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  • chanduy9
    07-03 02:20 PM
    How many sending flowers on JULY 10TH....give the order# too if you can..

    Let us call it as FLOWER DAY!!

    Order # FNM1314828 from ftd

    Here is the address:

    Select Occasion: "Sympathy"

    Edited by Moderator:
    "Kindly do not return our I-485 petitions in July and honor the original DOS visa bulletin"
    [ first-name last-name ] - An employment based immigrant.

    Delivery location type is Business, US Citizenship and Immigration Service


    Emilio T. Gonzalez
    20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20001

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  • Harivinder
    07-06 04:48 PM
    I am in for the flowers thing. However I have a suggestion, sending flowers just to Director U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will not help much, we need to draw the attention on congress on this to increase the green card quota and get rid of country quota. Any suggestion how we can draw attention of congress by sending flowers on JULY 10th?

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  • fatjoe
    08-22 11:32 PM
    Thanks for your response. Wow that's quite a grill. How many days of notice did u get prior to the interview? Did you get any RFE previous to this interview.

    Did you ask her any questions? Like if the case stands preadjudicated or not or if they will need more info in future?

    Going by the questions, it seems she asked all that she can ask for.



    You're welcome. I came to know from the forums that you would know well in advance (i.e) a month before the interview; I got the interview letter too a month a head. No, I did not get RFE before the interview. The interview was for my spouse, and the DAO said that my spouse might have to go for the second FP, and spouse(alone) did receive the second FP notice a few days after the interview.

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  • ps57002
    09-08 07:10 AM
    Just put up more flyers, printing more to hand out at a huge local event being held at temple near my place....we will be successful...i know it.


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  • pappu
    06-07 02:27 PM
    USCIS Ombudsman Ms. January visits Immigration Voice Situation Room

    USCIS Ombudsman Ms. January speaking to the Immigration Voice members.

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    09-07 11:59 PM
    good work Sherman_tribiani, i am watching this group of "highly skilled job stealer” for sometime. they merely talk and do nothing. most of them r scared to do anything. they r scared of u & me. they r not scared when they steal our jobs and we will scare the hell out these ba$tard$ to make them do in their pants before we kick them out. gheen told me about this group and he also said that not to waste my time on these job stealers as they r weak and incapable of doing anything, other than stealing our jobs and outsourcing.


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  • santb1975
    12-01 06:41 PM
    Let's keep the contributions comming

    Order Details - Dec 1, 2007 16:37 GMT-05:00
    Google Order #170172464015090

    Shipping Status Qty Item Price
    Not yet shipped 1 Contribute 100

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  • jamesbond007
    11-11 05:39 PM
    Go to the authorities and report her.
    H1 is a temporary situation. Your family is permanent. Protect your family.

    Do not let the fear of social services coming to check on you from stopping to do the right thing. They have a job to do; they will not take away a child unless they really believe that the child is not being cared for. They do not want to add to the strain of foster care system which is already under stress.

    Law enforcement agencies also monitor sites like IV, Rajiv Khanna etc. And they can get a subpoena against IV to get your information if they suspect that a crime has taken place.

    Everyone: please please ... You should not only check for the cleanliness and background of the staff (and facility) who take care of your kid. Also make sure that their way of taking care of your kid meets your expectation. Do not make any assumptions. Ask pointed questions and get certain answers.

    Also... I feel that there is more to the story than what the OP has said in his one and only posting.
    I think he/she already went past the point to think "what will happen to me" when they hired someone knowing that she was not legally eligible to work/provide that service.
    If not them reporting that nanny, her next victim will report her. I strongly believe that, if she is used to that way of raising a kid, she will hit other kids in the future. And they will be exposed at that point when the authorities grill her to spill the beans on her previous employers.

    I am also afraid that the OP might take matters into his/her own by making an emotional decision; and that would put him in hot water.

    chanduv: I read your post about how you hired a nanny based on your parent's monitoring her behaviour around your kid when they were visiting you. I hope that was not the only criteria for you to choose her. Keep in mind that a person's behaviour when they are alone speaks of their true nature. They can behave nice and good when they have company; but do they continue to be the same when there is no adult around them?
    Definitely install a nanny cam that you/yourwife can keep checking from work.

