Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • legalVoice
    04-29 06:01 PM
    How much has been collected so far?

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  • immi_twinges
    07-12 07:53 AM
    Hey Sam.....
    The word is out to Santa Clara University Int'nl Students. One concern.... Im getting responses from guys from other nationalities... do we need to worry ?

    Its for all nationals . Its not just the fight of a few backlogged countries like China or India or Mexico

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  • wawa
    10-03 07:48 PM
    Hi Smartboy75/Prince7,

    Any updates? Have you received the mailed notice? I haven't received this notice so far.


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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-16 12:14 PM


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  • viva
    02-05 05:55 PM
    Hello everyone,

    I was just thinking about this the past couple of months and maybe we dont even need to ask for Green cards. MAYBE our approach should be "Let the H4s work". Once husband and wife can both work, the green card can take its time. Right now the Biggest problem with most people is that "my spouse cannot work!". Maybe if we lobby for h4s to be eligible to work that may solve the problem.

    Now before this suggestion creates a HUGE "Dhoom", this is JUST a suggestion. The current political climate does not look like it is going to be easy in any way to put any provisions for Green card increases. Besides if the logic is "Let temporary workers be temporary", this approach fits in with that logic, coz we are not asking for GCs (permanent residency), just more temporary EADs.

    This is a blatant violation of what IV stands for. When you are asking for your spouse to work, you are indirectly saying that it is your priority instead of a GC.

    So, are you just interested in making more money or getting a GC? If you are interested in your spouse working, it indicated you want to make more money. This will come at a cost of IV not being able to push the GC as a priority item.

    Please analyze your requests, its impact on the organization and the morale of the core team before posting such irrelevant posts. Right now, the goal of the organization is to push forward the GC agenda without getting distracted with "H-4 needs to work request".

    Go IV!!!!!!!!!!! Go IV Core!!!!!!

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  • kevinkris
    10-06 08:00 PM
    What i think is add this in your short term goal:

    In case we need to go back we should have atleast a flat (completely owned) to live and work.

    This is the minimum advantage of coming to different country to take all these struggles.


    I know this is immigration forum , so People who are not interested in this thread please ignore.

    Considering the State of Markets and Global economy.

    Do you guys think it make sense to buy a Flat/Single family house in India , I am going to india in Mid october. Should i take the lunge and buy some proerty there...This would be the first no Home equity Loan..It will be on 12% interest Rae from some indian bank.

    Please throw some ideas..


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  • immi_twinges
    07-17 12:38 PM
    I don't care when i would get the Green card. what i want is interim relief (AP and EAD). Something is better than Nothing.

    Can your spouse work? ...yes
    What will be her status if she uses EAD?.... GRAY area no one knows
    What if you get GC first and some problem with your wifes petition?....Gray area no one knows
    What if your wife is on F1 (got EAD and AP) and she graduates waiting for a long time for GC ..can she jump to another status ...Gray area..If yes any problem with her one knows
    Can you start business on EAD...GRAY area no one knows

    Do you think they will allow you to travel on H1 all the time if you have AP... for some luck ones yes but for some others nope...they are forced to use AP..

    Its much horrible after getting EAD and AP and waiting....

    Well you will realize " Nothing is better than nonsense...interim state"

    Its good to have EAD and AP but its not worth waiting for so long after you get them.

    We were successful in bring in some change...why don't we work a little bit more to fix the system and get the GC faster..

    "Jab Loha garam hein..tabhi kuch karneka hein...whatever...

    All i want to state is lets continue...and dont give up until tere is improvement with the GC

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  • aruny5
    06-14 11:56 PM
    I spoke with few of my friends in Houston. I will make sure at least 10 of them call on Monday.


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  • brij523
    07-25 05:25 PM
    For me the frustrating aspect is that my first son is in college. Arizona State University is forcing me to pay out-of-state fees and have stated that I could only pay in-state tuition after filing I-485! So the money I could have invested in business is going to college tuition. Another son is in senior class in high school and will be going to college next year. Yet another son will be going to college in 2008.

    I have thought of going back to Nigeria but I'll like my sons to finish college here. So, I have decided to stay until I get GC. My wife and I are both studying for Masters (another big expense for us!).

    We spend most of our time between studies, volunteering and other community activities.

    Could others on this forum who have college-age kids tell me how they and their families are coping with expense of college tuition?

    I have been to different state and I have stayed in different state. I think if an individual had stayed for one year in a state, the indivudual is eligible for in state tuition, that is the general rule I observed in all the state I have stayed. My wife is studying. I don't pay any fee for her. The tuition is covered under HOPE scholarship.

    My status I140 approved and I485 pending.

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  • rajuseattle
    04-22 10:43 AM
    Employment based VISA numbers should not have country quotas, it is purely based on individual talents and skills when one gets selected for the Job and Green card sponsorship.

