Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • desi485
    11-24 05:49 PM
    this means EVERYONE should go with EAD

    There are both advantages and disadvantages, but if you haven't consumed full 6 years of H1B, going on EAD has certain advantages.

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  • hindu_king
    10-07 09:26 AM
    Properties in India will start going down. They will reach bottom in the next 3 years. This is only the begining.

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  • caliguy
    09-15 11:16 PM
    kubmilegaGC - Yeah, lets hope so. Let's see who is going to be the last man standing!!! :D

    Btw, do you know the sequence to get to the POJ method for TSC center? I am planning on calling them tomorrow.


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  • dsreedhar
    04-10 03:02 PM
    Sent my contribution of $100


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  • bkarnik
    09-17 02:13 PM
    here how it will be considered:
    first human--> followed by illegal immigrants-->next horses-->last and least aliens

    you mean LEGAL aliens...:)

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  • ken
    08-11 05:44 PM
    I think some members have put their votes in wrong bucket.

    Please check bucket BEFORE NOV 2002 and click on each member you will see some members from PD 2006 put their votes in this bucket.


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  • eager_immi
    07-18 10:23 AM
    Can someone reserach and find out where exactly he has stated that. You cannot do that till you have proof. If you know the aprox date he said that i can look up his trascripts.

    Can we also add a section that says that H1Bs also pay taxes...including medicare and SS?

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  • RoseDenver
    07-18 12:00 PM

    I am new to IV and am just starting to read some of the blogs. I figured I could use some advice from you all since I'm at a point of giving up hopes. I am on H-1B visa through my employment at a university (as a Professional Research Assistant), but working at a non-profit organization (NPO) who funds a research project between the two entities. My H visa is reaching its max of 6 years in Jul 2008. The NPO would like to keep me beyond that and I've told them about the PR petition. THe problem is my position will be based on funding availability, in which they could guarantee employment until Mar 2008, and are working towards raising more funding beyond that period. Is the NPO still able to file a PR petition for me? What about the "ability to pay" which they use to hold back on pursuing the petition?

    Thank you all for your inputs.


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  • ivgclive
    01-18 03:24 PM
    H1 - Permanant (inUSCIS terms, my sponsor has direct control over my day to day job)

    But I believe it is going to affect everyone soon, whether you are in H1/L1/EAD, decided to fight.

    I will contribute what I can at my best.

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  • ita
    08-25 10:59 PM
    You do NOT have to go anywhere - what you are saying is "SBI Rapid Remittance" by SBI where the money will reach your Foreign account the very next day ( But you might have to wire the money as well to BOA-NY or SBI-NY ?) - This is SBI's response to rapid exchange.

    What i'm talking is "SBI Direct Remit" & takes 3-4 business days but just click of computer mouse once you are set up. I actually set it up Monday morning EST and Friday Morning EST i see my money at Foreign account. No need to open a account at SBI-NY or anywhere but its good to have the target account at SBI ( it can be your mom/dad's SBI a/c or yours , doesn't matter really )

    Is there anyway that we can open a account with SBI in India from here(US) for ourselves and then use this method to transfer funds into that account.

    Has anybody done that..

    I would appreciate it if someone can let me know if this is possible ,pros&cons in this if any.

    Thank you.


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  • nojoke
    10-09 04:54 PM
    Before I go any further, please read my disclaimer. The views are soley directed towards local market I am aware of and interests in i.e. GMADA ( Punjab/ Chandigarh area) and in no-way should my views/ opionion be applied to flats in Bombay/ Banglore or Hyd etc. With that said, hear me out.

    Their is and last year I first hand expereienced massive infrastrucutral development going on in Delhi as well as in Chandigarh/ Punjab area. Their are supposed to be some Asian or Commonwealth games to happen in 2010. In addition to that, for some great reasons it appears the states closer to national capital had been lacking in basic infrastructural development. Can you believe Bombay-Pune highway is in better conditions than Ludhiana- Delhi, National Highway #1!. FYI: NH-1, is India's historically first highway criss-corssing the country from West to East. So they are playing the catchup game.

    With improved basic infrastructure, living and commuting from satillite cities has become much easier than it was 10 yrs ago. Just like sub-urbs here, people want to enjoy life-style that is un-affordable in city centers. The NRI spending clout has wanned in recent years due to rapid development and growth in India. So the babus, politcians, industrialists, cops, Rich middle-class etc are coming in and taking away most of the RE. In addition to that, the basic infrastrucutral development funded by Government is giving a lot of monies to people whose farming land is being acquired to setup airport or industrial/ residentail sectors. These recently cash-rich farmers are not investing back in buying adjoining farm land but also investing in urban properties. You won't believe, but people were compensated quarter million per acre for recent Mohali/ Chd airport expansion. On top of all this, they ever growing population and shrinking available land is organically raising the prices.