    Sorry if I sound like I am picking on you Chandu. But when I read your post, I felt that there might be other families who have done the same thing as you did.


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  • jsb
    08-18 09:26 AM

    Now I think some major clarifications are needed here. The Receipt Date (RD) that is printed on the I-485 receipt is the date whenever queuing according to RD is needed. This is THE date wherever a FIFO is required and is as assigned as soon as the envelope containing the I-485 is received.

    The ND only represents the date data-entry is made. This is the date which is mentioned erroneously as "received date" on the USCIS online system. Now this thing has been mentioned at USCIS liaison meetings by center directors and thro' AILA several times (I will post the reference as soon as I find it).

    That said whenever I talked to NSC officers (not the National Customer SC non-officers or regional call center IIO's or Infopass ignoramuses) ..officers who personally were aware of the going on's at the service center they said the Notice date does not carry any value for case adjudication priorities and the CLAIMS 3 systems only sequences (or sweeps as they call it) as per the PD and RD (when needed).

    Further, since I see all the notes made for my approved I-485 (thro' FOIA) including the worksheet completed by contractors. I clearly do not see any notations mentioned with reference to the ND on it...

    That said, for the OP, since your RD is very close to the "official" processing date there are all chances that your application might have already gone under the eyes of a CAO (Center Adjudication Officer). Call NSC directly and ask since you are so close and especially since your date is going current next want to make sure that your file is either pre-adjudicated OR assigned to an officer.

    Normally, RD (on your receipt), and actual data entry date followed by the notice should be in quick succession. Logically, ND is just a notice date, therefore, when questioned they are correct in saying that ND has no relevance for any processing decisions. Due to high volumes of July/Aug 07, a lot of case files were just lying in warehouses for months before a center agreed to accept them. That's why you see online RD so different (and very close to ND).

    If your statement in your first para is true, centers will have to do a lot of work for manually sorting thousands of cases before placing them in cabinets, which is quite impractical. Unless somebody is forcing them to do so, it is highly unlikely to happen. Note that issues under discussion are impacted by high volumes of July/Aug 07 for which systems are not designed. Also, as most cases are not PD dependant, USCIS systems don't handle them well, as they are not designed for handling PD based cases efficiently.

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  • Green.Tech
    09-14 03:39 PM
    I am sorry to say this Pappu, but honestly I do feel one thing. There are some things that IV can do without spending money(which I think are not being done). For example, it can lead everybody everybody to send letters to USCIS and congressmen and the press for justice highlighting abrupt actions of USCIS. I made so many pamphlets in the thread "Lets get Organized" which can be sent alongwith to make an impact. It is not about eb2 or eb3, it is about accountability and transparency from USCIS. It does not involve any money from anybody excepting a 41 cents stamp on the letter which I think most of people should be ready to spend. However, the push from IV seems to be missing.

    With all due respect bsbawa10, although I am not a IV core member but I do believe that IV does a lot of stuff in the background that the visitors of this site are probably not aware of (until they join a State chapter). IV probably in consultation with its lobbying firm strategically focuses on the most important issues ailing the legal immigration community. IV comes out with campaigns when they know it will matter the most. It is probably not possible for IV to go back to USCIS/DOL with each and every complain its members come up with.

    However, I do agree with your views on asking USCIS to be more transparent and accountable for its actions. And I don't believe IV needs us to show direction in such cases. You and me make up IV, and we can start campaigns on our own as well. I applaud your efforts to go after USCIS for what you are vying for. I am sure many like-minded souls including me will join hands with you. But all of us need luck to make these campaigns successful. I say so because there are lot of inactive folks in this forum who don't even want to spend $0.41.

    ...but we will keep trying! :)


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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-11 03:05 PM
    I have no words for people in this forum, suggesting the person to just be quite and not report about that nanny who has harmed a child who is just 8 months is very sad, sickening, and shocking that a majority of you guys are giving such bad suggestion.

    Your first instinct as a parent is to protect your child.

