Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • mundada
    11-13 10:02 AM
    If my GC gets rejected 3-4 years from now for any reason (however weird or stupid) then I don't think I would go through the whole GC nightmare once again.

    Since this is my last GC application, I would rather use whatever benefits I have to the fullest then simply waste them. ;)

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  • NKR
    06-23 11:27 AM
    If the visitor develops some symptom, it could be because of some condition that originated in his/her country and the symptoms showed up now. Note that in this case the insurance will treat it as a pre-existing condition and the claims will be denied.

    Remember that insurance companies make the determination only after a claim is made and not before the visitor is taken to a doctor. So please be aware of all scenarios before buying an insurance.

    My suggestion is to get a medical checkup done in the home country for any hidden condition, get it treated if you are buying just an emergency insurance or declare the condition and buy an insurance that covers pre-existing case. Be aware that depending on the condition the premium could be high or if the condition requires treatment the insurance could be denied..

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-10 09:05 AM

    July bulletin is OUT and NO more significant movement. Please call Lawmakers ASAP. Unless we take action USCIS is not going to do anything. Situation can be worse once we head towards election season. Still we have 1-2 months to get things done or we will be waiting for years to get green card OR EAD ( For some folks ).

    It is just 10-15 minutes need to spend to call. Let them know WHO WE ARE AND WHAT ARE OUR ISSUES .

    Please I request all of you to call , if you already call then ask your friends and family members to call.

    Now its time to act. If we dont take action CHC will not allow to move ahead our 3 bills.

    CALL NOW .... and Spread this message to everyone.

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  • sledge_hammer
    01-28 03:19 PM
    One has to remember that the famous "AC21" is also a memo! My only concern is that we need to have a really good reason why we think AC21 is legal, and should be abided by, by USCIS, but the latest "E-E Relationship" memo is not legal, or is unjust...

    AILA wants to fight this on the grounds that such directives cannot be mandated in the form of a memo, but laws have to be passed. What if USCIS retracts the AC21 memo on the same grounds?


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  • kshitijnt
    05-12 04:54 PM
    USA has a right to choose who they give green card to but not fool Indian people by swinging visa bulletin by 4 years every now and then. Not by discriminating. There should be some transparency to the process and law should be followed. If USA makes a law that Indians wont get GC in EB, I am happy to note. Can they remove their gloves?

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  • NYImmigrant
    10-16 10:09 AM
    I hope they do something about this name check mess soon. I filed 485 in July 2003 and have been current for years now... Just stuck in the whole name check mess.

    I even completed the interview for my employment based 485 more than 19 months ago. I do not know what else they want ?

    EB3 India PD: March 2001.


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  • nk2006
    07-12 11:50 AM

    There is a rumor going around now. One of my colleagues here claims that he got a call from his attorney that there is going to be a new bulletin for july, released either tomorrow or on Monday. Can someone talk to their attorney and confirm this?

    I'm unable to reach my attorney now.
    Nobody knows anything - this is just a rumor for now. Though I love to see it be true, I dont think it will happen. Re-reversing the visa bulletin will get more attention than the original reversing and USCIS might try to avoid that. But after JULY 2nd I wont get surprised with anything now (regarding visa bulletins and USCIS's stupidity).

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  • maheshmail
    07-30 01:42 PM
    for options there any site you will suggest which provides daily alerts???


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  • ns33
    03-13 11:56 AM
    I seriously hope that this is correct even though it doesn't apply to me : (

    Anyway, IIRC, in past there have been incidences where VB posted in mumbai Consulate's website actually did not turn out to be true. Couple of years back - after the retrogression - it predicted huge forward movement which 2 days later turned out to be false hope...
    so keep your fingers crossed...
    : )

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  • KanME
    07-19 10:26 AM
    First of all, there is no typo, never he will say something not real.
    Come on, it's not you and me stood up, spent personal time, sacrificed so much.

    If you can not contribute for obvious reasons, no one is demanding you. I hope and sincerely wish that 'Aman' doesn't have to sell his house.
    It's heart breaking to see such statements

    Please dont post your own interpretation of the post that you read here..
    I never suggested nor can even think that Aman would say something you know the defination of "typo"..its a error in typing on the part of the writer not the subject fyi..

    Please dont take text out of context...

    Why have we started jumping at each other ! Can some members learn to show some tolerence and understand the context of the posts before joining the bandwagon of criticising.

    but I am glad that because of the initial poster's message we came to know from Pappu about Aman's selfless act and what he has done for the organisation..Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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  • old_hat
    05-09 01:04 AM
    I am a July filer and was issued a RFE recently. The last update on my case happened a week after USCIS received my reply. I have not been notified for any fingerprinting.

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  • meg_z
    02-18 02:17 PM
    I recently went to South Korea and entered the US on the AP since I didn't feel that I had enough time to wait for my H-1B stamped in my passport at the US emabassy in Seoul. Before leaving the US, I consulted with my attorney on this issue and she assured me that my H-1B is valid as long as I file the extension and maintain terms of the H-1B visa.

