Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • GCBy3000
    11-16 09:33 AM
    I appreciate your enthusiasm. IV has directed all its members in the past to do what and when? They have also established a webfax mechanism and also asked IV members to contact the senators / congressmen. They have gone into the level of seperating statewise members and asking only certain state members to contact.

    Once again I appreciate your thoughts. But the members should follow one direction and it should come from core IV. Do not do certain things without the consent from IV as it may back fire.

    NOTE: What do you mean by contact woman? :D

    Man/Woman, I see so much energy here or could be just shouting. It would be in the best interest to use the energy to contact respective congressman/woman/senator of their area, ask them / request them to bring/pass legislation like SKIL and PACE. Tell them why this bill is needed. Tell them your problem. If everyone of us call congressman and woman and follow up with them on the progress that would be great. Am I doing it? Yep..Not joking IV members are involved.

    IV guys can you develop questionnaire which we should ask the operator. What I did is I asked to operator to connect me someone who can help me in bringing immigration legislation. That is how I approached the operator. IV associates what I am getting at is how should people reach right person? As IV people have interacted with many senator office they have better idea what are different staffer there and how they are addressed, and how to reach them.

    Let me know what are people thought? I think instead of wasting time, lets get to work. Help yourself by calling senator/congressman/woman. And this is oppurtune time.

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  • aj_jadeja
    11-15 03:39 PM
    I do not mean to be negative, but this immigration debacle does not seem to end. How long do we have to freaking endure this nightmare? IV has been trying for months now...When do you think we will have immigration relief? Are we just going to end up being like thirsty deers in a desert chasing a mirage in search for water?

    Are there any astrologers in the forum? Does any astrologer see the retrogression ending soon?

    Viva ,

    No intention of insulting you but did u ask any astrologer before posting ur post ? :)

    on side note i would just say relax a bit i know you sound frustated and we all are. Read forums , chip in with some good ideas , help others and others will help you.



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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-30 11:51 PM
    I smell monkies in the near future....

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  • sreech
    08-02 09:46 AM
    Hello All

    I applied 140 in EB2 and got an RFE on Education.I have a Bachelors(3year) and masters(2years) with 8 years of experience.I have submitted an education valution with the petition still got an RFE asking to provide one with the following points
    1)Consider formal education only, not practical training experience
    2) State the collegiate training was post secondary education i .e. did the applicant complete the United States equivalent of high school before entering college
    3)provide a detailed explanation of the material evaluated and how the evaluator has reached their conclusions rather than a simple conclusive statement

    any one please help who has gone through this before



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  • Green.Tech
    06-11 12:10 PM
    Folks - We need to come together at this crucial time and light up those phone lines. Please call at your earliest convenience...

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  • hope4gc
    04-19 07:26 AM
    Did you change employer when you ported from eb3 to eb2, or stayed with the same employer?


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  • ita
    12-20 10:08 AM
    I don't how to start a poll but wouldn't it be nice to see how many of us mailed so we can have a count?

    Thank you.

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    08-25 12:06 PM
    I haven't yet used the SBI-NY remittance service (registered only last week), but I do not need to open account with them. Instead, I can send money home (only to an existing SBI India account) directly from my credit card, using a specific remittance form. I find this arrangement convenient, but mailing the form for each such transaction adds to delay. I find your suggestion better instead, and also probably quicker.


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  • lsuk
    07-15 11:26 PM

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  • kakarla
    03-16 09:09 PM
    I have used the below thread when I was in the same situation as yours. Hope this helps.



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  • vandanaverdia
    09-11 11:58 AM
    Guys, there is a fund drive for 30k in 8 days, please help us to achieve the goal and contribute. 18k more to go.
    Help IV help you... Come to DC!!!

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  • carbon
    09-13 03:42 PM
    This might sound weired..but I think we can get some support from Housing Market !
    The housing market is slowing down significantly and there are millions of unsold homes out there.

    More than 1/2 million people are stuck in the green card process. I am sure
    most are waiting for green card before they buy their house and make longtime commitment.

    I think we are a "Frozen" pool of customers for the Housing Market.

