Thursday, June 23, 2011

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  • arunkotte
    09-12 12:23 PM
    Is it true that for a company w/ more than 100 employees, a statement letter from the CFO will be adequate as a proof for ability to pay? What info should the CFO be included in the letter?

    I was so screwed by my lawyer in the LC process so I plan on DIY for the I-140 & 485.

    Yes, you can submit a letter from CFO if the company has more than 100 employees.

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  • Vexir
    05-31 11:20 AM
    ipod skin spam! more than one entry is not allowed!!!! (or shouldnt be :P)

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  • ak_2006
    07-16 12:42 PM
    I signed it

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  • DSLStart
    09-17 02:01 PM
    How much do these ppl eat? and Bush says food scarcity crisis is because of India ;)

    Is 25 mins not up yet.... this is worse than the so called Indian Standard Time.


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  • sdrblr
    09-15 01:05 PM
    I sent it from my work email not yahoo or hotmail.

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  • pbojja
    06-12 04:57 PM
    Not true...

    In the EB base, only 1 GC is counted for all family members. How can it count more than one if it is a derivative of an employment visa? It might count against the Family base even though primary applicant is EB-based. Not the other way around.

    If they dont count Dependents we all get GCs very soon . Unfortunately all dependents even kids are counted under employement category ..

    One change - Counting a number for primary applicant can change thousands of lifes each year .


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  • ronhira
    07-24 11:23 AM
    very good... so accordingly to you these guys should be nice to everyone and not ever tell anyone to go away, must "behave" with self righteous people like you and i. even when someone continues to show the thumb and demand answers, someone else should always be on their best behavior, otherwise u will be turned off and not show "empathy" to these guys? is that what u just said? give me a break, we need to show "empathy" ourself before we can show "empathy" to someone else. how many u years r u waiting for green card? i had a chance to go on a conference call of anti-immigrants 2-3 days back, and posted here what i heard. while u and i continue to debate and set our reasons and bar before someone else will deserve your 'empathy', get ready to get your sorry ass kicked by anti-immigrants, i am sure those anti-immigrants will not show any "empathy" to anyone here.

    so while we all want to "enjoy" the freedom to discuss "free" and freely, don't forget that every freedom comes at a cost, which it doesn't look like you are willing to pay for, right?

    and what will we do "discussing" freely on this or any other forum, who cares what u say anonymously on a webforum. the way i see is, we want to continue to discuss, but "free" and "freely" before u and i some show some "empathy" , while someone else is working overtime to ship our sorry ass out of there, does that make any sense?

    we all want to live in an advanced society but we don't want to think and be like one, lets just ask for "free" and "freely" discussion, because all that we want is "discussion".... and go to sleep

    and then u say if something happens, it will for sure be because of some other organization..... u r truly a genius....

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  • breddy2000
    07-19 03:30 PM
    Just a suggestion, sooner or later that's the way it should be. No offense taken.

    This has been requested earlier.
    But pls understand that if IV is transparent in its lobbying power , this might be an indication to our opponents to raise their funding drive.
    Its all about Money in US and its lobbying power, hence it is not going to help in anyway for us.
    As far as I know, no other anti-immigration orgnanization is transparent in their funding power.

    "Our Strength Lies In Our Affordability To Contribute". This should help us bring success.....


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  • sam_hoosier
    11-26 01:26 PM
    I believe after this new fees, we might have to pay one more time for the renewal and after that we never have to pay for any renewals. So it will not be a factor any more.

    Are you saying we will all get our green cards ? :D

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  • gc_lover
    07-19 07:59 AM
    Q-1 (07//19/2007): I filed I-485 application on July 2, 2007, but have yet to receive either rejection or receipt notice. Will this application be fee'd in under the reversal of the USCIS decision?

    A-1: The DOS withdrew any changes to the original July VB and assumedly visa number is current in July 2007 for any categories other than "other worker." Accordingly, the 485 application which you submitted on July 2 cannot be rejected by the USCIS at this point. The USCIS is likely to fee in your application and soon issue the Receipt Notice.


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  • Maverick1
    11-09 04:12 PM
    EAD & AP is luxury & aggressive. Keeping H1B active is being conservative and playing with probability and backup. It depends on your nature. Go for it!!

    If you are planning on a big investment like buying a home or something like that. It is better to stay on H1B so you have a backup if something goes wrong with GC.

    I have seen problems with cases using AC21 when they apply it asking for more details and also sometimes ur I-140 is revoked by your sponsoring employer and USCIS may trigger a NOID for you. Ofcoourse you can file MTR and prove that them that it is legitimate to change jobs using AC21, but if you have H1B also then you have a piece of mind.

    Also for the first job change use AC21 and do H1B transfer also and see for 6 months so that USCIS is already aware that you ve changed company. You can address any RFE/NOID. But later on you are on ur own.

    Okay I like the reply.
    Big investments like house is another point to consider. Right. It is not easy to sell off your house and leave in case AOS is rejected.

    I know it goes without saying that it is individual's choice whether to keep H1 or EAD/AP. As I said I want to know what Keeping H1 brings to the table.

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  • nixstor
    07-27 10:13 AM

    totally concur with your opinion.


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  • zhongweizhu
    04-26 01:33 PM
    just fire up $300

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  • ras
    07-03 03:25 AM
    Yes. That member and probably other such members are now on other site posting anti-IV posts.....

    It is shameful to have such members among us.

    Anyways, good thread. This site should help people fix the broken system rather than abuse each other or track all day. I hope due to the discussion, people can get some ideas and take action against such employers. IV will be willing to help as needed.

    Wish discussions on this thread leads to some concrete suggestions/steps that one take to counter an abusive employer. and ofcourse IV should take steps to make these employers visible to the whole community so that others will not fall pray to them. Exposing abusive employers to the whole community is the most important thing that could thwart efforts of exploitation by such employers. This sounds some times more effective than than even going legal or to DOL.


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  • pappu
    07-02 11:43 AM
    I think we should also hear from people who have taken action and what their experience was. This may give ideas to others.

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  • deletedUser459
    06-09 09:35 PM
    so, what happens with the people who skinned the click wheel and/or screen? seems like a ton of people did it...


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  • visves
    07-16 01:58 PM
    signed..might also be a good ideal to start a e-mail chain asking people to sign it and also create some awareness about this pest...

    I plan to send this petition to all senior executives of Time Warner Inc by Priority Mail and Fax. CNN is a fully owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.

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  • EB3IFiasco
    05-25 09:57 PM
    here is the link
    looks like this bill will not go no where ...there is only 3 cosponsors..:mad::mad:

    This link looks to be from the HR. Menendez bill is in the senate. The text of the bill is not available at this time.|/bss/|

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  • saimrathi
    07-14 08:48 AM

    The Gandhi Protests
    Denied the permanent U.S. residency they'd been promised, high-skilled workers are taking to the streets in nonviolent protest

    08-19 01:07 PM
    Poll Done
    EB3 India : PD Mar 2006;I-140 approved -Sep 06
    I-485-approval Pending since Aug 14th 07

    02-01 12:47 PM
    I agree with the initial post . But the market condition is such that it is very difficult to get qualified people for ERP/CRM applications so desi consultants get placed through desi companies .

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