Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • ganguteli
    06-02 11:50 AM

    Can someone use AC21 even if the person has not worked in the company but 180 days has passed?

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  • gcformeornot
    12-12 09:46 PM
    who are opposing to paid services.........
    If you think other immigration sites are free........... think twice...... they are offering free message posting based on your past money or future money of your fellow ralatives...............

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  • knnmbd
    06-07 12:58 PM
    I am married too, but i only said that there are other easier paths aswell.

    Regarding working late, i am a fulltime employee with H1-B and never came to office before 10:00AM and stayed after 6:00PM and never ever worked weekends. Mine can be an exceptional case, but what iam saying is, your relationship with your manager is important. This can make a lot of difference in your lives.
    As long as you deliver what is expected of you, you can even work 4 days a week and get paid for 40 hrs per week.

    I don't know, if we are deviating from our main discussion agenda started by LogicLife.

    I disagree with Logiclife on immigration to the U.S( or to any other country for that matter) being a right. All that would have made sense when the "new world" was discovered and does not hold any water in today's context.
    Also, we get paid for getting the job done not working hard. So just a claim of being the most hardworking "class" of prospective immigrants will not cut it.

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  • swamy
    11-06 06:34 AM
    Theres an enforcement only bill that increases the h1 cap to 130000. Ofcourse enforcement doesnt include making sure the EB quota is used every year - not that enforcement.


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  • kvrr
    04-30 12:28 PM
    Second contribution sent.

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  • kph
    05-24 10:07 PM
    Every additional dollar they charge for this means every additional vote for these politicians. Who cares about American, technology future?


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  • usernameone
    05-26 02:45 PM

    There is a chance that all unused visas over the last several years will get assigned to FB quota and EB folks will loose all those visas for ever.

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  • krishna.ahd
    02-13 02:40 PM
    Logiclife. I know why you are responding to these comments you all are frustrated with such comments. I know it is hard to not respond but please ignore these asinine comments. Please have some of these comments linked to the main page. But believe me "barking dogs seldom bite." Such people will ultimately sap your energy. But, just like how IV is asking people to contribute please also ask them to use their own judgment, they do this at their own risk. There are many people like us who have faith in your group although we know you cannot do miracles. Please have faith and I sincerely request to all members & moderator that once we see these comments let us move this to the some thread called “IV bashing thread” and let the rest of us completely ignore them.
    I completely agree with eager_immi.

    People need to understand that we dont have 'Harry Potter' as our core member, We have set up our goal and we try to achieve the same with united effort.


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  • jnraajan
    03-13 01:02 PM
    I was also unable to find a state chapter just a few months back. So I started one. Now we have around 60 members. Someone needs to take the initiative and set the ball rolling. That someone can be you.

    Here's an excellent resource on how to start a state chapter.

    Thanks Walking_dude. This is the kind of information, I have been looking for. The blog is excellent. I hope with like minded people in my area, I can set the ball rolling, here in Nebraska.

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  • vasa
    04-10 10:30 PM
    continuing the discussion further why not sell Tshirts/caps and other goodies.
    It may have an upfront cost attached but can be good source too... and i am sure if there are 3000 members atleast 2000 and above would like to buy it ...


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  • ns33
    03-13 11:56 AM
    I seriously hope that this is correct even though it doesn't apply to me : (

    Anyway, IIRC, in past there have been incidences where VB posted in mumbai Consulate's website actually did not turn out to be true. Couple of years back - after the retrogression - it predicted huge forward movement which 2 days later turned out to be false hope...
    so keep your fingers crossed...
    : )

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  • satishku_2000
    08-01 01:38 PM


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  • checklaw
    07-19 08:49 AM
    Originally Posted by azharuddinm
    Pd: Jun 2006
    Reached Nebraska: 7/2 10:25 am
    Rejected: Don Know
    Ck Cashed: Not Yet
    Name of the person signed: J.BARRRET "

    I do have the same name.
    Me too.

