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  • indiadivided
    02-14 10:22 AM
    Before giving an analogy, think twice.

    If black hats were around during the Indian independence movement, here's how it would have been:

    In 1930's
    Black hat: "What the hell, Gandhi! What good did salt satyagraha do? Where are the results? What did you achieve in the last 15 years? Change the leadership."

    In 1940's:
    Black hat: "Yeah. I continue to do nothing. But you suck."

    In 1942:
    Black hat: "Quit India movement! What a stupid waste of time. Gandhi, you should do a cultural show and raise some money."

    Ok. Ideas seem to be always welcome at IV. But crassly worded trashing of volunteer leaders rankles a lot of us.

    I won't be reading that silly sounding de bono hat book you suggest. But I might go to a cultural show by that other Bono and help him raise some money.

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  • When485
    04-01 09:05 PM
    All our I485 applications had a soft LUD of today. Recently I applied EAD for my son and it got approved within 15 days. One of my friends got LUD and later (after 2 days) a Hard LUD that they sent an RFE. Our SC is Nebraska. some of my friends also had got Soft LUD 2 weeks before but no change inside... Not sure what is awaiting us. Hopefully its all pre-adjudication. Any insights will be highly appreciated.


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  • coopheal
    07-18 09:28 AM
    ...Frankly, all I can do is register my disappointment at both your response and your attitude.While I get it that IV is actively involved in doing things over the years aimed at resolving this issue, I might feel that I could respect and maybe even understand these efforts better if IV kept its website up to date and all members who sign in updated on what's happening.

    Donor forums is not to close the doors. While many non-donor members are stilling in search of excuses for not contributing donor forum is providing open vast potential for collaboration within serious people for serious cause of getting GC.

    There is no need for getting disappointed... start contributing for your own good. Once you are in donor forum you will get up to date information.

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  • yabadaba
    07-18 09:33 AM

    Date Delivered To USCIS: July 2
    Time Delivered To USCIS: 7.55 AM
    Service Center: NSC
    Rejected: Dont Know


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  • pansworld
    12-02 01:01 AM
    I do not intend to question IV and its members who are pretty diligent about things, are entirely trustworthy and neither have they given us any reason to think otherwise. IMHO the monthly thing does not work. Some people cannot afford monthly payments due to other commitments (some are less fortunate than others). They may opt for one time payments rather than monthly payments.

    I think what we need is target oriented funding drives. For example:

    What are the objectives for the lobbying effort this year and consequently how much money do we need for lobbying efforts? $100,000, $200,000 or $500,000

    By putting collection targets up front we can direct our energies towards that target. I know that every cent counts and every dollar will be beneficial. But if we don't know and don't communicate what our target is we can never focus on the goal. A monetary target for a clear objective is something many people can relate to and a one time payment is more attractive than monthly payments.


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  • vine93
    09-17 11:59 AM
    Which Link you guys following

    CSPAN Mr. Hoyer speaking

    CSPAN2 Idle

    CSPAN3 Mrs. Bair speaking


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  • roseball
    03-29 10:34 AM
    @hpandey thanks for standing by me, and more so i will not bow down even if INS were tracking me down , what have i got to lose, its the time for the consultants to lose his business and his money, and i will not stop here as i said , i will make sure google search on him always opens the blacklist page before his company website.

    @fide-champ i have tried options that could be open to me till the brink and believe u me if they were there i would be the first to grab it, i have tried attorneys, i have tried references, i have tried many options , given 15 interviews of companies and sat on that interview table from 9 to 5:30 PM , but only after realizing that it wasnt going anywhere and i had blown my dough i realized , its better that i leave.

    @Robert Kumar yeah ofcourse, even if they were to what could possibly go wrong more than what it is right now, not afraid buddy not at all

    If a company is willing to hire you for an available position, they can still hire you and file a I-129 with consular processing option, just like your current H1. Once thats approved, you will have to appear for a VISA interview again in your home country (at the consulate mentioned on your application). Whether you will be given a VISA or not will depend on the documentary evidence submitted and your H1 history. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your current H1 saga which will definitely raise some flags on your current company at the Consular post as well but unfortunately could have negative impact on all current genuine employees at the company, if your current employer is found guilty. You can claim ignorance, but there is a chance that you could be banned as well for VISA fraud (paying for H1).