    Lets say they have quota system to avoid the concentration of 1 country, then they should have some flexibility to adjust the country quotas based on the backlog too, certain % of EB numbers goes to clear the backlogs each year, that way everyone will remain at about the same level of retrogression, EB-2 RoW current and EB-2 India @ 2006 level and on the same line EB-3 RoW @ 2005 and EB-3 India @ 2002 level is ridiculous and just plain insane. This is like a punishment to People who are born in certain countries and no matter how talent and skills the individual have, the law is punishing him/her or rather discriminating him/her based on country of BIRTH.


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  • gc_chahiye
    07-11 09:13 PM
    USCIS cannot keep the filing fees if they return your application. They can only keep it if they do accept it and then deny/reject your application.

    looking at what happened on July 2nd, USCIS can do whatever it wants to do.

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  • sravani
    05-24 01:54 PM
    This bill is getting more nuttier :rolleyes:


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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-25 09:59 AM
    With my very best wishes to those of you waiting for your GC, this thread is created for the lucky among us who received it recently. I am putting together a list of things to do, and not do, to maintain our freshly minted PR status, which should also help during future citizenship application. The list is mostly about little things that others have learned from experience (and I am learning from their experience, by reading in immigration-related forums such as IV). The more obvious things that can be found for example in USCIS handbook ( are not included here. Below is a snapshot of what I have gleaned from Internet so far, and please add your own input(s):

    LIST of DO's :

    [This is an evolving list thanks to valuable inputs from folks here and elsewhere, so keep checking back.]

    Stuck(no more)InTheMuck

    Thanks for the detailed information.

    I have a unique situation here. My original GC sponsor (a multi billion dollar industry leader) laid me off after 6 months of I485 due to lack of position in the company.

    I ported my GC using AC 21 and joined another small consulting company. Now my GC is approved and I have an offer in hand from another company.

    Will it be a good idea to move or do I have to wait for 6 months or 1 year before I make an employment switch.

    My most important consideration is that there is chance of potential loss of job (may god forbid) with the current position. I may be able to save myself by switiching job right now. And of course there is more money on the table.

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  • nitinboston
    05-14 10:39 AM
    I know some here just cant hear/consider another point of view, but by calling me names and being so upset, they only convince me further. GC pursuit has taken over lives of some. I so wish one had better pursuits in life.
    And bout calls for kicking me out, this section for analysis/discussion. If you want to throw everyone out whom you dont agree with, rename it to 'agree with me' section.


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  • gzpain
    01-31 10:41 AM

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  • Maverick1
    11-09 04:17 PM
    H1-B has the following advantages under certain conditions.

    1) If you are not yet married, you dump H1 and you are dumping the ability to bring your future wife to US immediately after marriage.

    2) Some states give driving licenses that is valid until the EAD expiry or H1-B I-94 expiry. With H1-B, your hassle of DL renewal is reduced to one third of EAD based.

    Correct. It is a valid concern for unmarried :)
    DMV in different states treats immigrants differently. No uniform policy. Interestingly I was discussing this with a friend of mine and he took his EAD/AP to the DMV and was expecting to get the DL valid for the period of EAD, but the officer insisted he get the I485 receipt and gave the validity like every body else because he is in AOS(I guess 5 years). That was a pleasant surprise for him.


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  • walker15
    09-17 01:00 PM
    25 minutes lunch now, after lunch hope they will discuss.

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  • vikki76
    10-30 06:44 PM
    It wouldn't hurt to verify which 140 is getting picked up. I got paranoid because when I contacted USCIS through service request, POJ and ncsc follow up email in September, I came to know that my application is awaiting visa number when clearly dates for my PD were current since Sept 01. Then I tried calling USCIS repeatedly until I got confirmation that both 140 were indeed in place.
    After I initiated these requests, my app moved from "awaiting visa number" to " assigned to supervisor" after October 1st. In fact, on Oct 6th,there was LUD on 485 and on Oct 28th, a Hard LUD on my approved 140.
    InfoPass won't help much. Usually they just brush people off saying that wait till your PD is current but IO's on phone give more information.

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  • amitjoey
    03-09 11:20 AM
    Agree with macaca, It is not fair to expect a member to contribute the moment s/he joins.
    Suggestion: IV membership should be free for the first 3 months, after which there should be a minimum $20/per month to keep your membership and log in.
    Also at that time a member needs to update his/her profile to include contact information. This way we encourage new people to come study the issues, gain trust with IV and IV gets real people with real names that can be contacted if and when there is a need for mass-campaign.

    05-12 11:08 PM

    US archaic GC rules just lost a potential great immigrant to Canada.

    And I agree that everyone should have a life. I suppose they have one too. They have the right to have their own opinion. Guess what? It might be that they like to hang around other Desis in the same boat that may be the reason why they come here. :D

    BTW, Congratulations for your Candian PR.



    P.S> This immigration thing is like betting on a stock. Question is do you buy "puts" to insure your long position or not? For all you know Canda might turn out to be top dog in another decade. They have the resources, the land and a bunchof good people.

    Miya Maqbool
    01-31 05:51 PM
    Just voted ^^^^^^^

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