Wednesday, June 15, 2011

sophomore year quotes

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  • my sophomore year that I

  • jingi1234
    12-13 10:48 AM
    Was this the first attempt to get to USA? OR

    were you working in USA and went for a visting to INDIA?

    I was on F1 (to OPT to H1b) and planning to visit india in January,. I have to go for stamping.


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  • her sophomore year in high

  • Hassan11
    03-14 12:46 PM
    please vote on poll here
    Thank you

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  • in both his sophomore year

  • diptam
    07-15 11:44 PM
    "You successfully signed Lou Dobbs' show spreading misinformation on Highly Skilled H1-B workers. petition.

    Petition owner will manually approve your signatures."

    ## The above is the return message - who is this Petition Owner ??

    Guests and members,

    Please take the time to sign this petition so that it can be delivered to CNN as soon as possible.

    2011 her sophomore year in high sophomore year quotes. Sophomore year I was yoshi
  • Sophomore year I was yoshi

  • svermani
    04-01 04:43 PM
    I also got a soft LUD on my 485 application on 3/30/2009 and on the spouse' 485 as well. Will post if there are any updates....


    sophomore year quotes. Sophomore year I was yoshi
  • Sophomore year I was yoshi

  • go_gc_way
    09-13 09:17 PM
    We need more members to join IV. In order to help us, pls--

    - post IV poster in your local grocery stores, temples and restaaurants. (the poster is in resources section)
    - try to get friends from other nationalities to join IV.
    - If you are a graduate of A US university pls contact your alumni association and inform all their members.
    - Send an email to all your friends. (template in resources section) informing about IV

    I will be doing these soon.

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  • sophomore year and will

  • ashishgour
    09-17 02:15 PM
    yeah..they are discussing another amendment..Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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  • Freshmen Year • Sophomore Year

  • Keeme
    07-30 02:13 PM
    Many sites. What kind of alerts are you looking for? Vols? Greeks? You can also customize most of the alerts depending on spreads you might be trading. This is possible even in simple option accounts with Level 4 approval.

    You seems an expert in this option trading. How about microcap stock trading ?

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  • My Sophomore Year.

  • logiclife
    04-29 08:21 PM
    Its probably around 102K but please check the "Action alerts" button on the homepage for the latest everyday.



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  • Final: My Sophomore Year!

  • Macaca
    12-17 04:14 PM
    From page 8 of Driving jobs and Innovation Offshore ( The impact of high-skill Immigration Restrictions on America, National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) Policy Brief, Dec 2007

    Critics hope to make any increase in H-1B visas contingent on imposing new restrictions on companies hiring foreign-born professionals, scientists and engineers. While many of the critics’ attacks have centered on so-called “outsourcing” companies, the intent is to impose new restrictions on all companies that seek access to skilled foreign-born talent. As discussed later in this analysis, many of the restrictions put forward by Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL), Charles Grassley (R-IA), Bernard Sanders (I-VT) and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) would impact all U.S. companies hiring foreign-born talent.

    Senator Grassley has said there is a "high amount of fraud and abuse" involving H-1B visas. However, an examination of objective data belies this statement. When questioned by the Wall Street Journal a Grassley spokeswoman cited only anecdotal evidence, saying, “People have called our office.” By objective measurements there is not evidence of significant abuse but modest problems that are addressed through agency enforcement.

    The data show it would be mistake to tar all companies with the faults of literally a few. Of the $4.8 million owed in back wages in 2004, more than half (53 percent) came from findings against just 7 companies, none of whom are household names. Abuse does occur but the evidence indicates it is limited and of a character that can be handled within existing laws and regulations.

    In fact, the amount of back wages owed to H-1B workers, small as it is, actually fell between FY 2005 and FY 2006. Moreover, the aggregate total of back wages owed is almost infinitesimal placed in the context of a $13 trillion economy. In FY 2005, only $5.2 million in back wages were owed to H-1B professionals based on DOL investigations and the total dropped to $4.6 million in FY 2006. Consistent with other years, 86 percent of the cases investigated (104 of 121) in FY 2005 resulted in no civil monetary penalties being assessed. In FY 2006, no civil monetary penalties were assessed in 89 percent of the cases completed (14 of 133).