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  • bigboy007
    04-27 12:14 AM
    Not sure about the increase in fees here is what i have seen comparing it to INA and subsections...

    1. Higher wage requirements defs being added to definitions seciton in INA [Immigration and Nationality Act], Requirement of Internet posting, wage determination.

    2. 90 Days being replaced as 180 days for non displacement option

    3. No consulting for H1B employees based on the Recruitment (F) section.

    4. SEC 102. I states if no. of employees > 50 , sum of [H1B, L(1,2)(L1A, L1 , L2 Perdef 101(a)(15)(L)))] should not exceed 50% of No. of employees. No more H1B's

    5. Sec 111. mispresentation period increased to 24 months from 12 months, USCIS will conduct audits for all employers if no. of employees > 100 and no. of H1 employees > 15% , Publish publicly those reports

    6. Failure to meet a condition increase from 1000 to 2000 , failure for misrepresentation increased from 5000 to 10000. Employer will be liable for employees lost wages and benefits.

    7. illegal : H1B non immigrant to pay a penalty for ceasing an employment with employer before the agreed date, failure to provide common benefits health , life , disability , insurance , retirement , savings, cash/noncash bonus etc...

    8. with in 90 days of enacting S887 , secretary of labor will provide website to post these positions on labor department website.

    9. stream line of job classifications and roles with 1 year of enacting of S887...

    10. DOL can hire 200+ employees to fill these requirements ;)

    + l1's I have not gone through....

    Newer version is - as should've been expected - more protectionist than before.

    1) It prohibits H1B workers from working in contract positions.There is a redundant provision for the L1 visa as well (there is already a law which does this for L1). However it doesn't prevent American companies from keeping these contract workers in India or elsewhere and co-ordinate the work through web-conferencing, video conferencing, VPN/VNC etc.

    2) It increases H1B fees by another 1000 dollars. There will be the added cost of advertising on DOL website. Also, the legal costs of navigating the audits. It also enables Tort attorneys to sue the companies on behalf of labor unions such as IEEE-USA, PG, Bright Future Jobs, Zazona etc. In essence it makes the whole visa program unviable. American companies cannot participate in the visa program without letting the DOL and the Tort attorneys poking their noses in the daily functioning of Corporate America. Imagine which company will apply for H1B when you'll have ads airing on TV from Tort attorneys - 'Have you been displaced by H1B worker? Call 1-800-TORT-ATTORNEY'?

    3) It has a whole gamut of so-called 'H1B/L1B worker protections'. Unless and until the complaining foreign worker's visa status/GC status is protected against employer retaliation, these provisions will remain only on paper, as foreigner workers facing the prospect of forced departure from the country will not complain - extra worker protections or not. They might as well scrap these provisions and save some trees in the process!

    4) It retains the provision that H1B/L1 worker must be provided all originals for H1B, Green Card etc. However this will be moot, as there won't be many H1B/L1 workers left in the US to take the benefit. They would already have moved to their home countries, brining the salaries down in their home countries die to excess supply. This combined with technical enablers are going to make outsourcing HOT. I think it's a good time to invest in the stocks of these outsourcing companies. Their returns are going to increase exponentially in a year. I am not surprised, if these companies send a 'Thank You' note to Senators Durbin and Grassley for making such a windfall possible.

    If this year only 44,000 visas were used after half a month, wait until this law passes. There will already 10,000 or less visa applications. On a short term basis wages will sky-rocket, when companies are already struggling to make the ends meet. This will definitely make the usage of technological innovations such as the ones mentioned in point 1 more appealing to the companies. In the long run Outsourcing will become cheaper and more attractive.

    Faced with accute worker shortage and unreasonably high-salaries driven scarcity in an economy under recession, Companies will have only 3 options. 1) Announce bankruptcy and get out of business salvaging what they can 2) Leverage technology to do outsourcing circumventing the need for visas 3) Beg the government for another 'Stimulus' and more borrowed money from the Chinese to pay the salaries.

