Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • kubmilegaGC
    09-14 11:28 PM
    where is the poll at?

    We were approved on 9/2.
    Had opened an SR on 8/25 and had sent an email to TSC streamline on 9/1

    @sdr..can you please let us know did you mention in that email or what is "TSC Streamline" email.. Does NSC has something like that?


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  • desi485
    02-18 02:28 PM
    I recently went to South Korea and entered the US on the AP since I didn't feel that I had enough time to wait for my H-1B stamped in my passport at the US emabassy in Seoul. Before leaving the US, I consulted with my attorney on this issue and she assured me that my H-1B is valid as long as I file the extension and maintain terms of the H-1B visa.

    This is her opinion in quotes:
    "I wanted to emphasize that you do not need to obtain the H visa as long as you have an unexpired Advance Parole document to use instead. To clarify, you are then entering in parolee status but in later filing an H extension or change of employer petition, DHS will terminate the grant of parole and admit you back into H classification. Additionally, if you enter on the advance parole and work consistent with the terms of your underlying current H petition, you are not violating your status nor do you need a separate EAD work card."

    I hope this helps.

    greenlight: Thank you indeed to share such useful information with rest of us.

    As your lawyer used the words "change of employer petition", it seems that one can use AP to travel and still after coming back he/she can file for either extension, amendment or transfer. This answers the main concern that I started this thread for.

    Also, on other threads I read that its possible to file H1 amendement even if your H1 is still valid. This is one way to come back to H1 status and get a New I-94 card.

    Some one also mentioned that if you have a valid I-797 extenstion approval notice and if you show that at POE to IO, he/she may issue an I-94 till expiry of I-797 (3 years) instead of AP (1 year).

    I would appreciate input from others who have some knowledge or experience of above situations.

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  • dleekha
    11-03 08:34 PM
    i got rfe for 140 asking for proof for ability to they have asked for is a tax return which i have got from the empliyer.the other is an audited financial statement for 2007..i understand that u need a cpa for it.anyone knows if just plain financial docs will do or do they have ot be audited.has anyone got it done?any idea about the costs?

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  • reno_john
    10-02 02:23 PM
    GCTEST I dont know who you are but I can tell one thing about you. :rolleyes:

    :DU R A SELFISH B*****D.:D


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  • santb1975
    06-02 12:07 PM
    Please make your calls. This is for everyone. Please take the poll after you called. Thx

    Since all the reps are from California, Is this only for California members?

    If not, let me know and I will get on the horn as soon as I can (probably not possible today, maybe tomorrow).

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  • viva
    02-05 05:57 PM
    I know you are not threatening to leave. But eventually some one will. It always happens when one or other item is included or excluded from agenda.

    Anyways, this isnt about looking weak or strong against anti-immigrants. That is really not the issue here.

    Its about how much we can have in our list of items. There is only so much anyone can do. Forget about us, even bigger organizations have priorities in order. Immigration Voice also has to have a priority. We cannot talk to anyone about fixing the H4 issues before the issues of retrogression are talked about. And we cannot talk about ALL OF THEM because there is room for only so much to talk about. There is a limit on everything. Limit on how much funds we have, limit on how much political capital does our lobbyist spend on our organization with lawmakers, limit on how much leverage the lawmaker uses to sponsor an amendment for us. No one has unlimited capacity to get things achieved. So in that sense, H4 issues really cannot be on the list. And as far as "nothing is happening, let's get temporary relief and let's not fight for more numbers" idea is concerned, we are already doing that by trying to get 485 filing provision done in next few days as a temporary relief. Now tell me, how is that not tied to H4s. EVERY SINGLE ITEM on our goals benefits H4 spouses indirectly. Including the short term goals of IV.

    Logic - Do not get disheartened!!!!! IV will thrive.. Quality in membership is better than quantity.


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  • anzerraja
    07-20 09:38 AM
    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing the administrative costs of IV.

    Could you please pledge an amount ?

    [QUOTE=eagerr2i]As Pappu mentioned, the $ 64,000 figure is not a typo. That indeed is the money that was spent by him individually. Logiclife and others made trips to DC,air travel, hotel etc.. does add up real fast. QUOTE]

    This is amazing and hats off to you guys.

    I am sure lots of people reading these kind of unbelievable recounts here and in the other threads have started contributing (including me). Are you guys getting any kind of numbers back from paypal, on what is the kind of spike that you are seeing in terms of # of people contributing in the last few weeks?

    Has it gone up from say, 100 to 1000? or has the new IV crowd been apathetic so far? A feedback from the core will indicate on what kind of response we have been getting.

    GO IV..


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  • kc_p21
    12-06 09:17 PM
    We should send at least 100 emails via to Mr. Obama's team on Legal Immigration.

    Please urge new administration to support three bills by Joe Lofgren: HR 5882, HR 5921 & HR 6039 . This will be very helpful.

    1. log on to, create your profile (use a legal email addresss)

    2. go to

    input "legal immigration" and hit search questions and vote for all legal immigration questions

    3. You can also post your own question


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  • Dalai Lama
    02-06 02:22 PM
    India, sorry for missing that in the earlier post.

    I think all countries other then India and china are already current for EB2.

    For India EB2 2005.....I say 20 to 30 years...

    dalai lama from tibbet

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  • vxg
    09-15 04:14 PM
    Dear Friends,
    If you are greened since Sept 1 - please vote and let all rest of our community know what worked for you or what did you do "special" to revive your case and get the much awaited approval this September.

