Sunday, June 26, 2011

famosas antes y despues

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  • chanduv23
    07-03 07:37 AM
    IV will be willing to help as needed.


    Go IV Go.

    Come on folks, lets start the cleansing work - IV is our organization and lets help IV help us.

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  • grupak
    06-11 10:21 AM
    We have 3 bills!

    Thanks IV.

    We need to make the call and make it a success.

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  • greenguru
    05-21 07:22 PM
    India Network Foundation
    3956 Town Center Blvd #340
    Orlando, FL 32837
    Fax: 800-837-6384

    Advantages :

    1.working with AIG, insurance carrier for many years on offering pre-existing conditions coverage

    Hope this helps, call them out as well.

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  • sobers
    02-24 09:52 AM
    Another rallly by illegals...this one by Latin Americans in Miami.


    The Miami Herald, Posted on Fri, Feb. 24, 2006 - IMMIGRATION

    McCAIN TOUTS IMMIGRATION REFORM PLAN IN MIAMI: In a Miami rally, Sen. John McCain pushes for reform that would legalize up to 11 million migrants


    Pushing for immigration reform that would legalize as many as 11 million undocumented immigrants, Sen. John McCain was preaching to the converted Thursday night at a packed town hall meeting that at times seemed part stump speech for the Arizona Republican who's eyeing a run for the White House.

    ''Our legislation will be taken up in the United States Senate within the next weeks and you've got to go to work,'' McCain told the more than 1,000 cheering and chanting supporters at a cavernous auditorium at Miami Dade College's Wolfson campus downtown, urging all to garner grass-roots support for the bill he and Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass, have co-sponsored. ``You've got to work not only here in Miami-Dade and around Florida but around the country.''

    The town hall meeting, which had the feel of a campaign rally, brought together disparate groups -- Cuban and Haitian immigrants, business and labor union leaders, Mexican farm workers and South American illegal immigrants -- all united behind the common agenda of helping the McCain-Kennedy bill prevail in the coming congressional debate.

    McCain's Miami visit, which included get-togethers with Cuban-American business leaders and young immigrant students, came on the same day that the Bush administration extended for a year a controversial temporary worker program for 304,000 Central American illegal immigrants living in the United States.


    The McCain-Kennedy bill would grant temporary work permits to illegal immigrants and then after waiting six years and paying a $2,000 fine, it would enable them to apply for green cards.

    It is the most generous of the bills now before Congress. A bill passed by the House in December seeks to criminalize illegal immigrants, impose stiff penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants and target for prosecution anyone, even religious or advocacy groups, if they help undocumented migrants.


    Salvadoran President Elias Antonio Saca, meanwhile, teamed up with South Florida's three Cuban-American U.S. representatives in Miami Thursday to thank President Bush for ordering the continuation of TPS.

    Emilio Gonzalez, the head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, told The Miami Herald that TPS extension reflected an administration policy to "help our neighbors and do the right thing in their time of need."

    The Miami Herald reported last month that Homeland Security officials were debating ending TPS for Central Americans. That spread alarm in the immigrant community, triggering intense lobbying of the White House by Miami's Cuban- American representatives and Central American community leaders.

    Gonzalez said the program was extended for a year instead of the regular 18 months because that was the ''consensus'' decision.

    Saca said that when he meets with Bush in Washington today he will also urge the president to push for broader immigration reform.

    Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Lincoln Diaz-Balart and his brother Mario Diaz-Balart gave Saca credit for helping to keep the program alive by lobbying hard on the issue.

    ''He is the hero of the moment,'' said Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

    Critics of the TPS program believe it has become an entitlement for certain illegal migrants -- while proponents argue it represents income and stability for poor Central American countries.

    The extension covers about 225,000 Salvadorans, 75,000 Hondurans and 4,000 Nicaraguans. Extensions will expire Sept. 9, 2007, for Salvadorans and July 5, 2007, for Hondurans and Nicaraguans.

    Among the TPS immigrants attending the Saca press conference was Yesi Gonz�lez, 23, of Honduras, who grew up in Miami since she was 7 years old. She now works at Padr�n Cigars.

