Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-21 06:23 PM
    You know it might just mean that that the annual quota for I/C is over but the overflow is not a part of any quota. So EB 2 I/C should still see approvals...IMHO dont worry about the memo.

    As per one of the patrons on another thread an IO showed him a memo recieved by USCIS suggesting that all Visa numbers for EB2 India/China were exhausted

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  • arrarrgee
    07-17 09:36 PM
    You guys Rock...

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  • rxk2303
    08-09 05:05 PM
    No, I didn't go out of the country for stamping, coz i was under the impression that my visa was Change of Status from L-1 to H-1. Only now, i could find from the immigration lawyer that i don't have a valid I-94. My employer was napping too, all this while.

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  • Redeye
    07-10 10:54 PM
    dude, you sound viscious. You missed his/her point.

    His/her point is EB catergory does not depend on advanced education as claimed by your earlier post.

    my reply was only meant to highlight what you have been doing on this thread. i do not care who is in which EB category. and i know exactly how people with masters degrees suffer in EB3. however, for you to argue that all category preference should just disappear, is quite ridiculous and i have explained the reasons to you. that does not mean people in EB3 are not suffering or that all those in EB3 are either holding advanced degrees or 3 year bachelor degrees. that stereotyping is in your head alone. certainly not in mine. you never answered any of my questions though. what would be the effect of YOUR solutions? would people like me EVER get a GC?

    please do not unload your frustrations on all of us and derail what should be important.

    iv has one goal- to end retrogression. period. iv's founder belonged to EB3. so do several core members. you have some funny perception that iv is about EB2. so be it. ironical though, because iv is commonly accused of being an entirely EB3 india organization.

    so let me hear how the following things iv has constantly been fighting for, are somehow not helpful for EB3??

    recapture GC
    exempt families
    remove country quotas

    as for STEM exemption, if EB2 clears up, where do you think the GC numbers will go? what should we ask for? exemption for all??? not to mention that would get YOU a GC as quickly as possible and would LEAVE ME OUT. i still call and lobby for STEM exemption. i don't whine and moan on the forum about how it excludes health care professionals. if i have an issue, i work to resolve it- note the iv-physicians chapter in my signature that works to resolve specific issues. i created it and we have had success in reaching lawmakers with our problems.

    anyway, iv is clearly not about a few leaders. the tone on the forums and the discussions are dictated by its members. iv has more EB3 members than any other category. so now ask yourself, WHY does the forum seem to discuss more EB2 issues (at least to you) ??? whose fault would that be if it were true? who needs to take responsibility to highlight their issues?

    you have the option to change your job sir. if you are so frustrated, find a job that is up to your skill levels. you will not hear me on this forum complaining that EB1 should not get preference- hey i contribute as much or more. so why?

    get with it. we fight the battles we think we can win. ANY GC numbers/exemptions will move everyone ahead in the line. what part of that do you not understand?

    and now again. stop this divisive crap. we have more important issues to deal with.


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  • skp07
    03-06 05:31 PM
    I'm in with my $50 contribution

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  • rsdang
    08-28 10:31 AM
    It has emotion, drama, suspense some action and then hopefully a happy ending...

    Jokes apart - Man you had to go through a tough one... Glad that it all worked out...

    Good luck with the rest of the process... there is light at the end of the tunnel...


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  • alok_msh
    03-06 03:10 PM
    Thanks for the efforts

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  • dtekkedil
    07-06 06:42 PM
    Can some one provide me a template that i can send?

    Should briefly cover the actual issue and also the idea of sending flowers.

    Please send me a private message if i missed this in the other threads.


    Hold on... we are still working on the draft. Hopefully we can have one out by the end of the day tomorrow


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  • LeapofFaith
    07-17 08:55 PM
    Thanks everyone for all the support.
    this community is so unique b/c evryone contributes in their way, whether it is financially, emotionally, with information, or their time.
    Best regards everyone!

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  • vdlrao
    03-08 11:03 PM
    Needed $325 more to reach $5,000. Please update how to pay.


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  • amits
    03-06 11:20 AM
    I pledge $50 for this effort.

    This data will be very useful in making a solid case for fixing EB GC issues.
    With this data, our claim will be supplemented and supported by the figures. Which is going to be really helpful for our cause.

