Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • glen
    04-18 08:59 AM
    Come-on members who have not contributed at all. Small donation of $25 or $50 will not hurt your pocket. Only if 2000 members contribute $25/- , it will sum upto 50K.

    A small contribution of $50 is nothing, if you care about the cause IV is fighting for. Core members and other senior member are putting their time, money and energy to get relief from this broken EB system. Do your part by making a small donation.

    Please, please come forward. Ask you friends to make small contribution.

    The sad part is:

    About 700-800 out of 3000 have contributed. And they are contributing again and again. Many of them have crossed $500 in personal contributions.

    The other 2200 members have contributed nothing

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  • GCAmigo
    07-12 11:27 AM
    I remember long time ago somebody used to say that this Greencard is a SCAM....I am so frustrated..

    was our beloved(?) & much hated "KAKA" !

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  • InTheMoment
    10-27 12:47 PM
    Congrats alterego !

    Are you both physicians ? (the J-1's)

    Looking at your RD reminds me of a friend of mine who has a I-485 RD of Dec 2004, but he is in EB3. Unfortunately his NameCheck was not clear even in the July 2007 fiasco, the reason he is still not green !

    He and his wife recently sold their house and everything else and left their jobs and moved back to India! Enjoying themselves there while their I-485 application papers turn yellow !

    You paid 68K for legal and immigration fees... that is steeep man ! I wonder how...

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  • gc_eb2_waiter
    07-16 11:11 AM


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  • desi3933
    08-19 02:13 PM
    You have the right to feel what you want. But here are my 2 cents:

    You on paper are now an American. It gives you good easy travel without visas etc. However people WILL treat you by your appearance/color/etc...

    I request you to help your birth country by donating to schools etc like you donate to charities here(goodwill store etc).

    Let me know if you dont agree!

    Thanks so much.

    I am associated with CRY (Child Relief and You) in Delhi. I also plan to donate to my college, IIT Kharagpur.


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  • santb1975
    12-02 01:08 PM
    Events with food, music and lots of other fun and all the money goes to IV. We need to form workgroups for doing this in every state.


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  • raj1998
    04-19 09:37 AM
    Congrats OP. That is real good news. encouragement to all other eb3 folks out there.

    Good to know, some thiing got cleared at such pace, when USICS is notoriously known for working at snail's pace.

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  • GCard_Dream
    01-30 06:35 PM
    - from

    After we reported this news, we learned that there were some readers who gravely misunderstood the "final" rule making process. They were confused with the "proposed" rule making process. In the final rule making process, there is no comment period before the rule takes effect. On the date when the final rule is published in the federal register, it becomes a binding rule and the rule-making process is complete. Certain provisions in the final rule may take effect on certain specific later date or dates, but the rule itself becomes a binding law on the date of publication of the rule in the federal register. Accordingly, unless the DOL changed the proposed rule, substitution of the beneficiary of the labor certification will be eliminated on the date of publication which includes the substitution of the beneficiary in the pending labor certification by amendment as well as the substitution of the beneficiary in the approved labor certification. For those who filed the substitution I-140 petition, the proposed rule provided that only "substitution approved" on the date of publication of the rule would survive. Substitution approved can be interpreted to mean approval of the substitution I-140 petition. For the 45-day validity of the certified labor certification, under the proposed rule, the certified labor certification on the date of publication was supposed to have 45 days to file the I-140 petitions. For the labor certifications which are approved after publication of the final rule must file the I-140 petitions within 45 days from the date of certification.
    The DOL could have changed part of the proposed rules in the final rule and the readers are cautioned to wait for the release of the final rule before they jump into any conclusion and take a misguided action.


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  • diqingshen
    07-12 08:24 AM
    otherwise all "U", those idiots can publish it on the 10th.

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  • needhelp!
    03-13 01:03 PM
    Posts are being repeated..
    but somehow its nice that it knows which ones to repeat ;)


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  • dealsnet
    06-12 12:03 AM
    You are saying new OBAMA govt. in many of your postings. Are you his election agent?. This forum is not for any party affiliations. Election is yet to start. Democratic party is not officially announced their candidate. All powerful President Bush is tried hard to help immigrants. Then how come a weak person who is still fighting for a ticket can take left and right congress and senete veterans.!!!!!!

    Due to the lot of noice we have done,most of the law makers know theres a community called legal immigrants, and their long waiting periods due to the outdated rules. The new OBAMA government's agenda is to take the immigration reform during his first year tenure in the ffice. Once the immigration reform took place, I am pretty sure there would be significat changes in employment based category, which drastically decrease the backlogs in all EB categories.
    In addtion to that "legals are first than illegals"- OBAMA. This itself is enough for clearing off all the backlogs.