    500000 H1B X 300000 (average house price) = 150 billion dollar market is just
    inaccessible just because of retrogression.

    I think we should convince them to help us FINANCIALY
    Edit/Delete Message


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  • kushaljn
    09-17 12:10 PM
    Voting going on for 6020

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  • B3NKobe
    05-30 11:29 PM
    OOps my bad.... i read it as June for some reason. Still dont know if i want to do this or not.
    lol, I as going to say!!


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  • ujjwal_p
    05-24 03:31 AM
    just presenting a possible reason why what paskal proposed in his post does not work well in IV.......its not a question of whether phone calls are important or not....its a question of making a significant number of forum stakeholders (and not 1-2%) get to act on any raising/ calling efforts etc....

    i genuinely believe that the core members go above and beyond whats expected to do what they are doing for IV - its truly remarkable...they all have busy lives and it takes great conviction and dedication to take the time out and do this...but why are the people still not responding despite the obvious pitfalls of not acting on GC related initiatives.......

    maybe its lethargy, inaction, indifference etc.......but we should be open to considering that just maybe, a vast and silent majority of IVians do not feel a sense of representation in the organization and hence do not react as enthusiastically as they should........legitimacy among the constituents often comes with representation

    why did most kingdoms around the world perish and give way to democracies......bcos the kings taxed the public based on their whims and fancies......elected govts may do the same but people still pay up and if they dont agree - they know they have a choice at the next elections.......

    and no, i dont deserve to be the CEO - neither do i have a performance track record nor credibility here......should not stop me from voicing a contrarion view though

    ill be the first to support you on that. nobody should stop anybody from expressing their point of view. i provided mine too. its just that, an opinion.

    my disagreement is basically with the thread's premise. its not an "absurdity" to call lawmakers. in fact, its probably more absurd to think that this is absurd. my point in a nutshell was for us to be constructive.

    ill just conclude with the exact words from the numbersusa spokesperson to its members following the recent events and this is on the top of the message, emphasis mine :

    Your Phone Calls Worked!

    So, there you go, need i say more? Good for them. They worked hard, were focussed on the task, made more calls and things went their way. Of course, we did have the Ag jobs bill which wasn't pretty to be hanging out with. Anyways, if you want, you can read the entire statement by using your favorite search engine.

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  • Aloha1
    11-21 08:24 PM
    My case I-485 (marriage based) was received in Oct 2005, NC initiated Nov 2005, interviewed Feb 2006, pending name check since.


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  • belmontboy
    06-17 05:38 PM
    its greed!

    Most of them are initiated by "Ambulance Chaser" greedy lawyers.

    Everyone wants to make quick and easy money, doesnot matter if somebody gets screwed bcoz of that. No wonder why we see soo many lawsuits, and some really ridiculous ones too!

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  • yabadaba
    11-02 04:18 PM
    khodalmd...u already got your greencard. stop trolling the IV boards...thanks to uncle toms like you we were not able to get a foothold when we had a chance last year. why r u still here if u have ur GC?

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  • shishya
    06-15 05:01 PM
    It is completely unpredictable. Actually when you file I485 USCIS does not process FIFO(They are supposed to). For example there are 10k gc are left for the year. First they will process the applications which are cleared FP based on PD and receipt date. Always risk is there when filing without marriage. You are safe till USCIS starts process your application. When they take your application for processing then you cannot add your spouse. Also if CIR decides to process backlogs faster then also you will be in problem. Best option is if your marriage is already fixed do it within 3 months and file GC before PD is backdated. You need not file July first. You can wait till Jul15 to see next VB and decide.
    This gives me creeps! 485 applications are NOT processed in FIFO order?!!?!?! I was banking on that being FIFO so I could safely assume that my 485 wont be processed before the next retrogression kicks in in a couple of months -- giving me ample time to get married and bring my wife on H4!! :( :( And I do plan to get married in the next 6-9 months :(

    12-10 10:47 PM
    Can you tell me what do i have to do for WOM. Do i have to hire a attorney or i can do myself?

    When GCSOON-Ihope becomes GC-IgotIt!