    This will hit hard the humanitarian immigration for refugees, asylees etc. USCIS is a government department run on visa application fees. As H1B fee-base reduces US government will have to appropriate more funds to USCIS to keep these programs running. The cost of these programmes will increasingly be borne by the American tax-payer. As jobs keep getting outsourced at a much faster speed tax-base formed by these H1B/L1 workers will shift to other economies benefiting them, the government will have to increases the taxes to make up for the difference. No doubt this will increase the tax burden on an average American - even those who had nothing to do with H1B, pro- or against.

    The day this law passes will be a great day for Outsourcing, and a sad day for America.


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  • Macaca
    03-09 11:18 AM
    I dont think any of your postings are less stimulating but I guess there is no big impact on these free lunchers.

    Another example from here (
    Please don't ignore the undernourished recurring contribution thread. Good things will come up on the floor with a nourished and healthy Patton Boggs. Thanks.
    Response (currently deleted)

    Macaca will keep asking and asking and asking.
    Macaca keep asking ...

    Please keep in mind that I (anurakt, AmitJoey, Neelu, Sunny1000, ...) are not begging for themselves. We are begging for everyone reading this because IV can not survive with current financial contributions.

    Also, please keep in mind that my contributions (financial + effort) are < 5% the contributions of core. Please don't take it for granted.

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  • Vexir
    06-02 02:19 AM
    Introducing the Apple iBOY. Wish I could have spent more time on it, but I'm too lazy ;).

    Edit: I just realized this is not really a skin... more of a modification. Is it legal? If not, I'd like to have this entry voided so I can try again hehe.

    :lol: I love the concept but I don'th think its legal.


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  • sweet_jungle
    02-11 05:29 PM
    I am with you. giveme the details

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  • bugsbunny
    04-24 12:41 PM
    Another thread that needs deletion

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  • santb1975
    12-01 06:50 PM
    I know you are a committed member and you contribute as well. You have been helping the holiday thread to be on the top too. I was talking about my IV holiday fund raising to one of my co-worker who is a US citizen and who does not have an Indian/ Asian ethnic background and he had mentioned to me you guys are 25,000 people and all of you are hard working legal immigrants. you dont need to go to anyone else for money. your group is financially very strong. If all of you put in 10$ each month you will have 250K funds available every month. What you should really work on is get every member to commit to that 10$ every month. What can we do to get every one of us put in that 10$ every month?

    I have read my post couple of times before posting to avoid any mis-communication...but it's never possible to prevent I believe:)

    I have a recurring contributions setup and also contributed what ever I could this holidays...probably will contribute more before the end of the season. My post is not about the Monthly contributions made by you, me or many others...who signed up.

    It's about the ones' who cannot for what ever the reason may and me pointing to the salaries or house-hold incomes will not help them join the wagon.

    It's about increasing the donations irrespective of people joining the monthly-contributions scheme....Other viable options...may be having a IV donation immigrant owned businesses....etc.

    In an ideal world as you mentioned atleast 20000 of 25000 will contribute monthly....It's defintely good to aim for that....but that's not realistic.

    09-17 01:47 PM
    Roll call for quorum, lots of people yet to return

    04-09 08:32 PM
    Moderators, do you think it's possible to issue an email receipt to contributors? I donated $250 so far and the first $100 was done through my bank billpay.. However, the online billpay deducted the amount right away, and it didn't give me any indication whether the check was actually endorsed by the intended recipient on the supposed delivery date.. Worrying about that, I sent in my second contribution via paypal.

    Writing an actual paper check, I would see a copy of endorsement online, or using paypal I would know it's cashed out via email. But this is not the case with my bank's (bank of america) online billpay. Thanks!


    Thanks for highlighting this issue. Going forward if our contributors would like confirmation that their check has been received, please write your email id in the memo section of the check or the account number section of the bill payment check. We have changed our Contributions ( page to reflect this.

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