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  • logiclife
    12-09 12:35 AM
    Your list of struggles thru various H1s and GC petitions and writ of mandamus is really long.

    Kind of makes everyone look lucky who havent had to go thru so much as you have been thru.

    Congrats. Enjoy your Christmas gift.

    Your case of the epitome of the broken employment based immigration system in this country.

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  • BharatPremi
    12-13 03:58 PM
    "Recurring Contribution" with no strings attached for non-contributors. :)

    No. that's not the point. See, you can't force people. If X is "recurring contributor" now, he has done that willingly and that is the best essence for us.
    As long as people support the cause and organization "Willingly" we will have infinite horizons to grow. The moment you bring "Burocracy" in, ultimately momentum will die.. may be slowly or quickly. Historically, IV threads are the major attentive media to declare the existence. We should not kill that with any enforcement of "Paid membership"...It is always hard to wake people. If that would be easy than nobody would have used the word "Struggle"..right:). On other hand yes there is a dier need of increasing financial strength exponentially and that too quickly is at high priority. We need to think and find other ways and resources.

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  • marlon2006
    06-09 11:14 AM
    I think the idea is that we need to sell ourselves. I was the other day debating on and believe me, that was a tough exchange. Several US IT pros (mid management, engineering, etc) arguing that they are highly qualified and got laid off and cannot find a high paying job anymore. I had to sell myself and argue that our skills are needed, etc. I believe that we are still needed in this country and it is not all that easy to find "good" IT professionals. That's why we are here. However, I am very concious about the number of folks who Americans are willing to let in without hurting them.

    "Demand" and "right" will work up to the point in which we don't irate Americans. America has been sympathetic to immigrants in good part thanks to the capacity that America has to accomodate us here. If an excessive number of immigrants get in and that alarm citizens, I can tell you this country will become as unsympathetic to immigrants as many European countries are.

    LogicLife is doing a good thing by being so positive. Let's continue to sell our skills in a professional manner. Just be careful with the idea of "demanding" and "rights" though :)

    So you guys are saying that because you are on a H1B you are working harder than others? Let me tell you that working hard does not guarantee your job. I have seen hard workers laid off left and right, be it US citizens, green card holders or H1Bs. In fact one of my GC friends said that it is a constant fear for him to be employed at all times, he was unemployed for 10 months after the dot com bust. That changed him completely, he said what will I do with my GC, can I feed my kids with a GC? I need a job. So it is everyone's perspective. I look at him and say at least you have a GC, he says at least you have a job. :)

    I still think that GC is not a right. It is a privilege, as is a driving license. You have to pass the drivers test to get a license. Logiclife's message from centuries back about anyone being able to move to another country does not work in today's world. There were no visit visas needed to get to India or China for example in those years, but why is it a requirement to have a visa to visit India now? Things have changed.

    BTW, I do think we should do what we can to improve the immigration process, but if nothing gets done its not the end of the world. We can "ask", "request" Congress to change laws. But surely you are not saying we "demand" for our rights to have a GC?

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  • cr52401
    07-21 08:05 AM
    gimmi green,

    I am wondering how did you do that? I am in same situation but I always thought that you have to stay with the company who has filed your 140./ I have 140 approved and wasting my time with the company every day but at the same time started real estate business with my partner part time. I am wondering if there is any way to keep your green card going and at the same time work for your comoany. I really appricate your insight.
    Thank you.

    gimmi green - Don't you see green around you. Let me tell you how to get green

    1) Use your credit history to purchase additional home in Florida. House purchase in 150000 will be 250000 in year. The market was like that a year back. It takes 8 months to get a house. There is a big line.

    2) Open your own e-business. File E visa. 1/4 million should be easy money if you have stayed here for 10 years.

    3) House listing in only done by realtor. Give option to customer. For fun open a site for people to list their house for sale. Give them free service then charge. Live American way.

    4) Make school in Village. I have made one. I enjoy supporting the school. Grow India.

    5) Don't worry about GC. Do something. Registering a site takes some $35 or 40. Built you site. Use American brain.

