Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • prajwal123
    07-18 08:30 PM
    485 Applied -- July 2nd
    Status -unknown

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  • learning01
    02-01 09:14 PM
    excpet for Directors and above.

    They don't pay taxes, etc etc. It is being mis-utilized by all companies.

    I know even Accenture brings people on B1 visa @ 50 dollars a day

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  • anai
    02-14 10:09 AM
    If black hats were around during the Indian independence movement, here's how it would have been:

    In 1930's
    Black hat: "What the hell, Gandhi! What good did salt satyagraha do? Where are the results? What did you achieve in the last 15 years? Change the leadership."

    In 1940's:
    Black hat: "Yeah. I continue to do nothing. But you suck."

    In 1942:
    Black hat: "Quit India movement! What a stupid waste of time. Gandhi, you should do a cultural show and raise some money."

    Ok. Ideas seem to be always welcome at IV. But crassly worded trashing of volunteer leaders rankles a lot of us.

    I won't be reading that silly sounding de bono hat book you suggest. But I might go to a cultural show by that other Bono and help him raise some money.

    So is this how you brainstorm ideas at work?

    Ideas are just as important as contributions.Your design team at work dont have to write the code as well. If its a bad idea then shoot it down,lets not ask everyone who comes up with an idea to implement it as well. Providing ideas is much better than sitting out there in blissful ignorance not knowing anything about retrogression or IV.

    You may wanna read "Six thinking hats" by Edward de bono.He talks about having critical thinking hat(black hat) during brainstorming.Lets have some people with black hats here.

    btw I thought anand26 was banned from this forum. I am not too far away from being banned as well. I got a post deleted by the admin already without any notice.

    Forgive me for wearing the black hat in recent times and yes I have signed up for recurring contributions.

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  • extra_mint
    04-24 01:12 PM
    I totally support banishing country quota. It is totally unfair specially to folks from India/China/Mexico and others (in EB category).

    However if we analyze the current mess. Following are some of the things that led to it
    First of all 65K is the number of H1-B's that are issued every year. Lets assume all of 65K applies for GC >> then we get 65 K * 2.2 (dependents) = 143K GC's.

    Then how come we have such a big backlog.

    1. H1b visa ceiling was increased to 195K during the tech boom of 2000's but they never increased the EB based green card (it remained 140K)

    2. Wastage of EB visa by USCIS. Some estimates are in range of 500K. But let's say they wasted half of it (250K). This should be sufficient to clear the backlog.

    3. Third of last few years with rise in economies of India and china and ROW, we have seen an increase in the L1's (globalization). I totally agree with this and have no issues with L1's. And many of L1's decide to stay in US. And of course GC comes from EB category.

    Simple logic is H1-B non-immigrant visa has been recognized as dual intent, which means holders of H1B can legally apply for GC.
    On the other hand Congress and US govt have failed to provide adequate GC for EB. The system is a total chaos now for all the above reasons.

    This is what we need to communicate to congress/us govt and if required challenge in court.

    Can't agree less with you pappu:)


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  • jfredr
    01-31 01:29 PM
    I have forwarded link to 4 of my colleagues i myself voted like 4 or 5 times hope it is counted

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  • Macaca
    03-08 08:28 PM
    Can we take the following decision. (this question is for the regular members who reply to peoples queries)

    Questions that ask for any help or suggestion will be answered only if the persons signature mentions that they have contributed.

    People who dont want to contribute can go to elsewhere and ask questions
    It is not fair to expect a member to contribute the moment (s)he joins. It takes some time to understand the impact of GC problems and get a good feeling about IV activities. IV can not post its activities on forums. You will be surprised to know that anti-immigration organizations are well organized.

    However, we have numerous members with 50+ posts and 3+ month of membership with no intension to contribute $20 (you will not get 2 Indian Buffet's in Washington DC for $20; it takes $4 (metro up) + $4 (metro down) + $4 (parking) everyday to DC).

    I (and other members) have literally begged some of these members. One particular member says (s)he is going back to his/her country but starts posting obnoxious messages after a few weeks.


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  • bobgc
    01-01 08:15 AM
    Attended Interview on Dec 12,
    Visa Stamped on Dec 17
    Got the passport on Dec 20th.

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  • roseball
    03-29 10:34 AM
    @hpandey thanks for standing by me, and more so i will not bow down even if INS were tracking me down , what have i got to lose, its the time for the consultants to lose his business and his money, and i will not stop here as i said , i will make sure google search on him always opens the blacklist page before his company website.

    @fide-champ i have tried options that could be open to me till the brink and believe u me if they were there i would be the first to grab it, i have tried attorneys, i have tried references, i have tried many options , given 15 interviews of companies and sat on that interview table from 9 to 5:30 PM , but only after realizing that it wasnt going anywhere and i had blown my dough i realized , its better that i leave.