    Per your attorney, you need to file an extension. How soon does one have to file? Do you have to file one even if the current one is still valid for more than 6-month? Have you done so since your travel? Thanks in advance.


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  • add78
    04-28 09:57 AM
    Any idea when this is going for voting?
    Democrats are supporting this or not?

    I would strongly suggest everyone to acquaint himself/herself with the legislative process and how a bill moves through different phases / steps before it becomes a law. You can find many postings documenting the process.

    Right now it is just introduced in the senate. The problem for us is that Sen Durbin is Democratic Whip (i.e. Assistant Majority Leader) which gives him tremendous influence over garnering votes and referring which legislation to consider to the Majority Leader (Harry Reid in the Senate). Ultimately Reid decides which legislation get priority consideration. The fact that Grassley is a Republican and is close to the Minority Leader (I think) does not help us either. We will monitor the progress of the bill.

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  • WaldenPond
    02-24 07:04 PM
    Here is the Senator Specter's markup summary document:


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  • number30
    05-09 12:44 AM
    How is that getting a citizenship is an achievement?

    For that matter nothing is an achievement. if Some one gets a baby everyone greets him. Is that an achievement? If you buy a house you are happy. Is that an achievement? For some people coming to US was an achievement. Some people think getting a green card. We see all congratulation message when someone get his GC.
    So Please be broad minded. It may be nothing for you. But for some people it is an achievement. People like me are happy by achieving small things. This may nothing for you But it is good reason for the celebration for the people like us.

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  • desi485
    11-09 03:29 PM
    Nice. It appears that according to the link below:

    The EAD doesn't get invalid when AOS is denied and will be valid till its expiration date.

    On the other hand, it appears that there is an advantage to switching to EAD prior to the 6 year H1 expiration to stop the H1 clock. In situation where a AOS is incorrectly denied, a change of status from EAD to H1 for the remainig time can be helpful.


    One more thing. Working on EAD can be preferred to both categories, ppl who has consumed all 6 years and ppl who haven't yet.

    1. If you have consumed all 6 years, according to above link, can file MTR if 485 is wrongly denied due to AC21. EAD remains valid till atleast the appeal period. while if they are on H1 extension beyond 6 years, H1 is cancelled with immediate effect.

    2. PPL who haven't consumed 6 years have an added advantage to come back to H1 and guess what, he can (if needed) start a new GC process while retaining his older PD (as his 140 was once approved, he retains that PD for life).

    I found this by extremely intense research on internet, CIS website and many well-known lawyers forums, chats and discussion. However it is always advisable to consult your own attorney.


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  • gc_on_demand
    06-09 12:02 PM
    We need active participation from members for the action item listed on this thread. CHC member are taking a very hard stand on the 3 bills introduced by Lofgren. If members (esp. constituents) don't call in large numbers and urge the CHC members to support the bills. The 3 bills may not even see the house floor. CHC members want only one immigration bill (CIR), nothing else is accepted.

    Please ask u'r friends and colleagues (who are constituents of CHC lawmakers) to participate in this crucial action item.

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  • matreen
    06-13 01:20 AM
    This is becoming a messy going forward ...we are keeping hopes that it will be better next far our hopes are left over as hopes only...

    Yes, due to CIS lack of capability they have wasted thousands of visas, that is not our fault then why we are suffering......we have been working hard and contributing this economy in all the ways......then why can't we treated to get our legitimate benefits??????

    We have wasted/spent years and year here by treating US as our home country....hopeing one day we will get our GC.....but now the way things are moving ..totally we lost our destiny.....and for me (I am sure quite a few out there too) it is not that easy to go out and start the life from scratch again...

    IV should stand up and do something...we are with you.



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  • vga_1977
    04-18 01:20 PM
    Couple of my friends, who have 3 year degrees from India and also have 2 year Masters degree from India, have not been able to apply for EB2. Their lawyers suggested that 3 year degree are a hindernace to get EB2. They both have not tried applying for EB2 and both have active EB3 applications.

    My M.C.A was 3 years. this will help?


    04-18 06:14 PM
    Many in IV will know that I have never opposed legal porting. However, I disagree that this is a way to get out of the mess. There is a fixed total number of Visa available. Per current rule this first comes to EB2 and is consumed completely leaving nothing for EB 3. If all (or majority) EB 3 moves to EB 2, the chocking will be in EB2 . So the "mess" just shifts its position.

    The true way is -- 1) Recapture, 2) Exclude dependents from Visa Number

    As I see it, the only persons benefited are the ones having the priority dates in ancient times. I think we really should not mind letting them have their GC's, being our seniors.
    Yes, later year porters might end up having to wait. It's all in the game, fortunately or unfortunately. One thing is for sure, we as a whole, have an uphill battle
    If it really comes to matter, I think it should be easy for an EB2 to port to EB3 if the dates are current for him in the different category. So if I were EB2 today, I wouldn't be so apprehensive :)

    04-09 03:13 PM
    Another $100 towards our goal of 150K. I would urge all the members not to procrastinate and contribute ASAP.
    My Receipt Number: 4040-6336-0409-3890

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