    The data show the vast majority of cases investigated by the Department of Labor have involved only paperwork violations, not willful abuse, and that back wage payments were generally fairly small. The proportion of H-1B professionals owed back wages is also small. Back wages were owed to less than 1 percent (0.28 percent) of the individuals who received H-1B status between FY 1999 and FY 2002 – a total of 1,323 individuals out of approximately 473,000 individuals.

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  • santb1975
    12-01 06:50 PM
    I know you are a committed member and you contribute as well. You have been helping the holiday thread to be on the top too. I was talking about my IV holiday fund raising to one of my co-worker who is a US citizen and who does not have an Indian/ Asian ethnic background and he had mentioned to me you guys are 25,000 people and all of you are hard working legal immigrants. you dont need to go to anyone else for money. your group is financially very strong. If all of you put in 10$ each month you will have 250K funds available every month. What you should really work on is get every member to commit to that 10$ every month. What can we do to get every one of us put in that 10$ every month?

    I have read my post couple of times before posting to avoid any mis-communication...but it's never possible to prevent I believe:)

    I have a recurring contributions setup and also contributed what ever I could this holidays...probably will contribute more before the end of the season. My post is not about the Monthly contributions made by you, me or many others...who signed up.

    It's about the ones' who cannot for what ever the reason may and me pointing to the salaries or house-hold incomes will not help them join the wagon.

    It's about increasing the donations irrespective of people joining the monthly-contributions scheme....Other viable options...may be having a IV donation immigrant owned businesses....etc.

    In an ideal world as you mentioned atleast 20000 of 25000 will contribute monthly....It's defintely good to aim for that....but that's not realistic.


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  • his sophomore year of high

  • sanju
    10-12 12:40 AM
    I don't know much about buying house/property in India. Maybe you want to have a close family member keep an eye on your property otherwise a land graber/local gunda in the area may take possession of your property while you are here/away.

    But I find some of the discussion in this thread extremely intriguing. There were specific conditions in 1930s, 1960s, 1990s that caused recovery in those times. Leadership & American generation were ready to sacrifice and do hard work. Contrary to the hard work done during those times, large percentage of the current population is indifferent and does not care to know about the current crisis, not knowing the gravity of the situation. Majority of the population was, still is, opposed to $700 billion bailout/rescue not knowing what is going on. The ups and downs in the stock market is just the beginning. Coming year is going to be very tough, specially on folks are in the situation that require them to visit this forum every now and then.

    Every great and prosperous nation is just one generation away from losing its greatness. History teaches us that Great nations lost their greatness/cease to exist because the larger populations ignored the times of crisis. Most people say that America has always come out of crisis in the past and just like those times, America will again come out of the current crisis. That's what everybody expect and wants to see happen, as if there will be a miracle and everything will get fixed. Everybody including media/leadership are taking things for granted, as if things will turn around by itself just because things have turned around in the past. But this apathy is very dangerous. Here is why - we can say with fair bit of certainty that Romans must have also said during their time of crisis that things will be fine, they have always gotten fine because we are the Romans, the empire of Gods, or whatever. Likewise, this time around, media/leaders are guided by similar rhetoric. I find this behavior very dangerous. In 1930s/60s/90s there was able leadership and American generations during those times were ready to do their share. It doesn't appear such this time, atleast not right now. Maybe we have sometime to come out of the crisis and things will change in the near future. But without change in the direction, things don't look very good right now.

    Rome was not built in one day and it did not perish in one day. If leadership and population continue to ignore the gravity of the crisis, there is only one possible outcome.

    The positive aspect this time around is, due to globalization, other nations have stake in American economy and are willing to come to the rescue. Even nations like China and Russia are willing to step-up. This would have been unthinkable in an un-globalized world. But other nations can only do so much. Ultimately, the larger population in America will have to step up, and that includes us, there is no other way. Now G-7 is working together to come up with a comprehensive plan. A lot of people beat down on globalization, but till now it is working as was designed, which is good, and other friendlier/unfriendlier nations are willing to step-up.