    Am I doing it? Yes.. Did I make money? Yes.



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  • gsc999
    07-12 12:30 AM
    Does that mean that you are preparing the press release as well? Please send some information our way so that we can start blogging.

    Can you help us create the press release?
    Please see first page of this thread for event details. Thanks in advance

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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    12-13 01:54 PM
    I have been a member for a while now and have seen the benefits of IV. I've also seen a lot of back and forth in various thrreads betweeen various members in various issues and subjects. Before any one starts checking if I have contributed, let me assure you I have ....for the DC rally. Why? because deep down I believe in this org. No one forced me to contribute, no one asked me to have to come to this or that meeting. I live in Wisconsin but have not been able to attend any sub commitee meetings In Milwaukee because of circumstances both personal and official. I need not explain to anyone in more detail. What I mean by this is we need to set our boundries of expectations. How much do we practically expect out of members and how much can be done by a much more core group. Someone who RSVP but dont turn up should technically be a non issue, its definetly bad for the organizer and the core group, but are we hear to teach people courtesy? Its an intangible expectation. When we set this level of expectation lower, we will strain oursleves to a lesser extent. The bottom line is human behaviour and circumstances that model that behaviour and any other external circumstances cannot be changed.

    I second any idea that keeps membership open and does not restrict access if one has not paid. However in order for any legislation to happen we all know that $$ is the bottom line. So when ever we need it, we must raise as much as we can. We have to let people come to the web site browse and leave at their will. Restricting access is like closing doors and no popular internet model works like this. Take google, yahoo, hotmail, everythign is still free and has been free and is the most popular. Open source is also more popular than paid software. We have a majority of members who log in from the office or home, and we have to let these people in. Our successes should inspire people (it inspired me) to pay. I will contribute again and also join my state chapter very soon, but my only gripe is when we have emotional members who role play people and call other people names. We dont need to go there.If we are arguing over the internet like this how long will it take us to break into a fight in a state chapter meeting?

    Take the anology of our freedom struggle. Did the british grant freedom only to freedom fighters ? How many so called *fence sitters* did we have then? Eventually everyone got freedom. How did we raise money to have morchas and satyagrahas? All that needed money, time and sacrifice too..I dont want to go too deep into this analogy as it is just an example and may not be entirely 100% perfect for the scenario we are in, but its close.

    P.S The opinion I have expressed is entirely mine. I have no personal gripes against any one person and have not taken any names. If you dont like what I posted ignore it. Its freedom to express ourselves that will get us to where we need to.


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  • msp1976
    02-11 12:39 PM
    There is some massive confusion here. The Immigration and Nationality Act also says the following for EB3

    (3) Skilled workers, professionals, and other workers
    (A) In general
    Visas shall be made available, in a number not to exceed 28.6 percent of such worldwide level, plus any visas not required for the classes specified in paragraphs (1) and (2), to the following classes of aliens who are not described in paragraph (2):
    -End Quote

    Read the term "Not to exceed 28.6 percent". So EB3 can't exceed 28.6 percent which means unused visas from EB2 cant all go to EB3. Since EB2 ROW is current, the unused EB2 visas should be coming to EB2 India & china as per AC21 law.. no?

    We shouldn't assume that USCIS is too dumb to follow the law..
    Read the term "Not to exceed 28.6 percent plus"That plus means EB3 total can exceed 28.6%..

    No.... USCIS is not dumb...They have interpreted the law in the way they think is appropriate....They are applying the over all 7% country cap to China/India EB2 and sending the overflow to EB3 ROW..... It is not fair but it is not exactly illegal...The law is open to interpretation and USCIS has chose to select this interpretation......You can take a crack at suing the USCIS.....I doubt that you would get anywhere......The EB2 India/China might benefit from the lawsuit....But as you know not all members would agree on IV spending resources on this lawsuit because this serves only a small section of member population.... At a personal level you can gather a few EB2 China India guys and have a crack at suing USCIS....

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  • never_giveup
    09-17 11:46 AM
    5882 might be after the recess, as 6020 might take sometime.