    ''I'm very happy because I was very worried that I would have to leave my job, and maybe the country,'' she commented.


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  • kcforgc
    04-26 01:30 AM
    I looked at the pdf briefly but did not completely understand what changes are proposed for H1b in the bill.

    Below are some per my understanding. And also below are questions.

    1) Now it looks like H1b requires PERM type recruitment. Is it only for new H1bs or also for extensions & Transfers?? Most of us are already in our 7th/8th year extensions and some others are in 9th & 10th years. It will impact further extensions or transfers and will jeopardize our GC process.

    2) These changes would unnecessarily scare away genuine employers as it is like a mini- GC perm process. They may settle for an unqualified or less qualified citizen instead of hiring a highly qualified H1b suitable for the job.

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  • vasa
    07-15 10:45 PM
    Just Did...


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  • gandhig
    06-23 10:35 AM
    My husband and I have called Congressmen Baca and Gutierrez's offices

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  • ryan
    04-19 09:46 PM
    Found one more without good education.

    LOL! You are pathetic, aren't you. You judge people, yet know little about them. I am a Stern MBA alumni. And I vouch, it didn't bring me much. Education isn't the end all / know it all, when it comes to getting your job done. Thought and those brain cells count. Respect, and the ability to never undermine those who are in the same boat as you, count even more. But hey, do attempt that "Masters" -- perhaps you shall grow up.


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  • docwa
    05-20 04:26 PM
    Hi I am a physician in Oregon and my parents are visiting too in July. I called Kaiser regarding this, and this is what I was told.
    1. they can get insurance since Kaiser does not need an SSN for the application.
    2. Every Plan has a deductible $, an out of pocket maximum $, and a co-insurance $ amount.

    Plan A: Deductible 2500, Co-insurance 22% of all inpatient cost upto max of $22,000.
    Plan B: Deductible 6000, Co-insurance 50% of all inpatient cost upto max of $50,000.
    Essentially none of these plans are a 'good deal'. But remember its easier to pay back a loan of 22k - 50k than to pay back 100-200k.
    Also since Kaiser is an HMO, and has its own facilities in the west coast and Hawaii, 'accepting insurance' is not a problem.

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  • peacock
    07-17 12:32 PM

    I agree that recapturing lost no's from previous years will be the best possible solution.But to do that we need intervention from the congress and the President needs to sign a bill to recapture the lost no's.To accomplish this goal we need to keep up the momentum generated from this june bulletin fiasco and intensify our lobbying efforts in Washington.
    Kudo's to the IV core for their strong campaign in championing our cause.


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  • wikipedia_fan
    03-31 12:55 PM
    We have to understand that there is a myriad of laws; INA, CFR's; USCIS policy binding memos; internal memos; appeals decisions, court cases, precedent aao decisions, precedent legal cases.

    Now; the ac21 memo is a memo that uscis officers have to follow. However; the memo is not in accordanc with INA 245 or AC21.

    INA 245 states that a valid and approved 140 is needed for a person to get lawful permanent residency.

    ac21 says that a person can change jobs after 485 has been pending for more then 180 days.

    The above two things are the law.

    In ac21 law; it doesn't say anything about the scenario if 140 is revoked by employer. It is totally silent to it.

    USCIS in their memos realized that ac21 law would not have any meaning if the employer still controlled the 140 if a person was eligible for ac21; therefore, they issued the memo (memo is not law but binding; memos can be changed; however, there has been nothing public about any possible change).

    Memo is clarification which they have been following for many years and as far as I know still binding.

    Thanks for the clarification. I wish my issue gets resolved soon :)

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  • felix31
    04-07 11:27 AM
    Beatifully said Logiclife,

    Also as a teacher in training I can only say that every single person counts and every single person can and does make a difference...
    We can make a world better place, one person at the time.

    And we do act in the interest of this great country. Let's contemplate this for a moment..

