Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • Immi_Chant
    01-30 07:24 PM
    Done. Its question # 78 as on 4.37 PM PST.

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  • Macaca
    11-19 12:41 PM
    In War on the Middle Class (http://www.amazon.com/War-Middle-Class-Government-Business/dp/0670037923) Lou Dobbs says H1B workers don't pay taxes.

    However, H-1B workers are legally required to pay the same taxes as any other US resident, including Social Security and Medicare. Some H-1B workers are not eligible to receive any Social Security or Medicare benefits unless they are able to adjust status to that of permanent resident. However, if their country of citizenship has a tax agreement with the United States, they are able to collect the Social Security they've earned even if they don't gain permanent residency.

    In some cases, H-1B workers pay higher taxes than a US citizen because they are not entitled to certain deductions (eg. head of household deduction amongst many others).

    Indian techie slams CNN Lou Dobbs! (http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/10-28a-04.asp) By N. Sivakumar, October 28, 2004

    In a book titled "Dude, did I steal your job? Debugging Indian Computer programmers", the author, an Indian software engineer, has slammed Lou Dobbs of CNN for calling the foreign high-tech workers as non-tax payers, and humiliating the enormous contributions of foreign high-tech workforce to the American economy.

    "Foreign high-tech workers who come here on H-1B / L1 visas pay every tax that U.S. citizens do, including Social Security and Medicare. But if they return to their homeland, then they will not get any benefits from these programs. The recent recession cost the United States more than half a million foreign high-tech workers who had to return home after paying all these taxes. In fact, Americans owe them money"

    The author writes.

    "The ignorance to mention the stupendous contributions of immigrant high-tech workers was the primary cause for the anti-Indian atmosphere which is seen among computer professionals lately. Unfortunately, neither the media nor the public understand the foreign high-tech workforce. The net result: those who supported the foreign high-tech worker programs have taken a back seat to play safe, and Indians and others who came here on visas, and worked their butts off to make this country prosper are named 'slaves', 'dummies', and 'enemies'. writes the author, N.Sivakumar.

    The book also claims that bringing in foreign high-tech workforce at the right time was the primary reason for America's stupendous high-tech success, and gives statistics and evidence to prove that hadn't America acted quickly, the Europeans would have taken over the software dominance.

    The book also outlines the life, struggle and achievements of Indian programmers in America with entertaining facts, and is a prime discussion topic in many anti-outsourcing and immigration websites lately.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-16 12:00 PM
    i dont know why we are debating this...... just do it if you want, and if you dont want to then dont. simple as that.

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  • gccovet
    06-13 10:21 AM
    I believe that there is a great flaw in the way the USCIS allocates VISA NUMBERS among EB1, EB2 and EB3 which is very much evident and if we can stand united we can get something done.

    After carefully observing the trend in VISA approval and VISA bulletins, It is a reality that EB3-I is not moving and at the same time EB2 and EB1 are moving fast in relative terms and probably may even become current ( EB1 is already current ), But one thing USCIS is clearly not considering is the Priority Date, which basically means that they are not giving a damn thing about how long the person from EB3-I is waiting for. Here is my suggestion and some of the IV representatives need to analyse what Iam gonna say and see if they can stand up. Being an EB3-I india myself, i totally agree that EB1 and EB2 should be given a weightage and some preference over EB3, but I dont agree to what USCIS is currently following, EB2 With priority 2006 getting ahead of EB3-I with priority date 2001. This is ridiculous and to even think about it, it just sounds stupid. What they can do is , They can move the Dates in both Categories while giving preference to EB1 and EB2 first.

    Please dont jump up & down before i complete. Iam just giving you an example of how things should work and how they can move dates forward for all 3 categories while maintaining that EB1 and EB2 gets preference over EB3. Let us ignore Eb1, since it is already current. Now Coming to Eb2, the priority Date is 2004 for them.Ideally speaking, They should not move them ahead until atleast EB3 reaches 2004. But once Both EB2 and EB3 reaches the priority date of 2004, Obviously EB2 gets the preference over Eb3 and EB2 will start to move ahead but not by much, let us say 1 year. Now, Clearly, EB2 is still given the extra preference over EB3 but at the same time, we are maintaining the priority dates between EB2 and EB3 as close as possible so that the system is not totally unfair to EB3 filers. I think, as one of the un-biased Organisation we should stand up against this unfair treatment in general. I hope even EB-2 will understand what iam trying to say.

    let me know if iam making any sense. If am wrong, also let me know. So that i can get a better understanding of things and correct myself.

    I can understand your feelings.
    As of now, the only solution is to support IV to push for getting wasted numbers back and removing per country quota.


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  • DSLStart
    03-30 09:58 PM
    unitednations, you making this statement makes me scared. :eek:
    Shouldn't they release some memo or something before making a drastic change like this???

    Don't know if this is a new procedure that they are following the main law where a valied 140 is needed the whole time.

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  • BrightSpark
    06-22 07:45 PM
    I wanted to win too!