    Another foreseeable opportunity to fight the current situation is, world energy crisis. America can use the world energy crisis to turn things around, not necessarily subscribing to ideas from businessmen like T Bone Pickens/natural gas to promote their business and blah bhah blah, but something else, which makes America - a leader to solve the energy requirements of over 6 billion people, when estimated 20% of the world population consumes 95% of the world energy.

    I don't know if you should buy property in India or if you should buy gold. But in the grand scheme of things, if I were you, I would hang on to the "cash" very close to my chest. Things are really bad, a lot more than what meets the eye or what is apparent.


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  • as I was my sophomore year

  • m306m
    06-11 05:14 PM
    Why do they come on wife's account ? Is it legal if spouse makes mistake in any case ?
    Wife or child account is considered a 'FAMILY' account and they can impound that account. Unless you divorce your wife and then transfer the money into that account you cannot expect that the money in your wife's (or ex-wife's) account is safe if a judgement is passed against you.


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  • its sophomore year with a

  • GCVictim
    05-07 12:08 PM
    Me and My wife got soft LUD on 03/19/09.

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  • since my sophomore year

  • Macaca
    02-07 08:59 PM
    The SKIL bill included US Master's and Ph.D's.

    Any special benefits for US Ph D? Do you agree with previous assesment by rimzhim? Have you read SKILL? Thanks.


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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-13 04:21 PM
    <Deleted Deleted Deleted>

    Sorry for the extra bit of sarcasm here, but I seriously expect us to raise a million $ for our efforts from the 25,000 members (or at least raise our targets significantly... ), and get some more ideas on resolving some of the communication and logistics issues - so any ideas that help us towards such a goal are welcome.


    I agree. I feel that the only thing that would be acheived if IV became a paid website is loss of membership. Then our PR documents will start with "IV is an organization of 200 members who are affected by ... "

    Human nature is such that a few lead and others follow. We should recognize this and move on.

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  • sameet
    04-08 05:25 PM
    My wife and I also had soft Luds in February. Nothing for me but got a Medical RFE for my wife. We sent back the response and the case has resumed processing.


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  • sbabunle
    08-19 04:10 PM
    Does we need something to cheer of once in a while? Why do you goto movies? Why do you play some games?

    This is a free forum man! And this is a free country as well...


    Seriously, folks. What's with this thread? Total waste of time.

    Someone announces his 'greatest achievement' ... others challenge him to show true patriotism... yet others ask him to continue supporting India etc., AND this chap actually responds :)!

    Wow! Seriously we all have too much time on our hands to be self promoting / congratulating / reminiscing etc...

    Glad that this person will call US Senators etc., lets thank him for that and keep moving... instead of grilling him on things that matter to you! He owes you all no explanations or apologies.


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  • cpolisetti
    04-18 12:13 PM
    Good idea. I start with my contribution of 25 dollars(sending check today through Bill pay) in addition to 150 that I have made before.

    PS: Wish I could contribute more.

    How about this - let us have a couple of volunteers call/email people asking for $25 contribution. If we can get 1/2 of 3000 people contributing $25 each, we will get to about 120K. I am ready to take initiative in this - core group, can I get this initiative going?

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  • Bokke
    06-19 11:28 AM
    so tomorow is the last day ?

    07-18 09:09 PM
    I agree with all you folks that we should not just be happy and end our fight here after getting EAD etc...

    We should try to push it back to the government as why legal immigrants from india have only 9800 visa every year...its unjust for a country as big as india and havin so many hitech workers....

    On todays 7/18/07 NPR news, a USCIS spokesperson has mentioned that USCIS has made a note of the recent protests by legal immigrants(flowers and rally)....NPR also has mentioned this website is a big achievement for us and we should pursue till the final step...check out the link below.....

    05-24 02:15 PM
    Dude, you have no Idea, I calculated this morning and I have spent.......
    $56,500 on Green card (20% of my salary for last 3 years) + lawyers and other $hit.. Let Employers pay this.
    I am same boat but with wait times much more we have spent from our employer will pay that much:mad:

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