    Guys, guess what I am holding in my hand? Yes, that bit of plastic, object of our fantasies �.and nightmares. After filing Writ of Mandamus on November 1st, things went amazingly quickly and smoothly: on December 1st, the US attorney gave confirmation that the case has been approved and I received the card in the mail on 12/07.
    What did I feel then? Really indescribable�Happy? It goes way beyond that.
    I feel more relieved than anything else, like if I had a ton of lead off my shoulders�
    May my story inspire, give hope and faith to all of you guys who are so depressed at the moment because of what happened, or did not happen should I say, in that shameful Congress.
    As you will see, I had my head in a brick wall more than once. More than once, I was devastated and, still, I never gave up and made it through.
    So, please, enjoy the holidays: as long as there is life, there is hope.
    I know something about it:

    Come here in 1993 as a student on F1 visa. Graduate and got Work Permit (OPT).
    Find dream job in dream company. Hired directly by CEO himself.
    Company loves me and applies right away for H1 and then Labor Cert.
    Life is beautiful. The start of the American Dream. Not for long.
    Attorney has been working for company for years. Always successfully.
    Picks me for his first failure: screws up completely.
    H1 denied. Labor Cert denied. Company gets mad: attorney is fired.
    OPT runs out: company still loves me but�I am now out of status and�fired too.
    Welcome to America. Life has turned dark. The start of my American Nightmare.

    I am disgusted. Decide to go back to my home country (France).
    I miss California. Find new company that loves me: apply for H1 again (this time, I am paying all fees, out of my meager savings).
    H1 is approved, got stamp at embassy in Paris. I am back. Life is beautiful again.
    Not for long. Exactly 2 hours (no kidding).
    Find out that company is a sweat-shop and boss is a crook.
    Pays me half (yes, half) what he was supposed to.
    Go to INS to complain: �If you are not happy, go back to your home country�.
    I swear that it is exactly what I am told.
    Consult attorneys for a possible lawsuit: � Alas, your situation happens more often than you can imagine. Many unscrupulous employers use and abuse of would-be immigrants like you. Don�t waste your time and money in a lawsuit, just find yourself a new job�and be more careful this time�.

    I am broke. Can�t even go back �home� and anyway I don�t want to.
    Not with just my tail between my legs for the second time.
    Home is here. I want my American Dream and I will get it, no matter what.
    Decide to swallow my pride and endure the humiliation until I can find new employer willing to sponsor new H1 and pay all fees. I just can�t afford anything as I am hardly surviving.
    Employer wants to fire me: �you are always complaining about the money�.
    I have to threaten him (yes I did) to report his company to Dept. of Labor (most his employees are illegals and as abused as I am, not getting paid for overtime and so on�).
    Imagine in what kind of atmosphere I am working�but I need this job to remain legal until I can find something else.
    For sure, I will be out of there within a couple months at the most.
    Don�t know yet that this nightmare will last�2 years. Still can�t believe it.
    Had I known, I would have fled the first day, no matter what.
    In my specialty, jobs are not easy to find.
    Not to mention that this time, I have to be very �choosy��
    Companies that I approach:
    a) don�t want to hear about immigration or
    b) don�t want to pay attorney fees or
    c) don�t want to pay at least prevailing wage or
    d) all of the above
    All doors seem to be closed.
    I have never felt that bad in my life: go see the doctor.
    �You have all the symptoms of someone who is having�a nervous depression.
    Do you want me to refer you to a good psy who could help you?�
    No, thanks. I know why I am sick.

    Finally find new company that loves me: apply for new H1 and they pay all fees.
    H1 approved.
    This time, I am holding my breath. We are now in December 2000. Seven years since I first came in the US. Time flies�and no GC in sight.
    Job is nice, company is nice. Recovering from depression.
    Boss loves me: decides to start for me RIR Labor in�.May 2001.
    Yes, one month after that damn month of April 2001. You know what I mean.
    Six months of advertising.
    PD is January 2002.
    Labor Cert approved �in July 2004. Concurrent filing I-140/I-485 in August 2004.
    Get EAD. FP in September 2004.

