Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • belmontboy
    05-24 01:18 PM
    just presenting a possible reason why what paskal proposed in his post does not work well in IV.......its not a question of whether phone calls are important or not....its a question of making a significant number of forum stakeholders (and not 1-2%) get to act on any raising/ calling efforts etc....

    i genuinely believe that the core members go above and beyond whats expected to do what they are doing for IV - its truly remarkable...they all have busy lives and it takes great conviction and dedication to take the time out and do this...but why are the people still not responding despite the obvious pitfalls of not acting on GC related initiatives.......

    maybe its lethargy, inaction, indifference etc.......but we should be open to considering that just maybe, a vast and silent majority of IVians do not feel a sense of representation in the organization and hence do not react as enthusiastically as they should........legitimacy among the constituents often comes with representation

    why did most kingdoms around the world perish and give way to democracies......bcos the kings taxed the public based on their whims and fancies......elected govts may do the same but people still pay up and if they dont agree - they know they have a choice at the next elections.......

    and no, i dont deserve to be the CEO - neither do i have a performance track record nor credibility here......should not stop me from voicing a contrarion view though

    Thanks sayantan76! we already know that there is less participation from our members.

    Nobody here exactly knows why the participation rate is less. Some of reasons could be:

    i have my EAD, thats more than enough for me
    i am in my I-140 or PERM stage, why should i bother now?
    i don't think GC process is a big problem, i am sure i will get one day
    i don't care. I will sit and watch others do this for me

    I will not blame the core members. I understand their Vision and it aligns with mine. How do you enforce a vision in IV community when the participation is less?
    How can any action survive with 100-200 members participation? look at numbersusa and learn from their strengths.

    Having said that, i have a few suggestions though. Lets talk to our friends and relativies, understand their concerns/issues and communicate IV's vision to them in a better way and get them to participate.
    Lets set some intermediate goals to track our progress.

    Lets go IV

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  • FraudGultee
    04-19 08:38 AM
    16 hrs and no green card is too much pain. Kudos to you for being so patient. Have you considered applying in EB2?
    With your experience you can change your job and use it to get Eb2

    all those EB3 guys out there waiting for so long you should think about porting to EB2. All the information is on line, lot of discussion has happened, most of the people know the process.. so be proactive rather than examining patience. last thing i would like to see is some EB3 guy comes in and ask for some IV initiative to stream line porting :)

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  • arkrish68
    01-17 12:03 PM
    Though I am not affected, but count on me

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  • marlon2006
    06-09 11:14 AM
    I think the idea is that we need to sell ourselves. I was the other day debating on and believe me, that was a tough exchange. Several US IT pros (mid management, engineering, etc) arguing that they are highly qualified and got laid off and cannot find a high paying job anymore. I had to sell myself and argue that our skills are needed, etc. I believe that we are still needed in this country and it is not all that easy to find "good" IT professionals. That's why we are here. However, I am very concious about the number of folks who Americans are willing to let in without hurting them.

    "Demand" and "right" will work up to the point in which we don't irate Americans. America has been sympathetic to immigrants in good part thanks to the capacity that America has to accomodate us here. If an excessive number of immigrants get in and that alarm citizens, I can tell you this country will become as unsympathetic to immigrants as many European countries are.

    LogicLife is doing a good thing by being so positive. Let's continue to sell our skills in a professional manner. Just be careful with the idea of "demanding" and "rights" though :)

    So you guys are saying that because you are on a H1B you are working harder than others? Let me tell you that working hard does not guarantee your job. I have seen hard workers laid off left and right, be it US citizens, green card holders or H1Bs. In fact one of my GC friends said that it is a constant fear for him to be employed at all times, he was unemployed for 10 months after the dot com bust. That changed him completely, he said what will I do with my GC, can I feed my kids with a GC? I need a job. So it is everyone's perspective. I look at him and say at least you have a GC, he says at least you have a job. :)

    I still think that GC is not a right. It is a privilege, as is a driving license. You have to pass the drivers test to get a license. Logiclife's message from centuries back about anyone being able to move to another country does not work in today's world. There were no visit visas needed to get to India or China for example in those years, but why is it a requirement to have a visa to visit India now? Things have changed.

