa and few others said, IV is right now becoming just another Immigration portal. It is starting to lose its identity.

    After doing all the hard work to gather a mass or like minded people, it will be shameful, if IV drifts away from its stated aim. So, may be it is time for every member, including core members like you to refect upon things and come up with ways to make this organization more transparent and more accessible for people like me.

    Don't judge IV by what's posted on the forum. IV is more than a forum. A lot of action happens off the forum (in fact most of it). Like Morpheus told Neo in Matrix, 'No one can tell you what it is. You need to experience it yourself'. Participating actively in IV activities through state chapters is the only way to know all IV activities happening.

    It will never get posted here in a forum full of anti-immigrant trolls. IV is transparent in its finances as it gets audited as a tax-exempt organization and held accountable to its expenses. Transparency is bi-directional. IV expects its members seeking updates to be transparent too (by providing complete contact details and valid E-mail ids). When a large number of members aren't transparent themselves, asking IV to be transparent is a moot point.

    Like Waldenpond said, it is probably not wise to list all the items going on in the portal. The work around to that would be, we can add another membership type which is more restrictive. This membership group will have only members whose identities have been verified. Once this group is created, IV can post all the happenings accessible to them. This will help people like me who are unable to be part of any state chapter to know what is happening at IV. Keep our sprits high.

    Sorry to be blunt here. IVs aim is to motivate members to participate in the activities and achieve the goal. Keeping spirits high for everyone is not a part of the deal.

    Creation of such a value-added paid membership was discussed earlier. Most of the IV members don't want it. So it didn't happen.

    08-20 12:58 PM
    Here are the answers -

    You have H1-B I-797, You may have H1-B Stamp, Your I-94 says H1-B, Therefore Your Status is H-1B, Your Work Authorization Document is H1-B.

    You file 485, You file for AP and EAD, You get AP and EAD, You haven't used either yet.

    You exit USA, You return to USA using AP.

    Your I-94 now says "Parolee", Your status now in USA is "Parolee/Pending AOS"

    Your Work Authorization for SAME (continuing) employer is H1-B
    A.K.A. NO NEED to use EAD.

    There is NO SUCH THING as H1-B Transfer
    Every H1-B filing is a new one, USCIS checks if
    1) You have valid remaining 6 year period at the time this new H1-B that they have received AND
    2) You have been counted against the H1-B before in the last 6 years or not.

    So now after I-94 says "Parolee/Pending AOS", You CAN
    A) Extend your H1-B with the SAME EMPLOYER provided you have time left in your 6 year window
    B) File a new H1-B with a DIFFERENT EMPLOYER provided you have time left in your 6 year window AND you are counted in the cap
    C) Move to this DIFFERENT EMPLOYER WITHOUT filing H1-B by using your EAD.
    in scenario A) your status CHANGES from "Parolee/WaitingAOS" to H1-B with SAME EMPLOYER once you receive your new I-797 that has I-94 at the bottom, you keep working on current H1-B that is being extended
    in scenario B) your status CHANGES from "Parolee/WaitingAOS" to H1-B with DIFFERENT EMPLOYER once you receive your new I-797 that has I-94 at the bottom, you start working on new H1-B receipt notice until that gets approved and then on the new approved H1-B
    in scenario C) your status STAYS "Parolee/WaitingAOS", you start working on your EAD which is NOT tied to any employer.

    Many people FEAR that they should CLING ON TO H1-B "just in case" 485 is denied. Well that fear is not well placed since if your 485 is denied at any point in either scenario A) or B) even though you may remain "IN STATUS" you probably have run out of 6 year clock by then. Conversely, in scenario C) in case of 485 denial, even though you may temporarily become "OUT OF STATUS" you can immediately file H1-B with the working or a different employer to get back "IN STATUS" if your clock has not expired by then.

    between scenarios B) and C), scenario C) is simpler and easier as long as the job is same/similar if you are using AC-21.

    Hope This Helps.

    very good information. Thanks add78.

    Small query. If I am in my sixth year of H1B today, and if I file for H1 extension,
    1. with same employer, I actually got 3 years extension. (being 140 approved)
    2. with diff. employer, would I get 3 years or just six months, or not at all?

    10-16 10:09 AM
    I hope they do something about this name check mess soon. I filed 485 in July 2003 and have been current for years now... Just stuck in the whole name check mess.

    I even completed the interview for my employment based 485 more than 19 months ago. I do not know what else they want ?

    EB3 India PD: March 2001.

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