    This will give idea to other members to use the means to do the same and get the peace of mind you are experiencing.



    What really worked for is the following:
    1. several calls to TSC and one IO in TSC initiated a request for case to be assigned to an IO.
    2. The nicest IO i ever met at an INFOPASS at Memphis office. She is the one who really got it done for me as she spoke to TSC IO and insisted my case to be assigned. She also wrote email to TSC asking that case should be assigned as dates are current. There was a problem in Biometrics upload and she got is fixed too.
    3. My congressman also called TSC but by the time the Memphis IOs email and call had me approved already.


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  • Macaca
    02-15 05:32 PM
    Reid Schedules Vote On House's Iraq Resolution (

    Senate Democratic leaders abruptly switched course in the Iraq war debate today, shelving a complicated non-binding resolution that has run into procedural hurdles, in favor of a House version that simply states Congress's objections to President Bush's troop escalation plan.

    Moral of report: Politics 101

    1. Things can change abruptly.

    2. Some things will not pass as much as you want it.

    3. If some thing is not passing, try to salvage as much as you can.

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  • Bradman
    11-05 08:50 AM
    Write to Mr. Bush (no kidding). They will send an inquiry to FBI and you will get something from FBI NNCP (name check division). If that does not help, file a lawsuit against USCIS/FBI. Or you can file a lawsuit first and then write a letter to save some time. The lawsuit will get things moving. The do-it-yourself guide is located here:

    It worked man !!!

    Gotta the Card production mail this morning after writing to the presidents office

    Thanks a ton for your valuable advise !!!


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  • gc28262
    03-10 07:17 PM
    This data is ambiguous from the USCIS. It very well could represent pending 140 petitions, in which case all the euphoria would turn to shock. We must try to get clarification about this before anything else.
    One of the tables there mentions the NIW, that is determined at the 140 level, after that a 485 is a 485 and it goes into the EB2 queue. So when they list that in the breakdown, I suspect if they may be referring to 140s here. Additionally they list either no NIW140 or NIW-based 485s from the NSC. If they are referring to NIW based 485s, this is incorrect, since I am one of those with an approved NIW and pending 485 at the NSC. There are others like me on IV physician forum.
    So lets try to get more information about this response. This data does not give the whole story. In a worst case scenario it is indeed pending 140s they have given.

    The best strategy is to prepare a request that will get all the details and route it through different senators.

    Multiple members from different geographical area should route the same request through their senators.

    If the query result from all these senators doesn't match, we will know USCIS didn't give the proper info.

    In that case we can follow up with senators for the real data.

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  • madhu345
    05-24 09:25 PM

    Can we lobby to add an ammendum to pay huge penalities($50K) when all the current GC holders apply for Citizenships.



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  • black_logs
    04-18 07:48 AM
    We are languishing close to 85K. It is very important that we reach 150K very soon. There are some big decisions pending because of that.
    Does anyone know how close are we in achieving this target, did we atleast cross 100k?

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  • greencard_fever
    10-29 07:25 AM
    Thanks greencard_fever.

    I have emailed the sample letter to everyone. Please send me a message again if you did not get it. Good luck!

    Hi caliguy..i did not receive any message from can you send me the letter format.



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  • maniac
    11-21 10:04 PM
    I found out today my case is pending NC. I believe it has been pending for 6 months now.

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  • wikipedia_fan
    03-30 02:40 PM
    Forum Gurus - I got a denial letter on my 485. I am a July 2007 filer and applied for AOS in July 2007. My 140 was revoked by ex employer in August 2008 and immediately I got a NOID from USCIS and responded to it in a timely manner and my case processing resumed.

    But now, I got a denial stating that my 140 has been revoked in August 2008 and thats why my 485 is denied. My Attorney is filing for MTR and says it is a mistake on their side and will be resolved through MTR.

    It just baffles me that the person who sent the denial letter never looked into the system to see my case trail and blindly issued the denial notice. My Attorney says, it is very much possible that they do not look at RFEs or responses - they just issue denials when they browse through the 140s.

    I am EB2 India with a priority date of March 2006. I think some kind of pre assessment is going on. There are no LUDs and mine is at the TSC.

    Is there anyone else in the same boat? How long does it take for MTR to get processed?

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  • nag2007
    06-12 05:19 PM
    Thats irony, people with 2004 PD got their GC last year when 2001 is still waiting.

    Thats true. In my case PD March 2005. Waiting for a chance to file my I-485 but whoeever has PD 2005,2006,2007 all have their EADS.

    06-13 07:18 PM
    Shishya, I am in the same exact boat as you are. No information in hand bro. Waiting for someone to shed light on this. Will talk to the attorney tomorrow morning.
    Dude, pls do reply in the thread here (or send PM) with *any* info you may get on this one. Will do the same. GL!

    06-15 12:31 AM
    Thanks guys for all the posts. I guess I have a little ignorant question. If I am married does my wife need to be here for me to file her 485. I am getting court marriage done in July 2007, and hope to file my 485 as soon as I have my marriage certificate, I am sure will be filing in July, but my wife won't be coming to the US till Jan 2008, which is when we have will have the ritualistic wedding. Does she need to be here for any paperwork. She could come on H4, but her parents won't let her stay for long. Does she need medical tests as well from civil surgeon when I file for her? I am hoping she can come in Jan on H4, and then get her EAD along with mine.

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