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  • JazzByTheBay
    07-17 10:08 PM
    Let's pick up where we left off before this July 2 visa bulletin debacle (and the resulting struggle). Though the whole fiasco did get us our first taste of success, imho, and as such isn't insignificant by any measure.


    we seized on an opportunity and won a battle.
    the war is still to be one.
    there is no way this over. we will fight till retrogression ends.


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  • sledge_hammer
    04-19 02:43 PM
    I work for a small growing company that is reporting losses for the last 2-3 years, but I still got my PERM and I-140 approved based on the fact that the company's asset value is way more than my salary.

    Hi Folks,

    I hope you could share your experiences if you belong to the same situation.

    I have an approved EB2 labor cert thru PERM, and I belong to ROW. I am now preparing to file I-140 and I-485 concurrently.

    I just saw my petitioner's(S-corporation) federal tax return. Gross revenue is $700,000; Net income is $20,000 which is only a quarter of my current wage. The offered wage per my labor cert is $80,000.

    Do I have a big chance of denial in the I-140 stage due to employer's inability to pay? Please advise.


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  • snathan
    04-19 11:12 AM
    but please do let us know once you talk to a lawyer and get it evaluated.


    Hi Sheila,

    Do you have any website ?


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  • Karthikthiru
    07-11 08:24 PM
    Any new updates for this thread


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  • fide_champ
    12-13 11:36 PM
    Could you please let me know when was your visa appointment and how many days it took before you got your passport. Mine was 6th Dec and no update from consulate yet.

    It took 7 working days for me to get the passport back. My wife also applied for H1B and it took only 2 days for her. I think it differs by case and how complicated your situation is. The reports in murthy said they should have every information after 2004 in PIMS database. Any query for the record before 2004 may not be present and it takes a couple of days atleast to update the database if a query is made. It's better if you have atleast 10 days time after the visa interview.

    The officer questioned me about my employer in US during the year 1999-2000. So it is entirely possible that they may check your old H1s/L1s etc., So plan accordingly to avoid any further grief.


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  • ajs4123
    10-24 11:07 AM
    I also got email from CRIS last night stating that my I-129 has been reopened.

    I have a very simple immigration history:

    I-129 filed and approved April 2005, petition expires 3/30/2008; only ever worked for this same company.

    No H-1B extensions ever filed, no H-1B transfers ever done, no previous history of US immigration prior to April 2005.

    Labor, I-140 and I-485 were filed November 2006; I-140 approved February 2007, I-485 approved June 2007, EB2 green card arrived June 2007.

    There was a LUD on the I-140, in August, but that was about the same time as a bunch of other people got LUDs on cases starting SRC07... seems like I can disregard that.

    There was also a LUD on the I-129 without a status change later in August. No explanation for that was apparent.

    And now I get a notice on 10/23/2007 saying that the I-129 has been re-opened and that something will happen within the next 30 days. I'll be sure to keep you all updated if I get anything like an actual I-797 notice through the mail.

    Did anyone else get anything on October 23rd?

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  • kaisersose
    03-13 10:48 AM
    I might be wrong, but I think EB2 India came only uptil April 2004.

    And the next month (July) EB2 India became current. That is when visa numbers were issued to already pcoessed Sep 2004 cases and approved.


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  • nixstor
    10-02 11:24 PM

    Please refrain from fighting on EB3 and EB2 issue. We all know how difficult retrogression has been to every one here. As some one has already said, If interfiling was so easy and every one was fortunate enough to file another Labor/140, EB-2 would have been in 2002 or along with EB-3. AFAIK, Interfiling is some thing the law allows and as long as one does what the system allows and is not gaming the system, its perfectly fine. Don't rub salt on others wounds. Do what you can to improve the system. IMO, the backward movement was a knee jerk reaction to the false demand, shown by USCIS with a huge movement in PD. As you may know, this is purely demand and supply based DOS will move dates forward as soon as they realize that there is not much demand. DOS keeps track of all visa number requests and approvals based on PD's. The problem is DOS just does not know how many applications are pending per country per category to stop the back and forth movement of dates and make the date movement strictly forward. DOS clearly made this a requirement in OCT 08 bulletin and lets see what happens in the next few months. 2nd Q will be key as the over flow will start to trickle based on demand in EB-1+EB-4+EB-5

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  • tonyHK12
    04-20 06:41 PM
    a special "Debate thread" (not fight :) ) where anything goes is probably not a bad idea at this point. where certain members who want to debate can be granted access

    The constant hijacking of every thread is getting tiresome. :(

    Its only the instigators and flamers, who would want that thread. Personal attacks should be banned on threads. Most people are happy just debating.