    With all that going, why would you think RE investment would fail? Plus remember the age-old adage "... Land never fails you." Jats do it!

    Your theory that land values never fall in india is not true. Here is the proof. It is a question of affordability. Even if the population explodes and since most of them are poor, there is no justification for such high price appreciation we had in the last 5 years.
    �From the peak level, prices started plummeting in 1995. Between 1995 and 2000, the property bubble built on speculations burst and prices declined by almost 30�40 per cent all across India, including Bangalore. There was a slight recovery in 1999-2000 period, riding on the dotcom boom.�

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  • cpolisetti
    04-20 11:54 AM
    We have only 10 days remaining and a goal of 61,260 dollars. Members if you haven't donated yet, please do so now. Whatever you can.


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  • vikram2101
    08-22 03:24 PM
    Most immigrants apply for citizenship in developed countries for the sheer luxury of visa free travel to most countries and to bring their spouse/families closer to them without any immigration hassles. It has got nothing to do with renouncing all the ties with their home countries.

    I know a friend who recently became a Canadian citizen and he said that he was murmuring a Hindi film song when the Canadian national anthem was played during the oath ceremony. The only reason he immigrated to Canada was to get a Canadian passport so that he can work in US and travel around the world without visa hassles.

    I also have a friend who�s a US citizen and he was able to get his newly wed wife into US in 3 months. He visits India regularly to take care of his property investments, watches cricket/desi movies, loves eating food at the road side eateries and by all means he�s still an Indian at heart.

    Citizenship is like getting an unlimited credit our existing credit card (GC). The more the limit the more flexibility we get. So let�s avoid bringing patriotic fervor into such posts.

    I like your response, really -- I think it's frank and hits upon what it means to be Indian at heart.

    BUT, when one makes a decision to immigrate - he/she's not just making that decision for himself - but also for his/her spawns and the future generations to come. Is it fair for us to rob them of (well, i know most american born desi kids don't care a rats ass about going/being in India) - what it feels to be an Indian at Heart? what it 'Really' feels like to be watching/talking cricket/movies on 'em gullies, what it's like to be eating gaadi chaat, what a festival should really feel/look like .. and a bunch of other stuff- -that happens only in India.

    not trying to discount anyone's opinions .. it's just the internal dilemma that needs addressing

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  • Rajeev
    01-31 04:14 PM


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  • RollingStone12
    04-24 11:26 AM
    There is no dearth of MORONs here. Here's another one. First Moron snathan asked me for website one may ask why? just because my handle was similar to somebody's.. Now this Moron RollingStone12 thinks i am PlainSpeak for reasons only moron can come up with and is asking for address. I doubt if he will be willing to 125 St Harlem.. but you never know he might just because he is a complete MORON... so I am scared to give out my address :p

    YOU two will make a greate MORON DUO

    Again you win....I dont have the capability to fight with a go back to your hole, take a pill and sleep and come back as PlainSpeak.

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    04-28 12:06 AM
    Dang! I need to hire a secretary to track all the stuff that N-400 needs :(


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  • bluekayal
    10-08 01:21 PM
    You can use your H1 without needing an EAD IF you continue working for the same employer. Please google "Cronin memo." I am doing it.

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  • realizeit
    08-14 10:20 AM
    Mr chaanakya, You may find this as a personal attack! But it is not. This is an attack on your thought process!

    You claim that you received a PHD. But I seriously doubt whether the university that decorated you with a PHD evaluated your ability to think rationally and ability to reason!

    Normally with education people achieve wisdom, knowledge, ability for rational thinking, ability to reason, humility, compassion and a better understanding of the functioning of the world.

    I am not saying you do not have the right to complain or right to protest. You have and you definitely should have. But the approach that you have taken is the wrong one! In your post you criticize about people lamenting their plight! In reality, you are also doing the same, Am I correct?

    If you are a real PHD, just go through the following post that you presented and analyze how you can improve that to make it a product from a REAL PHD!

    If such an educated guy like you can become an opportunist, how you can expect higher standards from lesser mortals!

    In another post you said that you were eligible for EB1 and couldn't go through that rout, are you lamenting here? If you are well qualified, why didn't you go through that rout?

    You said:

    "You have all the opportunities that were/are available to a person who sweated it out in the university system here to gain more qualifications and get an EB2 job."

    In the same token, Why you are not trying to achieve a suitable job at a suitable firm which will apply your GC in EB1? You have all the opportunities for that, right? Why can't you achieve a Nobel prize and obtain GC in a split second? Who is stopping you?

    Just because, you did your masters and PHD from here, does that make you special? What about a guy who obtained Masters from G Britain? - Is he ineligible? Would you prefer special treatment over him? The point is, when you came here, you swore that you do not have any intention to immigrate, and you just have intentions to study and return to your home country - Try to remember, you did that in your F1 visa application form. So, my friend, nothing gives you a right to be here or to get GC. It is a privilege.