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  • asanghi
    11-16 12:12 PM
    Not sure if the social security taxes are for immigration benefits. Also, the taxes we pay are for several other services that we get in the US. Remember, even as non-citizens, we get millions of benefits such 911, clean roads, and the list will go on. Why do you think we want to immigrate?

    I don't think this kind of an argument will hold any water with the press or lawmakers. There are other good arguments, and we should stick to them.

    qplearn. You are right.

    But as I have noticed, there is a lot of misinformation being spread around H1-B holders. One of those is that H1-B holders don't pay taxes. I have now read it at so many places, if I didn't know anything about H1-B visas, I would probably have believed it by now. So we really should make a point to mention that we pay taxes and social security.


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  • calgirl
    06-14 12:58 PM
    I hadn't heard about the new Memo..
    Last I checked, I had namecheck pending too and it was pending for more than 6 months..

    I can take up an Infopass to find out if its still pending.
    If it is pending for more than 2 yrs, what are the next steps?
    (Obviously 485 won't get approved if name check is pending)

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  • sbindval
    06-03 03:51 PM
    called all of them.


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  • ilikekilo
    03-03 02:47 PM
    Thanks ilikekilo, I'll check out IMG. Even with the rider for pre-existing condition, the coverage is limited to $15000 max, so I decided it isn't worth paying the extra premium for such little coverage.

    check this out, seems like they cover pre exosting with some limitations

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  • Googler
    10-12 02:16 PM
    The govt. had announced something :
    See item (22) .

    May be ask Mr.Chertoff , "Sir, what is the status on your annoucement".

    I hope what that news release means is more than what is described in this article:,1,5647808.story?page=1&ctrack=2&cset=true

    In his yearly report to Congress in June, immigration services ombudsman Prakash wrote that the policy on checking names "may increase the risk to national security by extending the time a potential criminal or terrorist remains in the country." questioned the overall value of the process, writing that it was the "single biggest obstacle to the timely and efficient delivery of immigration benefits."
    The Department of Homeland Security has acknowledged the threat, last month announcing plans to work with the FBI to address the backlog and reduce delays. Citizenship and Immigration Services will reassess the way name checks are done and earmark $6 million toward streamlining the process, Bentley said. [note: Chris Bentley is a USCIS spokesman.]

    In addition to clearing the backlog and processing the 27,000 new name checks it receives each week from immigration officials, the FBI is trying to accelerate the process by making more documents electronic. It is also adding more staff and moving resources to a new records facility in Virginia, Carter said. [note: Bill Carter is a FBI spokesman.]

    What we really need is something like what they had to do to clear the US passport backlog -- aggressive hiring and reallocation of resources to remove the backlog + reassessment of the value of examining reference files. Not a replay of the DOL BEC story OR the continuation of the current Kafka-esque situation albeit with few pieces of duct tape to show the press.

    I hope IV is making this clear in all meetings. $6M worth of changes are not going to fix the problem.


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  • nrk
    10-27 10:46 AM
    Post-Decision Activity

    On August 30, 2007, we shipped this approved or re-affirmed case to the Department of State for visa processing. For more information, please contact them directly.

    For approved applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include USCIS sending notification of the approved application/petition to the National Visa Center or the Department of State. For denied applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include the processing of an appeal and/or motions to reopen or reconsider and revocations.

    This is my 140 status from start, people say that Department of state is not normal. i opened a SR on 10/15/2009 and the status of my case is

    I just received notification that my approved 140 (which got approved way back in 2007) is now moved to USCIS. Has anyone seen this before?

    Exact status is as follows

    Post-Decision Activity

    On October 27, 2009, a USCIS office received this case from the State Department with a request that we review it. We will notify you when we complete our review, or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

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  • ca_immigrant
    01-09 07:44 PM
    When I click on the link does not work, gives me a message that says...
    "The page you requested is not available right now"

    how do I get there folks ?

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  • brb2
    02-07 08:54 PM
    Post doc is a position not a US educational qualification and hence not a benefitiary of SKIL bill. The SKIL bill included US Master's and Ph.D's.
    With your US MS you should not have any problem. Would require 3 years work experience to allow one to self adjust. We will need to wait and see what happens when it is introduced again in the new congress.

    I hope USCIS has your thought process. Your thought process means that there is something in SKILL for US MS. I used to think that SKILL is only for non US MS.

    Have you seen SKILL? Does it have anything for US Ph D and Post doc? You can have a US Ph D without US MS and you can be US post doc without US Phd? I wonder if they are SKILLed? Thanks.

    06-03 12:17 PM

    When one switch employers using H1 transfer, the previous employer has to notify USCIS that you are no longer employed with them. The soft LUD's that you are seeing is a result of USCIS going back to the old employers and confirming that you are indeed not working with them...

    Its just a procedural thing and nothing to worry about....

    03-10 11:10 PM
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