    BTW, I do think we should do what we can to improve the immigration process, but if nothing gets done its not the end of the world. We can "ask", "request" Congress to change laws. But surely you are not saying we "demand" for our rights to have a GC?


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  • pappu
    04-19 01:51 PM
    long time back I had posted something on ability to pay. look into the archives. Are you currently employed with this company?what is your current wage? what is the size of the company? how long has the company been in business? what has been the income in the past few years? how much cash do they have in bank? Do they have any external funding? how well do you know the owner? How many people have filed for GC in your company?

    Ability to pay is a complicated issue to be answered without knowing all the details. Remember all the data needs to be fully legal (your small time employer should not be saving taxes by using tactics that help him financially but are not right thing to do) and correct and your employer should be willing to help you with all the information. This issue is not difficult to solve. With the help of a good lawyer who knows about the intricacies of ability to pay and takes active interest in your case and a good experienced CPA you can easily overcome it.

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  • smisachu
    07-18 04:56 PM
    IV now has clout which should be immediately used for a permanent fix. Two issues which might not require laws being passed can be implemented to ease the backlog situation that will be created.

    1. Recapture lost Visa numbers- A just and reasonable demand that they cannot refuse.
    2. Remove per country cap- It is stupid to look for diversity in a category based on intellect. The whole category is created for improving America's brain power so a country cap does not make sense.

    Which is better to say" We want 10 people with OK intellect from 10 different countries of the world" or " We want 10 absolutely brilliant people-period"


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  • ab_tak_chappan
    08-20 01:15 AM
    Another frustrated EB2 2004 filer :D:D:D:D:D:D
    Yoo who the F*** is this? Gave me red dot which i really don�t care about...but said this 'It is not "Barath" u moron, it is "Bharat".. learn to spell corrrectly u idiot' ...look at you D*** head how you have spelled "correctelly" (correctly) in your comments you go learn how to spell first or better understand that its always possible of TYPO.:mad::mad::mad:

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  • desi3933
    05-08 06:20 PM
    Feedbacks I have received for my post -


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  • dr_vroeg
    06-14 05:00 PM
    wait a tic....I thought we could only have one entry? confused:|

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  • nefrateedi
    07-20 08:33 AM
    I am not aware of anyway to check if money order is enchased or not, because, I think, you have to pay money upfront when you buy money order. However, I can be wrong.
    Why didn't you just send the check?

    Absolutely there is a way to track if a money order has been cashed. The customer service # and order # for the money order are usually listed on the bottom stub which the buyer keeps. Just call the customer service #, plug in your order number and the system should tell you if it has been cashed or not.


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  • gsc999
    07-11 01:52 AM
    Excellent idea......need only be singles.....:) :)

    Yes, and we will make sure flowers are yellow or white. Isn't that the color of friendship.

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  • Green.Tech
    06-05 10:25 PM
    Folks - Our strength in numbers is going to matter in the end. 40 people calling the representatives is not going to cut it. We need all the registered members to come forward at this time and make these ever important calls. The whole process does not take more than 10 minutes. People in these offices are really nice and easy to talk to. They will note down your message and pass it on to the representatives. Most of them are not even asking for your name or phone number or address.

    For all those who are content with EAD's or not content with EAD's, ffor all those who want to switch jobs or careers and can't, for all those who want to get GC's sooner than later, each one of us needs to stand up for himself/herself because if you don't, no one else will.

    Please pick up the phones and let your voices be heard!


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  • eswaraprasad73
    02-07 03:04 PM
    I have valid H1B visa in my passport. Can I travel via london to india.
    Can you please tell me what restrictions we have when we travel thru london.
    Do we need to take Transit visa inorder to travel via london?

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  • arc
    06-13 04:51 PM
    We need help for EB3 I Category...

    Also we need a legislation declaring EAD as temp GC, and include the EAD years in Citizenship.

    May be we can become US Citizens before GC holders :D How is that for a thought!!!

    IV pls. help!


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  • kakarla
    03-16 09:09 PM
    I have used the below thread when I was in the same situation as yours. Hope this helps.