    The person initiating or using provocation for a personal attack should be banned after a couple of warnings. The victim has no such restrictions and is allowed to retaliate as much as he wants.


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  • pointlesswait
    06-11 09:29 AM
    Dude, sorry to hear abt that!

    a friend of mine was involved in a rolling bumper car accident ... the lady comes back year and a half later and files a case aganist him..his insurance lawyers fought the case for him.... they won..

    The question fast was the car on impact...check with your iinsurance lawyers they may be able to assist you...

    dont even think of running away..they issue arrest warrants for traffic ticket violations urs is a little serious..;)
    -take it easy..

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  • obviously
    07-17 10:09 PM
    The entire July fiasco and fix is nothing but a GRAND DISTRACTION.

    Let us go back to the June bulletin. The numbers became current and leaped by many months JUST AS the Immigration Bill was being debated. This resulted in the EB folks feeling temporarily elated and quite distracted with delusion.

    Then, comes the July bulletin. Making ALL numbers available made everyone ecstastic and completely distracted. This just as the debate was winding down.

    Again, two key 'relief points' that magically appeared just when the legal workers' needs could have been further highlighted. Net effect, the relative pain and position was REDUCED, so it appears that the problem was being fixed and hence not that urgent.

    Next, comes the EB bulletin fiasco. This completely derailed the community. The fix and elation in the past few hours has resulted in all celebrating a pyrrhic victory that will completely derail the discussion on EB issues.

    Like ripples in a pond, the net effect of these events has led to a complete refocus of priorities such that even temporary fixes are being toasted and celebrated.

    I am not suggesting that there is no silver lining in these clouds. The flower campaign, rallies etc have all been positive moves.

    Instead of celebrating ad nauseum and thanking each other and wondering how to send thank you notes... let us FOCUS ON THE REAL PAIN POINTS and PRIORITIES ... the end goal is a predictable system and process for Green Cards.

    Any interim relief, while truly and deeply appreciated, cannot be sold as the end product in order to buy our collective silence.

    I request the IV Core and others to please continue to highlight the need to get EB Green Card processing professionalized and predictable, in order to ensure that the respect for the law is reciprocated in equal measure.

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  • hopelessGC
    04-15 02:31 PM
    My Application is also in Texas. I got a Soft LUD too... Seems like they are also preadjudicating

    If I don't get an RFE following this LUD, then I will have more confidence switching to EAD when my H1-B expires in September.

    02-20 02:47 PM
    Note: Sen Domenici is one of the original cosponsors of the PACE Act. Consequently, some of the provisions are similar.

    Domenici Unveils U.S. Immigration Reform Bill
    from the Office of Senator Pete V. Domenici

    Friday, February 17, 2006

    WASHINGTON � U.S. Senator Pete Domenici today introduced legislation to reform U.S. immigration laws, recommending a strategy for dealing with millions of illegal workers in the United States and improving guest worker guidelines.

    Domenici today offered the Welcoming Immigrants to a Secure Homeland (WISH) Act of 2006. The comprehensive measure is the second major border/immigration bill offered by Domenici, who believes in a two-step reform approach�secure America�s borders and reform immigration issues. In November, he introduced the Border Security and Modernization Act (S.2049) to address border security issues.

    �As a border state Senator and the son of immigrants, I have a unique perspective on immigration. I understand the need to provide a secure homeland for my constituents who see the problems caused by illegal entries into our country every day. I also understand the need to welcome immigrants to our country, so that America remains a country where hard-working, entrepreneurial, and intelligent immigrants can prosper,� Domenici said.