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  • sparuthi
    09-17 01:00 PM
    They are in recess.. will HR5882 come up after lunch.. I m on west coast,. so i dont know what has already taken place.. can someone pl let us know here..thanks

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  • logiclife
    03-20 02:12 PM
    Probably his employer is finding excuses not to file his GC and like his employees on H1B.

    Dude, whatever it is, get out of that hole if you cant get GC filed.

    1. Line up another job.
    2. Go there or else, tell your employer, that "Find a way to file my GC, otherwise HASTALA VISTA baybee...".
    3. Choose your option.


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  • cpolisetti
    04-20 11:54 AM
    We have only 10 days remaining and a goal of 61,260 dollars. Members if you haven't donated yet, please do so now. Whatever you can.

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  • WaldenPond
    03-13 11:43 AM
    Thanks jnraajan, appreciate a quick response.


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  • tdasara
    02-11 05:31 PM
    I am not sure if non-citizen complaints are expected!......

    USCIS releases the allocation numbers but at its will.

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  • eb3_2004
    04-27 07:39 AM


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  • sundeep14
    08-27 10:40 AM
    how does rupee draft work..?....

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  • rajuseattle
    04-18 04:13 PM
    Way to go JimyTomy.

    For all well qualified EB-3 folks it is a good and legal way of getting out of this EB-3 India mess.


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  • forgerator
    11-22 10:16 AM
    All I have to say is .. do NOT bring parents or relatives to the US , period. Healthcare is pathetic and will rob you off tons of your hard-earned, precious savings. If you want to meet your parents/relatives, go to the home country but do not bring them here. I have heard far too many horror stories related to medical emergencies and the last thing I want is to put my parents in that kind of situation. In fact when my mother heard about the medical expenses here, she is terrifed to come here and wants me to come visit Pakistan instead, which I will gladly do.

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  • nviren
    04-17 05:48 PM
    Have the contributions increased at all? Have seen the Fig of approx 80-81 K for a while now.

    And do not think that IV is sitting on that 80-81k kitty.
    There are bills being paid out of that collected money. The biggest bill, I think, would be QGA.
    Hence to keep the momentum, we have to have more contributions coming in.

    One surest way to keep the stream flowing is to get more members.
    If we think that we represent 350-400 K people stuch in GC process, we need to find and reach them, make them aware of what IV is doing and encourage them to join and contribute the time, efforts and money.

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  • sanjaymm
    11-04 07:46 AM

    02-21 11:17 AM
    When the Irish Govt is supporting lobbying by it's ILLEGAL in the U.S, why can't we seek remedies to solve our problems- we are after all, LEGAL immigrants. There is a world of difference!

    Maybe someone should contact the Indian Consul in NY too!

    Irish Immigration Slips Into Reverse
    As Post-9/11 Security Increases Pressure on the Undocumented, Emerald Isle Offers Haven

    By Michelle Garcia
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Monday, February 20, 2006; A03

    NEW YORK -- By now the shipping container carrying Jonathan Langan's material life in the United States has arrived in Ireland. The plush green furniture, his American flag and the construction tools of his trade are all gone from his Queens apartment.

    Langan, a lanky, red-haired Irishman, was bidding a final farewell to his adopted country. He didn't leave for want of work -- his fledgling construction company was booming. Success was his problem. The more prosperous his company became, the more Langan feared he would get snared by immigration agents.

    "You don't want to give off red flags because you're not supposed to be working," said Langan, 24, who lived illegally in the United States for three years. "It's too dangerous, what happens if you get caught."

    The green is draining out of the Irish immigration boom that revitalized neighborhoods across New York over the past two decades. Fear of getting caught in a post-Sept. 11 net coupled with the booming economy in Ireland is drawing thousands of Irish back to the Emerald Isle. Numbers vary on how many have left: The Irish government estimates that about 14,000 Irish returned from the United States since 2001, with more than half of them coming from New York. The Census Bureau reported that between 2000 and 2004, the Irish population throughout the United States shrank by 28,500 people, to 128,000.