    We are highly educated, skilled law abiding immigrants. Since we do possess diverse skills, we will be always welcome in Canada, Australia or New Zeland, and other similar pro-immigrant oriented countries. But we choose to stay here and make this country our home and make this country even greater for our children.

    The process is not easy, and we have a unique opportunity to get something accomplished that will not only affect us but everyone who comes after us.

    I have just scheduled a transfer of 150$ (confirmation # 55TVH-LHHNH )towards our new goald and I urge all memebers who did not contribute to please do so and others that have done that in the past to come back and show their support..

    United we will win
    Thank you


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  • gk_2000
    04-20 02:03 PM

    Some here are not the gentlemen whom you would have any pleasure discussing with. Better to leave them alone with their rants

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  • B3NKobe
    06-03 02:29 AM
    Why the hell wouldn't you let the iBoy version in? It's pretty sweet. The only thing I'd suggest is fixing the proportions for the buttons, there a little out of wack.
    It might be 'sweet' but I explained in my post above yours. I didnt ask for modifications, I asked for 'skins'.


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  • pappu
    09-14 10:02 AM
    I will be doing these soon.

    Pappu, your inbox is full and cant take any more messages .. I have a suggestion, there may be members willing to spend time to help at the same time they may not able to spend hours / Daily but hours / Weekly. They probably can be assigned meaningful tasks to help you.
    thanks. Any help that would increase membership and funding of IV will be helpful. There are already lobbying efforts being undertaken by core members. However in order to create significant impact of numbers and increased funding to support our lobbying efforts, our membership base will need to increase.
    pls email at himanshu at
    the mailbox also has some space now.

    btw there are several other immigration forums and yahoo, msn and google groups. (you can search on search engines and you will find plenty). If you would like to help us increase our visibilitry and get more members, pls. post messages on these forums informing everyone about IV and ask them to join IV.

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  • vdlrao
    04-19 11:07 AM
    Hi hur11

    Please let me know which category you have applied EB2/ EB3. Below is my qualification

    Degree : B.Com ( 3 years)
    PG : M.C.A (IGNOU - 3 Years)
    Experience - 8 Years in India and 3 years in USA with different employer.

    Thanks in Advance


    Just a 3 years in USA, getting a GC by porting into EB2 with a B.Com and some online degree!!!!!! What a pathetic situation for us!!!!!!!!!. Wake up USCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-10 05:50 PM
    I saw somewhere on other site clearly mentioned that once 485 is rejected, H1B extension based on pending 485 also becomes invalid. If a person keeps working, it it considered as illegal. I do not have link right now, but I guess I found it on some lawyers website, posted link on IV in some other thread.

    I don't think this is true. But you put a seed of doubt in my mind, I will confirm with my attorney :)

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  • ndialani
    10-30 12:14 PM

    I will reach out to ombudsman and Napolitano this weekend. Another thing i am going to try is applying AP renewal this weekend, set to expire in november anyway. I would rather loose $305 than keep waiting for some miracle. Thanks for your help. I should be able to find the procedure to file 7001 and the Napolitano address in this thread, correct?

    For Sending #7001 form.....Just google "cis ombudsman form dhs-7001"
    type and print pdf. file and mail it to them. Follow it up via email .

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  • reachag
    04-19 03:05 PM
    Contributed 100$...more in a few days...

    04-17 01:51 PM
    I dont see any issues here. he is applicable, he has required skill and education. he should be file for EB2
    The fact that he's asking whether he qualifies for one, on an online forum,shows his level of skill and education. Enough said :)

    02-11 06:50 PM
    visves, Longq, alisa...

    We have a difference of opinion on how the law is interpreted....

    I believe that visves interpretation is correct....But there is always a small chance that longq does followup with a lawsuit, USCIS would budge...

    if longq wants to gather some EB2 India/China and have a crack at suing USCIS as a personal level....( i.e.not using IV's resources).....I guess no one can stop him...I am EB3/India....So that suing does not benefit me anyway...

    The common denominator for all of us is increasing the total numbers......

    If members want to pursue certain things on their own at personal level..I cannot do anything ...after all it is a free country...

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