Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • BharatPremi
    07-17 09:03 PM
    Hello Pappu

    Did you file in June or are you filable now?

    Yes, Pappu is FILLABLE :D :D :D :D :D :D now like a glass jar.

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  • gc_on_demand
    09-05 05:03 PM
    Hello Guys

    How many days we will have left in Sep month. Now its too late any action we will take may need 15 days or more .. by that time we will have oct month and new bulletin..

    rather than there will be a some movement on HR 5882 bill next week.. lets focus on it so it will solve problem for all.

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  • paskal
    12-20 12:33 PM contribution is humble.
    Thank you for adding your might to the cause.

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  • obelix
    02-26 08:07 AM
    North American naming conventions are clear, it has two essential parts, First Name and Last Name. Third part, the middle name is optional, and is also insisted upon, if you have one, to be written in full on all legal docs, such as PP, SS card etc.

    Addition of something to your name probably is not adding your last name. It is rather changing your last name, legally speaking.

    Therefore, this perhaps needs to be treated as a change of name, and you might need necessary legal docs to prove that, while trying to change for your taxes or other legal docs. Merely having a new passport with something added to your name, may or may not work.

    Very much agreed. I have already submitted for my SSN update. They need one legal doc based on which my PP was update and thankfully their system allows acceptance of foreign court order. I had a court order from home town in India.

    My question revolves around immigration aspects of Name Change like paystubs, PoE, taxes etc. I've contacted my company's lawyer. I'm just waiting for my SSN update before I make move.

    Thanks for response.


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  • paskal
    12-19 02:45 PM
    and shukla was 75...

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  • jsb
    10-07 02:19 PM
    hello guys, i just went through all the 6 pages but still am confused.
    This is how my name appears on my passport:
    First name- ______(blank!)
    Last Name- Ravneet.
    one every US document including SSN, License, Job, its listed as FNU Ravneet.

    I am on F1 visa, working on my OPT. My student visa just expired but my OPT-EAD is valid till june09. I feel very embarassed when asked" how do u say ur first name", I need to have it changed, could somebody tell me step by step the process involved.
    I can drive to NY consulate and have my passport changed, but then how to change every US document, I mean would a expired US visa be a issue? My EAD is valid and I am legally in status. Please guide!

    It is clear that FNU stands for First Name Unknown. Question is why did you allow this to happen even in your first document. Perhaps for passport you didn't bother because it is blank, but letting FNU appear as your first name in a document does not make any sense. First thing should be to try for the passport office, and hope that they will correct it based on whatever your documentation (school certificate etc) can support. Perhaps it might be that what is shown as your last name, is in fact your first name, etc.


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  • morchu
    05-10 10:00 PM
    Didn't this already addressed by law? Substitute labor is a "stopped" deal. Whatever left is the "que" is old mess, which will be cleared out eventually. Is there a better suggestion you have to clean the old mess?

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  • raysaikat
    07-10 07:15 PM
    Some people like me who really love what they do and dont prefer changing jobs have reached a point where they are begining to think if it is all even worth the wait.

    Just for curiosity: If you love your job and content with your current position, then what is the problem in waiting?


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  • gkopparam
    04-30 11:12 PM
    I applied through a consultant for the masters quota and got a reject (I applied on the 4th of april) they have considered it as regular because the package did not contain a course completion letter (i will be graduating this may 4th, so all i could get was just unofficial transcripts.) Now the school agreed to give me a course completion letter.
    with which,
    I re-applied through a consultant through masters quota today.
    I will be applying through CmpB tomorrow through masters quota (just got the offer as of today).

    can any one tell me what is going to happen on reject/accept?


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  • gupab01
    04-26 03:41 PM
    Yes, I have applied for H1-B under master's quota PP on the 3rd of April but have not recd any receipt notification...don't panic am sure we will hear something in the next 2 weeks...

    but the deadline for processing premium processing cases is tomorrow (4/27). By tomorrow we should ideally be receiving the approval notifications and not still waiting for the receipt notice....

    ur thoughtson this.......???


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  • chanduv23
    08-21 04:21 PM
    Originally Posted by cableching
    I had a Fingerprint appointment for my EAD today at ASC, after the fingerptints, I went to the IO to ask about my Namecheck status, she's very nice lady, though I didn't have an Infopass appointment for any enquiry, she did offer to help. She showed me DOS Memo she just received about no more visas for India/China EB2 for this fiscal year. She did infoact show us the memo.

    She did check mine and my wife's Name Check. Luckily our name check is cleared and she told we have to just wait for the visa numbers.

    Infopass and FP are done at 2 different places. if the document is an internal memo - then the IO will NOT show it to us.

    Lets not go by this unless it is from a credible source

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  • sandiboy
    07-17 07:01 PM
    Simply Stunning...... Superb Job & Thank you Very Much IV.....


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  • axp817
    06-18 12:06 PM
    You never cease to amaze me, impress me, and educate me.

    You have taught me that this goes beyond just getting our green cards.

    This is the difference between people that succeed in life and people that don't, people that bring change to the world and people that sit around hoping the world will change for them.

    In you, and many others on IV, I see that kind of drive and motivation, and I hope to absorb some of that positive energy.