    A more vivid picture of the exodus is the Gaelic downtown of the northern Bronx, on the border with Yonkers, where green signs and shamrocks decorate store windows.

    The Padded Wagon, a popular moving company among the Irish, shipped 30 containers to Ireland in the past three months, each containing the possessions of an Irish family. The Irish games -- Gaelic football and hurling -- have suffered losses. More than 200 players returned to Ireland in the past year, said Seamus Dooley, president of the Gaelic Athletic Association, which has its games at Gaelic Park in the Bronx.

    Last month, the Irish minister for social affairs visited New York, to unveil "Returning to Ireland," a guide for Irish preparing for a permanent return trip.

    "A travel agent was saying they had sold 1,700 one-way tickets to Ireland," said Geraldine McNabb, an Irish-born naturalized citizen, while she sipped a cranberry cocktail at a pub. "They're not coming back."

    Post-Sept. 11 security procedures have disrupted life for the city's undocumented Irish, who number about 20,000, according to estimates by Irish officials and activists. Few experience immigration raids in their homes and job sites. In 2005 just 43 Irish nationals were deported from the United States, none from the New York area, according to U.S. immigration officials.

    But federal and state policy changes, the fingerprinting of foreign nationals at airports and a crackdown on driver's licenses have made it much more difficult to hop a plane to visit relatives or drive a car. And tighter scrutiny of banking transactions to prevent the financing of terrorism has scared off families and made starting a business far more dicey.

    "What's more alarming to me is people who've been here for years and years are packing up. Families are moving," said Nollaig Cleary, president of the women's division of the New York Gaelic Athletic Association. "You've had the community people who set up business and their families, they're going."

    Brenda Flannagan, 31, immigrated illegally to the United States in her twenties, looking for adventure. Now she has a husband and a baby, and is looking to settle down. A trip back to Ireland to visit her parents could leave her open to discovery by immigration officials -- so she is going home for good.

    Raising a child will only compound her difficulties here. "You can't drive. It will get more difficult," said Flannagan, who expects to leave in the fall. "Things like play dates and after-school activities."

    With fewer immigrants pouring in, and so many Irish packing up, pub talk revolves around the question of the survival of the Irish spirit in New York. Irish immigrants poured in by the hundreds of thousands in the 19th century and again in the early 20th century.

    A third wave came in the 1980s when the Irish economy tanked, and it rejuvenated Irish culture in New York, as politically inspired Irish rock and hip-hop bands worked the club scene, and Irish theater and poetry spread throughout the city.

    "You have a great Irish neighborhood beginning to crumble," said Niall O'Dowd, publisher of the Irish Voice and chairman of the newly formed Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform. "Unfortunately Americans are mixing up terrorism and immigration."

    The Irish, however, retain considerable political clout. Fifteen years ago, they successfully lobbied Congress to direct tens of thousands of green cards into the hands of undocumented Irish.

    O'Dowd and other activists recently rallied the fighting Irish spirits at Rory Dolan's pub in Yonkers, as they begin lobbying for an immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship.

    The Irish government contributed 30,000 euros, ($40,000 at today's rate) to the effort. Tim O'Connor, Ireland's consul general in New York, stresses that the United States played a vital role in helping to stimulate Ireland's economic boom with investments.
    "It's in the interest of both countries that we have people who have the ability to go back and forth between both countries," said O'Connor, noting that 15 percent of new businesses in Ireland were built by returning Irish.

    Some Irish take their leave with optimism, looking to the jobs and construction boom in their homeland.

    "Everything is so good in Ireland," said Flannagan, while her husband, John, a carpenter, was at the pub enjoying "a few sociables." "There's a lot of construction work for the guys."

    Flannagan held her baby girl, a U.S. citizen and last link to the United States. "Maybe she can sponsor us when she's 21," she said. Then, she added, "I think the notion of coming back, by then, will be gone."

    03-10 06:37 PM
    The stats you are refering to are total I485s. They include FB, Asylum etc. You are missing our China friends. They may have atleast 100K apps pending.

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