    The WISH Act would authorize a series of reforms to U.S. immigration laws including:

    � Improving immigration law enforcement

    � Creating a new guest worker visa

    � Establishing a process for illegal immigrants in the U.S. to gain legal guest worker status

    � Improving foreign student, highly-skilled worker and visitor regulations

    �The time is right to fix our immigration laws, which are not working properly,� Domenici said. �My bill strikes a sensible and realistic balance between cracking down on illegal immigration while encouraging legal immigration. Slamming the door on immigration or unilaterally deporting millions of illegals already in the country is just unrealistic.�

    Domenici said he will encourage the Senate Judiciary Committee to carefully consider his WISH Act and S.2049 as it readies comprehensive border security and immigration legislation for consideration in early March.

    Domenici�s bill would increase the number of Department of Homeland Security personnel to investigate human smuggling, employment of illegal immigrants, and immigration fraud. The bill would also increases penalties for violations, as well as provides a system for verifying worker employment eligibility.

    The bill would create a guest worker visa for up to three 3-year periods (9 years total) for immigrants to gain legal entry into the Unites States, and potentially apply for permanent resident status. The bill would allow 500,000 such visas the first year, with subsequent visas increased based on market need.

    The measure establishes a program to allow illegal immigrants now in the United States�estimated at up to 12 million people�to apply for legal guest worker status. This proposal entails paying a fine and obtaining a legal guest worker visa.

    The bill would clarify the limitations and restrictions placed on student visas after 9/11 in order to allow high-tech foreign workers and full-time foreign college students to study, work and travel in the United States. It would also establish a means for foreign students who graduate with honors to be allowed to work in the United States.

    The following is a summary of the major provisions of the WISH Act:


    ? Requires DHS to add new investigators and enforcement agents to curb human smuggling, hiring illegal aliens and immigration fraud, and add more personnel to process student visa applications.

    ? Increases penalties for aliens working illegally and employers who hire illegal aliens.

    ? Requires social security cards to be machine-readable and tamper resistant.

    ? Provides for employer participation in a system to verify the employment eligibility of aliens and to track aliens� employment.


    ? Creates a guest worker visa for aliens to legally come to the United States with their immediate family, work, and travel for up to three 3-year periods. The alien must undergo a medical exam and background check to qualify, and must remain employed to stay in the United States. These guest workers would be allowed to begin paperwork for a change of status to permanent resident after they have been in the United States for 6 years under this visa; if they do not apply for a change of status, they must return to their home country upon expiration of the visa for at least 3 years. Failure to depart upon visa expiration would mean that the alien would be ineligible for any immigration benefit except asylum for 10 years. There would be 500,000 visas that could be issued in the first year under this section; this number could be increased in later years based on market need.


    ? Creates a program to allow aliens who are illegally in the United States to obtain the above-referenced visa without leaving the United States. The alien would have to pay a fine for being in the United States illegally and go thru the same application process as aliens applying for the visa legally. These aliens would have to apply for this visa within three years of enactment of the WISH Act. If an illegal alien fails to apply for the visa and remains in the United States illegally, he would be removed and not allowed to apply for any immigration benefit except asylum. After being in the United States 5 years under this visa, any alien who had been in the United States for 5 years prior to the date of enactment of the WISH Act would be eligible to apply for a different visa (but not permanent resident status), but such a visa would not be issued until the alien left the country and reentered thru legal channels. If no new visa is acquired for such aliens, and for all undocumented aliens who have been in the United States less that 5 years before enactment of the WISH Act, when the initial visa expires (after up to 9 years, assuming the alien renews the visa and remains employed), the alien would be required to leave the United States for at least 3 years. Failure to depart when the visa expires would make the alien ineligible for any immigration benefit except asylum for 10 years.


    ? Removes the cap for H-1B visas for college and non-profit professionals and the world-wide numerical limits for visas issued to aliens who have earned an advanced degree in science, technology, engineering, or math in the United States.

    ? Allows full-time foreign college and graduate students to work part-time while studying in the United States.

    ? Allows foreign students who graduate from a U.S. college with honors and who have a job offer in the United States to transition from a student visa to a work visa without leaving the country.

    ? Allows foreign students to travel outside of the United States to attend a seminar that is related to the student�s chosen field of study.

    ? Allows guests who are in the United States temporarily on a B-1 (business) or B-2 (traveler) visa to travel no less than 100 miles from the international border during their trip.

    03-13 11:55 AM
    That is correct, 9 months and then I will return to my country for good.
    I am waiting for the day when we get the GC , we will tear it into pieces and throw in front of consulate.

    yeah right..;-)

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