    If the child is harmed and you have the proof, man!!!! I would not be discussing that on this forum, but would go straight to the police station and give the complaint and protect my child and scores of other child who might be next if that nanny is not booked by the authorities.

    She has advertised in a web site. It not going to be a big crime if you unknowingly hire someone who happens to be not authorized to work. At most its a misdemeanor with a fine.

    But keeping quite after seeing what that devil has done to a child, it really bogs my mind, can't imagine why you folks are so afraid.

    Report it to the authorities soon...believe me, you would not regret it for the rest of your life.

    Immigration and IRS are not linked in any way: Just found this on the internet, does it make any sense?

    Families who decide to hire or retain their illegal immigrant employees are able to comply with all of the current payroll tax reporting requirements, even if the worker does not have a valid Social Security number or US Work Authorization. The Internal Revenue Code prohibits the sharing of taxpayer information with other government agents - see THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 5 U.S.C. � 552a. HomeWork Solutions' staff can assist employers in this tax compliance, including preparation of back tax returns. Remember, tax compliance by illegal immigrants does not confer work authorization, but non-compliance will make them ineligible for future legal status.

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  • Sreenuuk
    07-17 07:16 PM
    Thanks IV. You guys really did awesome job.


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  • chanduv23
    09-14 08:21 PM
    There is a lot of work done in the background and by the state chapters that you may not be aware of. for example when i was a member of a state chapter a volunteer printed 5000 pamplets and we spent a weekend distributing them. One volunteer was actively involved in collecting and mailing out letters for the letter writing campaingn. there are some who visit every temple and talk about IV. These people dont post on the forums or beg for red, blue or green dots, they do the best they can. On the other hand many come to the forums with a 'grand plan' and hope someone else will doe the rest. Most are so self absorbed that they would rather spend time debating how their application is superior and how they should get GCs first. The same people end up volunteering each time while the rest demand answers and ask why bills are not passed. I can also give specific examples of people who posted that they participated in a campaign simply to get green dots. The final straw for me was the EB2 Vs EB3. Each person has his/her threshold, and i am positive that the core will feel the same way some day.

    State chapters contribute a lot in grassroots efforts. Couple of months back, a delegation from Tri State area, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, Massuchettes and other places went to DC and met with all our politicians - Iv arranged everything for us and we planned these visits well through state chapters - our lobbyist guided us well and also accompanied us to some meetings. We were around 15 people and we personally felt we did something to help ourselves and the community.

    Some chapters do a lot of publicity campaigns. Like for the admin fix campaign, The leader from North California (Abhijeet) took special permission from the cops and distributed flyers in train stations and got hundreds of people sign the letters.

    One very dedicated member (nolaindian32) started the IV running cluib to collect donations towards lobbying

    Walking_dude along with some other IV members testified in Michigan senate when MI drivers lisence issue was going on

    On a regular basis IV members in DC area do meet with govt officials and have meetings, talk to media and involve in whatever ways possible.

    All these people who are working for IV are just ordinary folks like rajuram and do not have any special degree. They have shown commitment and have decided they will take a step forward and help.

    There are hundreds of other examples of how hard IV members work behind the scenes.

    A lot of talented people come to IV and come up with brilliant ideas for execution - all brilliant folks must put their great minds to work by doing something for IV.

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  • jsb
    08-26 01:09 PM
    On my 485 receipt, I have RD as 7/20/07, ND as 9/13/07. But when I check my case online, it has 9/12/07.

    I had called TSC yesterday and the rep kept telling 9/12/07 and TSC is processing 8/30/07. I told her I have the original receipt in front of me and it says 7/20/07 and not sure where you are getting 9/12 from. She said "Oh I am sorry, I was looking at the incorrect place". She later gave me a SR # and took all the info. The funny part was she even refused to open a SR telling the date was 9/12.

    Not sure whether opening a SR now will help but trying does not hurt and it is FREE !!!! Hopefully the officer looks at my file and then approves it.

