Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • apple
    06-11 03:16 AM
    Hi Gurus,

    I need an advice from you.

    The situation:
    -- Involved in a collision few months back. As I had rear ended the vehicle, as per the investigation, it was found it was my fault(80% mine - 20% others)

    -- Now after more than 18 months, I get a law suit for 3.25 million dollars(. This was served against ppl who were involved. Right now my I have my EAD and AP and maintaining H1 status.

    So what are my options now?

    1. Check with attorney and start defending..?
    2. pack the bags and go back to my country ? If so, will there be any issues in coming back again, say after 3,4 years?
    3. What about my GC?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I guess it would be a biggest decision of my life ..

    PD is Nov 2006.

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  • yabadaba
    11-13 06:36 AM

    BLITZER: We heard Josh Bolten, the White House chief of staff, Senator Specter, say one of the first priorities on the president's legislative calendar with the new Congress will be comprehensive immigration reform, including a guest worker program, and some sort of path toward citizenship for the 12 million or so illegal immigrants in this country right now. You've supported the president on this. Senator Schumer, I believe you've supported the president on this. Is this likely to be the first major piece of new legislation that both parties will work on and get through? Senator Specter, first to you.

    SPECTER: Let's not wait. We're going back into session tomorrow. We've passed a comprehensive bill in the Senate. The House passed one on border control, and border control is indispensable, but it's not the end of the process.

    I have a call in to Chairman Sensenbrenner. He's still the chairman. I'm still the chairman. We'll be in for at least a couple of weeks. Let's get it done now. No reason not to move ahead with guest worker. Conservative Speaker Hastert is for the it. The president is for it.

    We have to deal with the 11 million undocumented immigrants. No amnesty. But we can work it out, and we ought to do it now. If we wait until next year, January will turn into February, and February will turn into March. And it will be midyear at best before anything is done.

    BLITZER: All right, we unfortunately have to leave it right there. Senator Specter, thanks very much. Senator Schumer...

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  • somegchuh
    07-19 06:13 PM
    Hello All,

    I just wanted to start a new thread to discuss career options for those who have been on H1b for 6+ years.
    1. Being on H1 more than 6 years and waiting for GC means you have been stuck in the same job for several years.
    2. You can't start a masters because you are not sure if you will ever be able to complete it
    3. You have kids who are already growing up.
    4. Your wife has been waiting to start working for years now.

    So feel free to discuss anything related to these issues here. Let's exchange ideas and everyone can make informed decisions for long term :)

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  • map_boiler
    07-18 09:17 AM
    Date Delivered To USCIS: July 2
    Time Delivered To USCIS: 7:55 AM
    Service Center: NSC
    Rejected: Don't Know


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  • belmontboy
    07-18 09:33 PM
    The reason why Asia has less is that people from India and China are not eligible to participate in GC lottery.

    So to be fair, they should remove 7% cap per country from EB based.

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  • gcgreen
    08-13 07:45 PM
    What makes you think you qualify for EB1? Is it because you were planning to apply in OR category? or because you wanted to apply in EA category?

    FYI, a fresh PhD has very little chance to make it in EA category, and OR is applicable only for a researcher position.

    It's nice to create a big fuss about your qualifications and how you have been hurt, but at the end of the day, these were choices YOU made (i.e. taking up full-time PhD instead of going to work immediately after school). Also, as someone else said on one of these never ending threads, there is nothing that prevented your future employer applying for GC for a future job for you as soon as you finish PhD :-)

    So, again, if you are so qualified, and happy to live the consequences of your decision, where is the PLIGHT?

    ..."who were qualified for EB2 but applied in EB3. " ...Exactly my point. Technically I am qualified for EB1 but filed as EB2, hence i need to play by the rules governing EB2. Now if i begin lamenting that I am qualified for EB1 which is current and life is unfair since i am in EB2, how much sense would that make? My point is Don't crib if EB3 is retrogressed...use the system and become EB2, port your priority date, which is ofcourse dependent upon finding an EB2 job !!! All of this nonsense .."i pray someone does something for EB3" is going to get no one anywhere !! Fight for comprehensive immigration reform or HR 5882 recapture BUT for god's sake Do not blame the EB2 - India people who have played by the rules and are in a favorable position today relative to EB3 !!

    The lawsuit against PD porting makes sense from an EB2 perspective and they are right to go ahead with it. Porting your PD from EB3 to EB2 makes sense from an EB3 perspective and every EB3 should try to do it before this door closes, if it does.


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  • cal97
    07-19 06:44 PM
    Can you please post the link

    immigrationportal has reported only 2 cases of rejection for july 2nd filer. Their package returned back and received by party(around july 10th), per forum there.

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  • chanduv23
    02-01 01:00 PM
    People finishing residencies and fellowships on j1 visa go through some unscroplous lawyers and agencies and manage to get a waiver job by spending at least 20 to 25K.

    What I want to say is, entire system is like this. Just not consulting companies


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  • Humhongekamyab
    08-25 01:48 PM
    I opened an account with them few years back and had to experience the same crappy service. The funny thing is that they had two phone numbers one for new customers calling to ask them about their services and the other one from existing customers.

    The phone number for the new customers was answered within minutes and the quality of customer service reps was good BUT if you would call the other number if you were an existing customer then you would have to wait for someone to answer the call for hours and the quality of their reps was pathetic. The best part was that if you call the phone number for new cust and tell them you are an existing cust and have an issue then they would tell you too call the other phone number as they do not have access to the info.