    Things change: company is now going down. Boss still loves me but�lays me off.
    (Re)(Re) Start of my American Nightmare?
    Attorney says: �Don�t worry (!!!) Employer loves you. Won�t revoke I-140. GC is for future job. Find new H1 job to maintain status and see what happens�.
    This time, I am lucky (!) and find right away new H1 job. Company is OK, job is OK.
    Later, previous company nicely recovers: got rehired!
    Only thing: I will have to pay all fees from now on. Don�t care. Back on the right track.
    Do Medical in April 2005.
    I-140 approved in May 2005�but visas are now �Unavailable�. Nothing to worry about.
    October is around the corner and new numbers will be available, right?
    Just a few more months and I will have my GC. Wrong.

    October bulletin comes out. EB3 World is back to March 2001 (PD is 01/2002).
    I swear that I almost s..t in my pants. When is too much�just too much?
    How much more frustration and anguish can I endure? More, much more.
    By rage and stress, I pack up an extra 20 lbs in just a few months.
    Most people lose weight when they are under extreme stress and/or depression, I do the opposite. I am now 40 lbs overweight.
    Second EAD. FP again in October 2005. Life is paced by visa bulletins�
    September 2006 bulletin comes out: EB3 World has now passed my PD.
    I am holding my breath again. Rightly so, for the umpteenth time.
    Third EAD.

    Wait 2 weeks and start inquiring about the status of my application.
    Call so-called �Customer service�: as usual they know jack s..t.
    �Your application is still pending�. Thanks, I already knew that.
    Make Infopass appointment at Los Angeles downtown office.
    �Sir, I can�t tell you anything specific because your case is at the Laguna Niguel office.
    Contact them at:�

    E-mail #1 on 09/18: (�) Status of my case? (�)
    Response on 09/27: �the I-485 at question is still pending FBI name check clearance.
    Once the file has been cleared by FBI, it will be adjudicated. The service has no control on how long it takes FBI to clear the case�.

    E-mail #2 on 09/27: (�) When was that initiated? (�)
    Response on 10/02: (�) On or about 08/19/2004. (�)

    This time, I surprise myself: I am one more time devastated but remain strangely calm.
    Even laugh about it. Nervously. Too much is just too much.
    I had heard about that Name Check aberration before but had ignored it.
    Like most people involved in that GC mess, I refused to worry in advance.
    One bridge to cross at the time, please.
    Weirdly enough, I am now almost relieved. Why? Because for the first time ever, I can be proactive and I CAN ACT!
    I call my lawyer and tell her about those 2 e-mails: �That�s good enough to file Writ of Mandamus. That summarizes the whole situation, we don�t need anything else�.
    WOM is filed on November 1st.
    (I requested FOIPA and contacted Senators, President, Vice-President etc, etc�
    only later just in case we would have needed more ammunitions).

    After that, things go fast:
    11/ 29: without any warning (!), LUD: �Your card has been ordered�.
    12/01: confirmation from the Assistant US Attorney that my case has been approved.
    12/04 LUD: �Your case has been approved�.
    (So, they notify you that the card has been ordered�before notifying that the case has been approved�).
    12/05: receive Approval Notice in the mail and my attorney indicates that she will then dismiss the Mandamus complaint.
    12/07: receive the Magic Card in the mail (regular mail, even not certified, unbelievable�).

    What a timing! Could I dream of a better Christmas Gift?
    Who said Papa Noel/Santa or Banta Claus/Little Red Riding Hood did not exist?
    :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :)

    08-26 12:40 AM
    ICICI can not predict rather no one can predict what will be the exchange rate tomorrow. The minimum forex transaction at dealer level is for $1 mil. So, they can't promise you some rate the moment you hit the submit button. They will pool all the transactions like yours and then do a big contract together. ICICI provides lot of other services which SBI will not in terms of convenience. And ICICI deals big time in forex transactions. In this market the guy with biggest transactions will have lowest cost and depending on competition will have incentive to pass it on to you as an end user. They might time it within a particular time frame but that is something unavoidable.

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