    Come on folks, this is very important..
    Everyone is going through a hard time, but this expense of $25 is simply too important to ignore.

    We can do it...

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  • qtoask
    07-06 03:39 PM
    can you please promote this Flower show... because 113 people are waiting you to endorse it...

    see Poll: Flowers

    thanks for all the efforts...


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  • santb1975
    11-17 09:33 PM

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  • ragz4u
    05-17 11:50 AM
    We have a very good opportunity to get our stories delivered to the powers that be by Hi-tech industry CEOs. They are looking for a story for the same

    As per their email,

    The most compelling story would be someone who was working in the U.S., who had made significant contributions in research, intellectual property creation, or who had started a company (or had plans to) and then was forced to leave. If they had then gone elsewhere and started a company, applied for a patent, etc., this would be most compelling to policymakers who still naively believe that highly-skilled foreign nationals take American jobs instead of creating them.

    The person whose story we use could remain anonymous or be attributed, according to their preference.

    I know a lot of you have sent us stories but if someone feels that their story fits the criteria, please email me urgently at

    Please note, you can remain anonymous here.


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  • ash0210
    12-19 10:31 AM
    I sent the info thru check from your end where it went wrong..

    system is working. I sent you a PM

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  • Munna Bhai
    07-20 05:39 PM
    this is my first post...
    I've seen most of you guys are indians, I admire you for being so organized and brave, and also for getting skilled enough to be sucessfull anywhere.
    I'm not in the IT business, I'm not indian, I don't have special skills nor advanced dregrees. I'm just a regular guy who has worked all his life to achieve what he got. Since my degree is a 3 years old, I did not qualify foe EB2 even being in a managerial position for over 10 years.
    I was waiting for the opportunity to file my family's I485 and then my company was bought and I was laid off on jun 14th.
    I've been 6 years in this country, I have 2 american born kids, I've paid a lot of taxes, I have a house mortgage, a car loan...
    Now I'm out of status and worst of all, everything on the GC process is lost.

    I don't think it's fair, I've never done anything illegal, but I'm not ready to leave the country. I need to sell my property, don't know what to do with the car, my wife is on her MBA thesis, I just can't leave.

    I'm telling all this not because I want you to feel sorry, but to create awareness that it's NOT on your hands being legal or illegal. You're in others hands: your employer, USCIS, the adjudicator officer.

    So don't judge others just because you have been lucky enough to maintain your status...

    Good luck to you all in your I-485s

    VZLAN, Ah! I can't return to my country since I am Venezuelan, and I don't plan to raise my kids under communism.

    If I-140 is approved you can jump to another job. why dont you try that.


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  • maximus777
    08-12 04:49 PM
    As far as USCIS is concerned, your fate/destiny/karma takes precedence over all dates :D

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  • maximus777
    08-12 04:49 PM
    As far as USCIS is concerned, your fate/destiny/karma takes precedence over all dates :D

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  • jsb
    08-18 12:56 PM
    So you got GC when your PD wasnt current?

    Perhaps visa number was already assigned when it was available, but I was advised later.

    08-13 10:37 AM
    As I read the thread above on the perennial point of contention PD or RD or ND.

    My question to the forum is how can TSC (My case was filed at TSC) sent an RFE if the case is not opened....I received an RFE in Nov of 485 RD was July 23rd 2007 and ND was Sept 5 th 2007.

    The RFE was responded I was surely out of the ND window last year and technically an IO shouldn't have opened my file...but apparently he did...

    Since I was contacting my local congressman and Senators...I got this feedback that my case is pre-adjudicated but waiting to have a visa number available....but I don't know who to trust...I am just not very hopeful and if 485 ND is the date they go by I have no chance and will miss this opportunity too.

    Published dates are approximate dates for a ball park idea on where cases are for minimizing phone calls. If published date is Sep 8, 2007. It could have a very wide window of reality between (i) someone has looked at least one case of this date, or (ii) All cases upto this date have been seen. Further, your contacting congressman and Senators might have triggered action on your case. In a paper dealing world, there are no precise answers. Published dates are based on manual feedback by dozens of IO's at each center.

    07-17 10:43 PM
    Today I got to know about this site and the great job 12 Indians are accomplishing. Kudos to you all....GREAT WORK! JAI HIND!!!

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