    I guess right after my first transaction, I canceled the account. The only way we can teach these people a lesson is by not giving our business to them in the first place.

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  • kevinkris
    08-19 02:11 PM
    As you are no more a desi.. lol..

    Finally I am a US citizen after being 10+ years in this country. This is one of my biggest fulfillments and it means everything to me. US is just not home anymore for me, it is my country.

    I wish everyone the best and hope they get GC very soon.

    Proud to be an indian-american and legal immigrant.

    Good Luck!


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  • patbose
    06-16 01:44 PM
    Just got done calling all the reps. Here's hoping for the best.


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  • rockstart
    06-11 09:46 AM
    Since they will be a party to this along with you it is better you talk to them and make sure they assist you properly. Also was your insurance at that time conforming to state minimum requirements if that is the case then you can breathe easy since you had done everything that law asked you to do so hopefully there is no criminal case against you. Worst if court ask's you to pay financially you can declare bankruptcy and minimize the impact. I am sure that does not affect GC. But rather than forum you need a good attorney to talk to. Make sure who ever you select to talk to about this accident case you arrange a meeting between this lawyer and your immigration lawyer so that both are well aware of situation.


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  • diptam
    08-25 11:18 AM
    You can't do anything to ICICI - they are private banks and the way they have agreements when you send money - they can tweak dates when to actually dump the cash , change exchange rates anytime ( within a reasonable range) to increase their Profit margins. Its just a smart way of doing business and making - i wont call that 'stealing money'

    If you want to be smarter than them jump to online SBI boat , they have the best Online rate and let ICICI know next time that you switched loyalty because they were getting smarted beyond range.


    I used to transfer money earlier by Remit2India (R2i) and sometimes C2i but since then they started making ( or your stealing) more brokerage money out of my hard earned dollars - i switched :cool:

    Let me know how you feel the online SBI - they are always 15-10 p more than ICICI or CITI so at the end of year if you save average $25k you are anyway saving Rs 2.5-3k. Not a big thing but they maintain some ethics about tweaking rates and the exact day they dump the cash to your account - i got about 43.25 when market rate was 43.57 and those smart banks ( or thieves) were doing around 43.07..43.12

    Hope this helps.

    I have sent money using icicibank's M2I service . Usually they take 5 working days to remit the money(atleast 8 days to transfer). I made four transactions last week(mon, tue, wed, thu) and they already remitted the money using low conversion rate.

    It just took less than three days to remit the money this time. Bank deliberately did this just to steal money from me. I have lost more than 35 paise per dollar and it comes close to Rs 10,000. This is ridiculous and its a big robbery.

    How do i get my money back? How do i make a compliant about this bank? They have no one to assist me over the phone.

    What to do now?. Rs 10,000 may look too small for us. But how can we let banks to act like a criminals.

    Any help/suggestion/comment?

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  • GC_newbee
    07-18 09:09 PM
    I agree with all you folks that we should not just be happy and end our fight here after getting EAD etc...

    We should try to push it back to the government as why legal immigrants from india have only 9800 visa every year...its unjust for a country as big as india and havin so many hitech workers....

    On todays 7/18/07 NPR news, a USCIS spokesperson has mentioned that USCIS has made a note of the recent protests by legal immigrants(flowers and rally)....NPR also has mentioned this website also....it is a big achievement for us and we should pursue till the final step...check out the link below.....



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  • seahawks
    02-14 01:20 AM
    We totally believe in the cause, we believe in the hard work all of IV members, core and volunteers do. Ignorant are those who don't see them now and will they ever. Everyone wants quick results, just like fast food. Hats off to all of you who work so selfless and time you guys put in. Keep up the good work.

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  • zeldafreak
    06-03 10:37 AM
    here is my crappy ipod, lol, this is my first battle.


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  • willwin
    03-13 12:12 PM
    That is correct, 9 months and then I will return to my country for good.
    I am waiting for the day when we get the GC , we will tear it into pieces and throw in front of consulate.


    You are absolutely right!

    It is absurd. You need people, so accept labor application and approve it. Then you authenticate the individual by approving I140. Then because this 'number' not being available you let the individual and his/her family in limbo state for 5-6 years.

    The mistake is not on their part; it is on our part. We are so desperate for the GC.

    I would blame all the dirty politicians back home who have not let the country flourish and thus forcing the so called 'smart' people to seek residence else where on earth.

    It is too much for a social animal to go through in 'its' life cycle.

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  • GCBy3000
    04-20 08:48 PM
    I know out of 3000 members, atleast 2500 would be looking at some forums in this site and posting some messages. WHy dont we show some single, double, triple,... up to 5 stars next to the username based on the contributions.

    up to 10$ one star,
    up to 50$ 2 stars,
    up to 100$ 3 starts,
    500 4 stars
    more than 500 5 stars,

    Atleast this will motivate(I should not say this), but will have some effect and will make those guys to contribute.

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  • sledge_hammer
    07-18 12:41 PM
    Was it the first extension (before the completion of 6 years)?

    I got extension for 3 yrs. 140 approved, 485 filed 3 yrs ago

    07-18 03:29 PM
    When I applied for my wife who was on L2, it took 14 days.

    That is one of the fastest EADs I've heard? Pretty good

    07-14 05:27 PM

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