    @Robert Kumar yeah ofcourse, even if they were to what could possibly go wrong more than what it is right now, not afraid buddy not at all

    If a company is willing to hire you for an available position, they can still hire you and file a I-129 with consular processing option, just like your current H1. Once thats approved, you will have to appear for a VISA interview again in your home country (at the consulate mentioned on your application). Whether you will be given a VISA or not will depend on the documentary evidence submitted and your H1 history. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your current H1 saga which will definitely raise some flags on your current company at the Consular post as well but unfortunately could have negative impact on all current genuine employees at the company, if your current employer is found guilty. You can claim ignorance, but there is a chance that you could be banned as well for VISA fraud (paying for H1).


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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-25 10:40 PM
    I have had v.bad experience with them ..don't open a account there ..they will harass you like anything to send this documents and that ..for me they did the same and kept my money for 9 months without paying any interest. I will post the email that I had recd from them . they even misplaced the draft which had my principal

    I took visitors health insurance from ICICI Lombard.
    There was some typo in the date of birth ( my mistake actually) I wanted to correct it..The callcenter ppl told me that once policy is issued you cannot make any changes to it..they advised me to cancel the policy online and buy another one..they will return the money for cancelled one.

    So I cancelled the policy and took another one.
    They sent the cheque to my parents house after couple of weeks for the cancelled policy and they deposited it to ICICI Bank account.

    Now the fun starts..the money never came into my account.

    For the next 8 months, I was BBQ'd, did a sheek-kebab of myself without any use.

    Finally, I got every email ID that ends with and whereever there is and sent out an email blasting everyone..then also sent an email to icici bank manager from my online service manager.

    Finally I got a response saying they deposited the amount already 8 months ago..I was so pissed off..I took a screen shot (.bmp) of my account for that period asking them why cant I see the transaction here..

    then after a week, they emailed me saying, the amount was deposited to wrong account..means someone elses account..LOL..


    I havent seen such a Luchcha bank..:p

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  • never_giveup
    09-17 11:01 AM
    The proceedings have not started yet. I see people moving in and out.
    Reminds me of the Govt Offices in India. Doesnt look much different here !!!

    And they are probably gonna take a break at 12 for lunch .. lets c!!!


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  • Green.Tech
    06-17 05:13 PM

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  • mpadapa
    09-24 12:01 PM
    This fellow who wrote this might be one of those arm chair critics who just criticizes everything if it doesn't favor that individual. What a moron. I am sure this fellow is clueless about how much effort is put into to make a legislation.

    There has been lot of work done by many IV volunteers just to get a bill introduced. It is so stupid just to trash talk the efforts put in by the selfless IV volunteers.

    All IV members has to be proud that we have been able to get a bill that addresses the GC backlogs. Hey one year back lawmakers were clueless about EB GC issues. Now majority of the lawmakers atleast have an understanding about EB GC issues. It is a matter of time before we succeed.

    The easiest guage for the success of the IV efforts is to see the response U get from the lawmakers when U write to them about GC issues. Earlier U used to get a generic reply about undocumented workers and broken borders, nowadays U would be getting replies that talk about EB immigration. Isn't that an achievement. As a professional aren't U proud that U are give the respect U deserve rather than getting clubbed with undocumented workers. Ask for U'r self? :mad::mad:


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  • vdlrao
    11-05 10:40 PM
    Not only H1B reform we need G.C process reform also.

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  • pani_6
    02-13 04:16 PM
    As we move forward we are leaving behind a good you may know the previous guys who fought the retrogression battle in 95 or so did not remove the hard country cap..if they had..then it would have been easy for all of us...we silently continue to work and churn out good things...any organization with a vision would do just that..

    Great things are achieved admists we chug along...

    Just as an old man plants a mango sapling not for himself but for the future generations...we need to do just the same..

    Good Luck!


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  • nonimmi
    05-24 01:11 PM

    Chill out yaar! Nothing will happen.
    In this CIRcus everyone joker is trying to impress people. So each one comes up with new new "idea"s. They better goto the show "Big Idea with Donny Deustch" and share their stories.

    We'll see where it goes. You know whats going on for 2 years. It is just a timepass for these lawjokers.

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  • stanyrod1
    07-17 11:00 PM
    I agree with the original posting that our next step should be capture of unused Visa from Previous years . But this would require a change in law.

    A better interim relief would be a 3 years EAD/AP for H1 visa holders ,as granted to some other catogeries , which would also reduce the processing time for EAD.



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  • vga_1977
    04-18 01:20 PM
    Couple of my friends, who have 3 year degrees from India and also have 2 year Masters degree from India, have not been able to apply for EB2. Their lawyers suggested that 3 year degree are a hindernace to get EB2. They both have not tried applying for EB2 and both have active EB3 applications.