    At times I have wondered why I do this, when most people that I know, who are in a similar situation don't. But I have always come out of that thought process with nothing but reaffirmation of my actions, and the intent to continue doing what I do, thanks to IV members like yourself.

    I might get my green card in another year or so, but seeing the unwavering motivation and passion with which some people continue to challenge and change things that aren't right, makes me want to continue doing whatever little or large I can, to help them (and help myself in the process!).

    My next destination after this thread, was this one.

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  • cinqsit
    04-11 10:30 AM
    I seriously doubt that a candidate whose labor is pending since such a long time is even keeping that GC process alive. In all likelihood he/she must have moved on in life.

    I think I know a few with PD < 2002 still waiting....Its hard to give up when you have waited so long....

    As far as rest of the post it might be true but with USCIS everything is speculative since
    this process is so god damn opaque :-(


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  • Jitamitra
    09-17 06:21 PM

    Most of the senior members and Admins either have left IV or not able to spend enough time together to plan and organize action plans for the community. This is what I feel we are missing. We are acting alone although we are part of community.

    We need to come together and keep ourselves focussed on common issues related with congress bills, retrogression, IV Agendas and road-map for coming months or years.

    I mostly see pappu from core IV leadership. Where are other folks. If current leaders cannot lead us in the future, we need to find someone who could.

    Again, my intention is not question anyone's hard work, but I am not seeing the same momentum and focus we had year back.

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  • knnmbd
    04-12 02:13 PM
    He protested against the Vietnam war.
    That is a valid reason for a Green Card rejection. I don�t think this will hold water. It�s obvious that dissent or negative feelings towards the war (in any time especially in the 60�s was definitely against the administration policy.


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  • BharatPremi
    07-17 08:32 PM

    Congratulations for our victory. Thanks to CORE and all members. I have mailed $300/- check (One Time Payment)today as my little contribution. And will keep contributing in future.


    - BharatPremi

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  • zoooom
    07-17 07:23 PM
    Thanks a lot to all members for being with us in this struggle. We have tasted our first big success this year. Credit goes to each and every IV member. We were all affected by the visa bulletin fiasco and this is our victory. This is a victory for all our members and we must rejoice.

    IV had worked very hard and had been pushing for this in the background. Our flower campaign, rally and other advocacy efforts all came together and helped us at a crunch time. We thank members that sent flowers and also walked in the San Jose heat for 4 hours. All that really shows our commitment to this cause.

    We are happy that our efforts are successful and IV has been able to make a difference. Please also know that during this effort, IV was extremely active and decision makers heard our voice. We cannot give out all the details but what IV members should know is that these efforts should make each one of us proud and what we can do if we have a firm resolve. We were also the first to break this news even before anyone else or media could, and continued to update our members as time passed.

    IV also thanks its contributing members and it is because of their contributions we were able to continue this effort. Many thanks to the members that are contributing now after this good news.

    Please continue your support for this organization and be an integral member of this ever growing community, so that this journey can continue and we can end retrogression and have immigrationvoice as our voice.

    Team IV

    Thanks Pappu...Kudos to you and the whole team....
    Man this Pappu name is funny :)

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  • vbkris77
    06-09 02:12 PM
    We could have got 1000 from each of the IV member, if July Fiasco hadn't happened.

    Most I spoke to are content with EAD/AP.

    Even if 1000 of our ~41000 members contribute 100 dollars each, we can host two more events like this.

    It makes sense to ask help from outside of the organization only when our internal resources are all exhausted. However, sadly, most of us do not want to even contribute for the good cause. :o

    07-06 05:24 PM t_Rose_Bouquet.htm

    Not trying to stress on the price...but just a question ...can we get it for this price ? less thatn 10 ? I am not able to see any under 30 $

    Basically might be better to send 2 for 10$ rather than 1 for 20$ ....or say 5 for 10$ rather than 1 for 50$......

    guess the quantity if let us know where you can get cheapest so we can send more....

    I think the idea is quite good....we are on indiatimes and so many desis here read indiatimes and the awareness is going to increase....

    all the best to all of us -:)

    04-05 02:38 PM
    Hello everybody,

    I'm a new member and i joined this forum today because i'm stuck in a knot. I am a Master's Student and i'll be graduating this May 2007. I have applied for my OPT which will start from 04 Jun 2007 and will end by 04june 2008. Now the next day after i sent my OPT forms to the immigration i read the news about the H1 general quota being filled already on the first day. I am really confused now.

    Here is where i need your help, any prediction or idea when the Master's quota would be filled this year? Is there any way (website or something) that we can keep trck of the number of H1 application vacancies available in the Master's quota.?? Till what date so you think i should have a company file my H1 if i have to get into the MAster's quota this year?

    These are the three questions that i seek the answers for...

    Well if in case i am not able to file my H1 this year i can do that next year but the prolem is on the 5th of June 2008 my OPT is going to end and then till Oct 2008 i'll have a status problem. Any suggestions on what i can do and what are my options?

    Any help and suggestion from anybody would greatly help me in deciding my future and your comments would be highly appreciated. Waiting eagerly for a response.

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