    You need to understand one thing: Each person has different skills, living circumstances, responsibilities, and different type of blessing from the almighty. So, don't measure everyone with the same yard stick that you are using to measure and don't use your own selfmade standards.

    If undocumented immigrants where also competing with you for a GC spot, you would have said, they also have the same opportunity here, why they are not taking masters and PHD to get their GCs sooner?

    In reality, some are fortunate to reach your level, but not everyone! But that doesn't make them ineligible for the Pursuit of Happiness and Pursuit of a better life!

    If you do have a real PHD, you should lead, you should be a role model for many and propel your energy in the positive direction instead of a stupid post like this! You can work to make things better in this country!

    My point is, work hard and lead to improve the immigration related laws and procedures!

    Last point I would like to mention: Dear friend, Just education alone will not make you a better person or a person with wisdom. Try to learn from life, lives of others, problems of others! I think, if you try, you can understand this better than me, because you have better education!

    And please, don't speak for me: I am an EB2 Masters category guy.

    Last message to all folks who express their feelings through red dots: Think before you act! Provide the real reason why you are giving a red dot. Don't just allow your emotions to control you.

    Yes, that is right, I said “plight of EB2-India”.

    I am a passive observer of these forums. But some of the ridiculous notions floating around here have motivated me to vent. First and foremost, the law as written is highly favorable to people in EB3 categories, even from India. Here is how...

    Take my example (and there are thousands like myself)....came to the US 8 years ago, spent 5 years working day and night to earn a PhD on a low (barely sustainable) stipend, got FIRST job saw decent money for the first time 6 years after I came.

    Now, compare this to a person working an EB3-job for the last 8 years. Not only does this person do a real job that hopefully provides a respectable income but this person also has the option of moving to EB2 after 5 years of experience. So, at the end of the day in 2008; this person comes out ahead of me in terms of money, in terms of priority date (if ported) and most likely in terms of GC.

    There are complaints all over the forum which have the stink of pretentiousness such as “oh..i am a poor EB3 waiting for n number of years” etc etc. What you guys seem to forget is that YOU are NOT an EB3, it is your JOB that is EB3. You have all the opportunities that were/are available to a person who sweated it out in the university system here to gain more qualifications and get an EB2 job. You CHOSE not to. The general discussion seems to center around cribbing about the US immigration system (Immigration by the way is a privilege defined by laws, not a birthright) and then blaming the EB2 crowd when they finally see the system implement the law as intended in the first place (horizontal spillover rules).

    All these posts that refer to “my career is over because my gc is delayed” are nothing but a pathetic excuse. Law of supply and demand....if you have a skillset that is valuable, you will be fine with or without GC anywhere in the world. It takes a bunch of documents to remain here legally, all you need is a passport to go back if the system here seems so bad.

    For all the attacks that are bound to happen, here is the fodder.....this is probably my first and last post, I haven’t contributed a dime to IV, will work here as long as I like it and if not, India is a great country and provides enough opportunities for any skillset !!

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  • mbodda
    11-05 10:31 AM
    Thanks for the quick reply. And Congratulations again.

    The President George W Bush,

    The White House

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

    Washington, DC 20500

    Mention in the subject line: FBI Name Check pending.

    Also send it by a regular post as I have seen and it worked for me, whether it was the FL, State Senator or the Local Congressman !

    Also make it a point to write at the top of the envelop (Immigration Assistance). Let the letter be very personalized and write your traumatic experience.

    All the best !!!

    02-06 07:49 PM
    So How come all we hear from the core team is requests for contribution? There is no detail of any actions/efforts that are happening currently? It will certainly be more engaging for all members to at least know what efforts are being worked on currently? I think expectations need to work both ways otherwise you just have an autocratic organization that has to follow and do as the leaders choose to do. Just my 2 cents and all you frustrated folks please take a deep breath before jumping in.

    These are blantantly baseless comments. Your comments indicate that your frustration with retrogression has clouded your judgement. IV is one organization that will be able to help you and you are unable to recognize that.
    Have you even made a single contribution? Or just made demands to get updates?

    Before you talk about autocracy, look up its meaning in a dictionary. Nobody has forced you to join IV. Nobody held a gun to your head and told you to come to this forum. You are doing this of your own free will. This is not a paid service organization; it is purely voluntary. Understood!!!!!!!!

    IV core can choose to respond to you at their will......So, next time you start complaining, remember that nobody cares about what you think about IV. You can fart as much as you want on other forums against IV, but IV will not falter in its effort to get retrogression relief.

    08-25 05:28 PM
    its clearly written in Sep'2008 bulletin. However, seems like EB3-I wont' get any of it and all numbers will be given to EB2. we loose again.

    Its all EB2.

    They even can't think logically that 5+ yrs of difference between EB3 & EB2 makes EB3 automatically same as EB2 as per their qualification definition.

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