    *pokes mlk in the eye then kicks him in the *** and runs away shouting .. i win, i win!*


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  • diptam
    08-25 12:07 PM
    a) Most banks have wiring fee ( $45)

    b) You must fill up a wire application every time.

    c) The bank which waived Wire Fee (suppose BOA ) sometimes convert $$ to Foreign currency right here at US,there by drastically reducing the Exchange Rate (once again they are private banks - we can't dictate their exchange rates)

    I joked with the BOA manager when he was trying to rip me off that way and asked him frankly whats the workaround - he told me to do a domestic USD wire to SBI-NY and instruct them to carry USD all the way to Foreign country (via International Wire) and then convert using SBI-India exchange rate which is fantastic.

    Who will do all that or lose money? These are the days for ONLINE-ACH man - Free transfer by mouse !

    Why don't you all just wire the money?
    Some banks waive its fees if you have a premium account with them.

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  • chanduv23
    11-14 10:19 AM
    Ha haaa - so Lou meet and greet events ehh. He chose the location because of the auto industry slowness - he can get more followers there.


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  • vsrinir
    09-17 12:28 PM
    we need to watch.

    May be next or next one

    You need to have " SABURI" !!!!!

    When is our Bill coming for vote

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  • anandrajesh
    02-13 04:42 PM
    I realize that there is no point in telling you guys anything. When you don't have an open mind, you can not accept the facts. It's like banging your heads against steel wall. When you are not even ready to diagnose the disease, there is little hope you will be able to cure it. Denial is a beautiful thing.

    So I apologize for my comments.

    Here is something you will love:
    Congratulations IV and the core team! Keep up the good work.

    Show some Courage Dude. Take up a role in your state chapter, go meet the lawmaker, Educate them on the difficulties we face, write to the reporters & highlight our issues. Contact the Core and ask for responsibilities. I am sure the Core would be happy to delegate some of the responsibilities to you.

    Why dont you do all of this, before criticizing everyone who is involved in the noble effort?


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  • VivekAhuja
    06-12 03:26 PM
    Not true...

    In the EB base, only 1 GC is counted for all family members. How can it count more than one if it is a derivative of an employment visa? It might count against the Family base even though primary applicant is EB-based. Not the other way around.

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  • VMH_GC
    07-17 12:16 PM
    I don't care when i would get the Green card. what i want is interim relief (AP and EAD). Something is better than Nothing.


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  • zCool
    01-31 11:02 AM
    Those who are celebrating .. consider this.. your employer decides for any reason to not continue filing I-140 or decides to let you go in 6th yr.. earlier you used to have at least possibility of sub labor.. now you are basically straight out of luck.. Also if microsoft needed some genius from China or India to join their team and the guy obviously deserves special consideration due to business need and/or his talent.. they are stuck..! It's not good.. yes desi folks were selling and buying these but remedy is worse than the defect.. they could have made changes to rules to make it stringent and almost impossible to get but no reason to place such arbitraty deadlines etc.. if H1B and GC is geared towards desi consulting.. it's should not and will not exist in the long run..
    Indentured servitude and middle-men agent type business model is not ideal for anyone including US economy..

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  • webm
    02-22 01:32 PM
    I dont think they will stamp like that...If you show only AP they stamp I-94 based on its expiry says AOS pending or If you show only H1-B visa on PP they stamp I-94 based on Visa expire date..

    But showing both at POE doesn't not give any value and also it might confuses IO..



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  • logiclife
    02-22 05:18 PM
    The conventional wisdom, overall, in DC is that when it comes to Legal EB immigration, Republicans are our friends.

    If you are an illegal Democrats are your friends.

    These days, the dems and republicans have joined hands against illegal variety. There hasnt been a litmus test of legal immigration on Dems or Republicans. I dont think S 1932 was any indication on where congress stands on our issue. S 1932 was a budget reconcilation bill and they had bigger fish to fry: Budget reconcilation. In order to garner support from their own party, republican leadership had to drop immigration and other non budget related things from 1932. Tancredo and Smith can only have fun as long as there is tough opposition to any bill. On bills of like PACE having 60 senators and hopefully majority on board, Tancredo, Byrd, Smith and cheerleaders like him may not have bargaining power they had during 1932

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  • sc3
    09-24 12:42 PM
    Well, you did not give your easy example, nothing about affirmative action, nothing about representation or overwhelmed by Indian and Chinese thing, and absolutely nothing about preferential treatment. So in-effect, you totally skipped the entire debate, I guess my trick played well, you are now overwhelmed by Frank Caliendo, just as you are overwhelmed by Indian or Chinese.

    And while you "hinted" that we are all equals, you did not say - if we are all equals, then why should there be PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT for one group of people over others, unless someone is still practicing APARTHEID. Last time I checked, practicing apartheid is a crime in US and it can land you in jail, not sure if you knew that.