    My M.C.A was 3 years. this will help?


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  • needhelp!
    11-28 01:42 PM
    Is there a way to listen to the show online?

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  • chintu25
    07-12 12:22 PM
    :D Here is an email address for emailing letters to USCIS. Please send only approved formats from IV


    07-30 12:02 PM
    You can trade commodities like stocks by taking a directional bet on long term price movement. But this is what you need to consider. Stocks always trade in Spot. If you buy MSFT you own shares of Microsoft today. Although single stock futures (SSF) are available now we will not look at derivatives right now.

    Commodities are traded as futures. You can buy Soy futures today for December delivery or lean hogs for dec 2010 delivery.
    Under conditions of No-Arbitrage the price of the future will be the price of the spot plus storage and delivery costs. If for example 3 month LSC (Light Sweet crude) is trading on NYMEX at $60; the cost of storage and delivery is say $20 for 3 months. Then 6 month LSC should be trading at $80. But if you look at the contract it might be trading at $55.

    The reason being fundamentals. The peak driving season or the hurricane season is over and heating oil season is not yet on us or by looking at weather derivatives traders are factoring in milder winter. The leader of Iran has declared he will step down from office and retire to Hawaii, the rebels in Nigeria have turned themselves in and joined a church missionary..stuff like that.

    So you might believe these fundamental assumptions or you might do your own research and say that the traders are wrong and they are discounting critical factors and the price should be more. So you can go long the future and hope for an increase in price and sell the future before delivery for a profit. This is the expensive route but you will never be wiped out for sure. Price of crude may drop but will never go to zero.

    Or you trade options on the futures, for example:
    Borrow money (leverage) buy the call; short delta units of the future contract and invest the proceeds at the risk free rate.
    If you are correct the call will end up in the money, the shorted futures will loose value but since it is �delta� units it is only a portion of the position and the invested money will earn you the risk free rate. So you make some money on the call and loose some on the hedge and net you will profit. (Hopefully to cover the transaction costs and taxes)

    If you are wrong (price falls) your call will expire worth less so you are wiped out there, your short will increase in value and you will still earn the risk free rate. So although net you will loose money it will not be as much as a naked call because of delta hedging.

    This is explained in very very simple terms. Each transaction step will indicate modeling prices to know if the future is priced correctly, if the option is priced correctly and if the leverage you are getting is correct. Plus modeling future price movements and expected rate of returns and the most primary thing in any transaction the �Alpha�. Source of alpha should be very clearly defined. Let me go a bit deep and include some simple math:

    E[R] = Alpha + betaR + epsalon

    Where E[R] is the expected return-(see statists for more on expectation functions.)
    alphais the excess return
    betaR is market return or what the price of the commodity does in the duration chosen. (Market betais 1)
    epsalonis error term or un explained return.

    (Sorry the greek symbols did not display so I wrote words)

    This is a kindergarten model of modeling your alpha. As there are many variables you will use a multi variant model to figure out return. Plus as I said in my previous post you have to model jumps. Jumps are spikes of very short duration which will only be seen in a log normal price distribution. A Gaussian distribution might not be changed much because of a spike of small duration. For example if you are trading electricity and the temperature in NJ hits 110 degrees, there is going to be a spike on that day for electricity prices but this will fall as soon as temperature falls.

    And the core issue of all is you need to have access to products as indicated by puddonhead plus money and leverage capacity and risk bearing capacity. As you see this is not for the faint of heart or for some one to do part time. If you are really sophisticated and can do this with good resources, fine or else my advice is stick to stocks or stock derivatives. Hedge funds have teams of quants and super computers sitting and doing this every day. They will vacuum out even the slightest of alpha out there; they will simply take your money if you enter into a wrong trade. If someone is a quant and does this for a living then if his contract allows it or if his licensing allows it legally he can do it on the side but apart from it definitely not something the retail investor should indulge in. Just invest in some ETF like GLD or USO or some commodity mutual funds at the max.

    Best of luck!!

    Again a great post. Just want to comment that be careful with ETF's too. Most of the ETF's are not physical commodity holders. They play in futures and OTC swap markets.
    I have looked hard to find ETF's or MF's fwhich are pure commodity holders e.g gold, silver etc.I still have not found good ones. The closest I could get was some portfolio of mix of real assets and futures. Most of the ETFs are again leveraged and kind of trap for average investors.
    There are a few hedge funds or big funds which might offer pure plays but those tend to have huge entry investment requirement basically making them inaccessible to individual small investors.

    05-30 11:28 PM
    The 1st of July is about a month from now.

    OOps my bad.... i read it as June for some reason. Still dont know if i want to do this or not.

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