    If you look at my previous posts on this thread, you will get clear picture of what happens. TSC did receive your application on 9/12/07, although USCIS received it on 7/20/07. They entered your data on 9/12/07, and sent out notice the next day. For the two months, it was perhaps lying somewhere with several thousand other applications no one wanted to accept. Mine was received on 7/2/2007, but entered in the system on 10/11/2007.

    TSC doesn't care where your file was until they received (and agreed to accept it), which was on 9/12/07. So they say, they (TSC) received it on 9/12/07. Unless somebody has instructed centers to place physical files where they should have been based on the mailroom RD, it is very unlikely that they do anything but place in order they received them i.e. for your case, place your file behind those received (by TSC) on 7/11/07. It is not good, but that's what it is when they say "we process cases in order we receive them" (note that here "we" means the center, not USCIS)

    It is unfortunate that it works this way, but there is no other explanation to what happens.


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  • dtekkedil
    07-06 12:42 PM
    Can we hit the magic 3 figures????

    Folks, I am preparing a draft of the letter to be sent to the media. Any suggestions for points to be included are welcome!

    I plan to include some information about the immigration system, details about the fiasco, how it impacted us, what our flowers are meant for.

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  • sri1309
    02-25 08:39 AM
    Great!!.. Keep up the efforts.


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  • senthil1
    09-08 02:10 PM
    US immigration policy is to get foreign people only when certain skills are not available. There are lot of laws are there to protect US jobs while hiring Foreign persons. And some more may come while increasing immigration. Some times it might not be enforced correctly. It is the mistake of US enforcement agencies and Companies but not the mistake of immigrants. Many immigrants are creating jobs here. Yes you have to complain to authorities if any one violated immigration laws. But there is no use of blaming all the immigrants. There is nothing wrong in increasing immigration with the protection of American jobs. If protection is not enough then you can ask congress to increase more protection of US jobs. But moderate increase of green card is needed. And IV goal will not increase immigration numbers and will not create unemployment in Americans because the persons will stay till getting green card. So it does not make any difference if they increase or not increase GC numbers. But it will make many persons life easier.

    I am surprised that I haven�t been banned yet. Since, I am not; I will fight till the end. Now, you fellas must be eagerly waiting for my replies. Though you are not worth my time, but have patience, I am still going to reply to you all one by one, clearing any doubts you might have.
    This will be my contribution to protect our way of living ...

    Message to the people moderating this forum: You call yourselves an open forum then show some guts, let me present my points. I am going to be posting series of messages and will try to be "Civil". But don't you dare to lock me out

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  • RandyK
    12-03 02:25 PM

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  • waitingnwaiting
    04-13 02:27 PM
    The idea is interesting, but I am not convinced. I am a skeptic. Becacuse the question is how will anyone be able to make this idea into reality. Someone should manage a timeplan, budget for this bill. We also need few people to go to Capitol and talk to media and Senators. We need someone to become a leader of this idea. Without a leader and timeplan I cannot buy this idea.

    Questions to the person who started this thread:

    1. Can you also post the draft of this bill or a document explaining this bill.
    2. What is the timeline and budget to push this bill?
    3. What is your plan to push it.

    Question to whoever says they agree with the idea
    1. Post your contribution to this bill if you support it. Basically say what you would do to support it.
    There should be a timeplan made and everyone that has pledged would then be asked to do their bit.

    07-06 04:04 PM
    TOI, great. That is good because most Americans trust TOI for their daily news. Couldn't help with the sarcasm. :rolleyes:

    Anyways, It seems I might be converting to this idea of flowers, after my previous opposition to the idea. The only flower or a plant I can think of is a Cactus, will that work?

    I am talking about those three to five feet tall cactus plants, that prick you when you touch them.

    Most Indians read TOI! It's a start!

    Today.. TOI tomorrow... CNN.. who knows :)

    You can send plants and plant "parts" that you can "comfortably" sit on! :D
    So if cactus works for u...

    03-24 07:50 AM
    Im going to India on vacation for 2 months. I could not get my passport corrected in US as I need to travel to India in a week.
    What is the procedure in India for getting this corrected ? Would i need the Newspaper clipping from Local US newspaper here..? I was not sure of this. Please help me.

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