    And while you continue to apply for your green card, you are still charging "India" for that because as per you, your country of charge-ability is India, right? If you are actually from India, have you ever heard of Ron Hira. If not, check it out, you will know who he is. You are Ron Hira of country limits, if you know what that means.

    Hope you liked the stand-up comedy this time. Oh Frank is just too good. I mean this guy could make you laugh when actually you should be crying, you know what I mean.

    Sanju, I did not promise to give you any more examples - easy or otherwise. People have made up their minds, and arguments against the stand devolves into character assassination. While I myself dont care about the dots, and seeing that the discussion started off, at least in part, about unscrupulous distribution of dots, I find it very ironic that I am getting insulting words thrown at me. Either these people cant understand irony, or they really are just learned "angootha-chap", or they are addicted to red-doting people (pretty much bringing the prophecy of the original poster true).

    Ron Hira? I dont know much about him, just saw that he wrote a book about outsourcing, am I Ron Hira of per country limits? maybe I am. But, you assumed that I like the per country limits. I hate a lot of things but I live with it. There are lot of things that we hate but are there to help regulate the environment (among others).

    The point I am trying to make is that such an action will not be "fair" to people who are in queue (who rely on the 7% cutoff to get their GCs). If the congress makes changes to the rule, then people will have to live with it (fair or otherwise)... by the way, most rules are not made to be fair to everyone. But the thing is such action will have a negative impact on ROW, and it is a pity that many ROW dont realize it. They seem to blindly following IVs call of action. There is some saying about blind faith that escapes me at the moment, but the bottom line is that blind faith is a dangerous thing.

    So am I escaping form expounding on my thoughts. Yes, and No. I think I have made succinct argument (based on the laws) as to why things are as such, so I dont see the need to argue further.


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  • glen
    04-07 01:39 PM
    Add $100 to 150K.

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  • jayram123
    07-18 11:23 AM
    Let's pick up where we left off before this July 2 visa bulletin debacle (and the resulting struggle). Though the whole fiasco did get us our first taste of success, imho, and as such isn't insignificant by any measure.


    Let us do that. Please!! We can't stop now. We need to fight to fix the broken system. Let's get ideas on what all we would like and suggest to core. I am sure they know already but it helps to know what everyone else is thinking, right?

    1) I would like to get opinion from CORE if we need to support the SKIL bill that is being re-introduced by Senator John Cornyn
    2) Need to have a way to re-capture visa numbers

    What are the other things that we would like

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  • syedajmal
    09-17 04:23 PM
    How do I open a SR. Appreciate any help and specifics.

    02-14 01:41 PM
    There is no leadership problem in core : not a single thing, nada, zitto, zapata. Core has much better info for decision making then any non-core; the decision may be interim relief (I-485 filing, unused visa recapture, ...) or any thing else. My conclusion is based on my readings about immigration issues, our issue, current political situation and core posts. Core has correctly predicted Ag Jobs and Schedule A this month. We are wasting our time by debating this issue. Please educate yourself.

    Core has not misused any contribution money; it is not easy to misuse contributions made to non-profit organization. Once again please educate yourself. Besides, how much contribution money is there? However, I have very serious problems with members when Aman says that he has spent 30-40K of his own money and logiclife says that he has spent his own money on travel : shame on all members who are still sitting on their $20 and debating all other issues.

    I do have some issues with core. Some members are curious about finances and progress reports. It is much better to post such info (decided by core) rather then wasting time when someone asks about. At present, such info has been posted and is the best info available at this time.

    I also have some issues with deleting posts. Based on the contents of deleted posts, I don't think the core has much to hide. Hence, it is better to let these posts exist rather then delete them. Members who agree with these posts should be free to debate. They will not hurt IV. Deleting posts has undermined the credibilty of core.

    IV was founded by some some core and exists only because of their efforts. They have earned the right to make some decisions. Please understand that, everyone makes some mistakes and has some bad days. I request non-core to give then benefit of doubt on side shows and freak shows. We are wasting our time on these issues.

    I have very serious problems with most members. Core is negotiating with a lobbying firm. I understand that QGA was paid 60K.

    1. Where is the money for the lobbying firm?
    2. Whose problem is it to arrange money for the lobbying firm?
    3. How does discussing any issue in the forums help us in arranging money for the lobbying firm?

    So non-core, please don't worry about core. Worry about yourself. You are doing a great dis-service to our cause by debating anything not covered by the folowing.

    1. What are your responsibilties?
    2. What are your results?

    09-17 12:01 PM
    Just for the clarification of some of our friends (corrections are welcome) -
    The current discussion is in the House Judiciary Committee. After this, the major steps for the bill will be to go through the House and Senate for discussions and voting.

    There is still a long way to go, but sure this is an important milestone to pass the Judiciary Committee.

    And it might not even be possible to get it to the House before the Pres elections. But the good thing is it will not have to go through the Judiciary commitee again.

    Just wanted to state it for the benefit of the people who are not aware, as we are not building hopes that it will be all over today or in the next few days.

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