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  • paskal
    05-24 10:09 PM
    [QUOTE=paskal]this is the code that has been amended

    do u have a valid link for evidence the last time i sw was it was $8500 on

    the link i saw also said 8500, but that did change on the floor at the last moment to 5,000. will get updated eventually

    by the way i forgot to add- everyone exempt from the 1500 is exempt from the 5000 also- educational, ngo, not for profit etc


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  • gveerab
    11-01 11:59 AM
    For all of you who have send me a pvt. message asking me how to reach IO @ TSC, here are the steps:

    1) Call Customer Service @ 1 800 375 5283
    2) Continue in english, hit 1
    3) To check the status, hit 2
    4) Know your receipt number, hit 1
    5) Enter Receipt number, and then for SRC, hit 1
    6) Confirm Receipt Number, hit 1
    7) You will now hear the status of your case. At this point, hit 3 to "Report a problem".

    Here is the trick - now you will hear 4 options. I believe # 3 is "If your case is outside the processing time..." and # 4 is for "If you have filed several cases and have received a decision on....". You want to hit # 4 and you will be connected to an IO at TSC.

    Just a word of caution: You will be talking to an Immigration Officer @ TSC so please be very polite. Some officers will tell you that they cannot give you any information, or you should be calling Customer Service number, simply say 'Thank You' and hang up. It might take days/weeks before you reach an IO who would be willing to help.

    Again, the sequence is:
    Call the customer service number.
    Press 1, 2, 1, Enter Receipt Number, Hit 1 for SRC, Hit 1 to confirm RN, 3 to report a problem, 4 to connect to an officer @ TSC.

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  • trueguy
    03-10 06:35 PM
    If these numbers are correct then total EB-I pending applications are about 125K only. Thats less than one year of total quota and If USCIS work properly then this backlog can be cleared in one year (ignoring ROW for now). But thats not happening and backlog is increasing every year, especially for India.

    Howcome, USCIS reports that pending I-485 is 620249 as Jan'2009.

    Something is wrong. I wish we can get pending applications per year per category.


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  • jnraajan
    03-14 10:42 AM
    Do you belong to a state chapter?
    if you don't can you please join a state chapter?
    I sent a request to Kansas City Chapter to join. No response yet.
    If a state chapter does not exist in your area can you form one?
    I am trying to start a chapter here. I have already enlisted the help of few friends.
    Can you recruit new members to be part of state chapters?
    I have been doing that for quite some time. I dont know the success rate yet. My wife is part of a group which organizes Potlucks every other week. I take that opportunity to educate people about IV and the need to join it.
    Can you motivate newbies to be active?
    I can try.
    Can you meet your Local Lawmakers and talk about your issues?
    I have already met with NE Senator on a couple of occasions including for the admin fixes campaign.
    Can you make a contribution to IV?
    I have
    Can you motivate other IV'ans to contribute?
    I will
    Please put ome thoughts on the above and come up with Ideas?. If you need help please PM any of us and we will be happy to help you.

    Regarding conributions, I know it is probably going to meet with some resistance from other members, but we can organize a membership drive week. Any current member signing up most members during that week can be rewarded in some way. The reward need not me monetary, because people are not here for money. So, the reward can be some sort of memento.

    As far as contributions are concerned, there are many ways to raise money in this country like Raffles, Fund raising by selling some products. (See how Boys and Girls Scouts sells cookies.) and so on.

    None of these is impossible. Remember, there is no such thing called IMPOSSIBLE, because the word itself says, I'MPOSSIBLE.

    11-06 03:59 PM
    Please don't flood/SPAM Senator Grassley with your E-mails..

    If there is any such program to contact any senator, it will be announced by IV core through State chapters network. That's the purpose State Chapters were created! Right now no such action plans exist!

    A sincere request to anyone, DO NOT create your own 'Action Items' on Legislative actions. Reason being, legislative matters are delicate and need careful handling. If handled without a holistic perspective and professional advice - which only IV core can provide - may backfire and harm IV cause, instead of helping it!

    Regarding H1B

    If the system is broken, it should be the responsibility of DoL and government to fix it. Laws on book should be enforced first before introducing new laws. Raising the fees to astronomical levels will kill the program instead of reforming it. Real fix to H1B issues is increasing the number of green cards and provide a level playing field. Wish there was work on permanent fixes to the system instead of efforts to kill it.

    03-21 08:35 AM
    Count me in

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