Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • gceverywhere
    07-17 05:39 PM
    First of all, Thanks to IV core and everyone else who made this possible.

    I agree 100% with the original poster. While it may seem
    like we have won, it's really a very small relief.

    We need to push for the resolution that requires the unused numbers to be used and also for some way to increase that number. It may seem like a distant dream and too big of a task but WE MUST NOT LOSE THE MOMENTUM. The worst thing about waiting for years after years is that we can not plan our lives. Using EAD could be much more complex compared to just gettting it. So in most cases you end you giving 5-10 golden years of your career. While I understand that we have made this choice to stay here and that green card is not our birth right, I think it is very dangerous to accept the status quo and to not ask for a better life.

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  • rajeev_74
    07-19 12:54 PM
    I'm travelling...I pledge 100$ towards this...

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  • Sleepless_in_Seattle
    07-20 01:27 PM
    Hi Guys,

    Consider a scenario:

    One goes back to native country, Europe or somewhere else while GC is in process.

    Comes back after one year with new organization and files for new labor, I-140 etc.

    Will the person have his / her PD from the previous labor / I-140?

    May be I am talking something stupid, but just came to my mind.

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  • rheoretro
    09-13 03:44 PM
    This is not the article placed on the thread. And nobody is trashing your efforts!!!!

    A simple Google search on Immigration Voice has in its fourth hit that Washington Post Article...I don't maintain the page that you were looking in.

    Please stop complaining, and stop yelling. Please do something constructive - write that op-ed piece and publish it in The NY Times.

    Thank you.


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  • vishalsaboo
    01-01 04:12 AM
    I dont know if that's completely true. I had my H1B visa appointment on Dec 28th in Mumbai and am in the PIMS verification status also. The visa officer told me that all NIV applicants around the world have to go through the process and admitted that the process was new.

    I talked to 3 other H1 candidates right after I was handed the yellow slip and they all had the same experience with different officers. Although its aggravating, hopefully, we'll all get some relief this week.

    Good luck to all of us!

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  • oliTwist
    01-14 07:48 PM
    When I click on the link does not work, gives me a message that says...
    "The page you requested is not available right now"

    how do I get there folks ?

    :) I think the link provided by @sri is something that can be traversed from here
    I have logged in and voted for the Immigration Reform, link there. (Searched for Immigration as mentioned by @sri) But, again we have many other posts which are against legal immigration due to financial constraints.

    Please avail this opportunity to vote and highlight our plight, by voice your opinion in the right posts.


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  • seahawks
    07-17 11:39 PM
    Lets make it to at least 2000 guys.. it does not cost anything, name and email id and thats about it.

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  • ashkam
    08-14 08:36 AM
    Is this a parody post? How exactly is the law favorable to EB3? Just because they are allowed to file in EB2 later? Does this mean the law also favors children because it allows them to grow up? EB2 is in 2006. EB3 is stuck in 2001. "Plight"? Give me a break.

    Quit your sniffles and dam those tears.


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  • neverbefore
    08-19 08:41 PM
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    Wonderful performance, man! You must be proud of yourself.


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  • kilubilu46
    07-16 12:17 PM

    It should have 50K signatures.


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  • alterego
    01-30 04:39 AM
    I dont think companies are really geared to file for 140 within 45 days of labor approval.

    Most of the companies take 4-6 weeks to just send the documents the lawyers request for filing 140. Then the lawyers, most likely forget something and request more documents. It takes another 2 weeks for company to send those.

    All in all, on average I think companies need 3 months after approved labor to be ready to Fedex that 140 petition. No malicious intent on the part of employer, its just how things are. 45 days is going to make things difficult for many companies and many of the lazy, slow, procrastinating law firms.

    When the Dept of labour can process PERM in generally 6-8 weeks or less and the USCIS can offer premium processing of 140 in 2 weeks or less, what the heck is wrong in expecting these large companies and law firms to get up off thier lazy slow procrastinating backsides and file within 45 days?

    That said, in the final ruling I suspect they will make some modification to this time frame.

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  • walking_dude
    11-14 02:39 PM
    Thanks my friend. I knew I could count on you :)

    WD, I am with you on this.

    I am even going to call the radio and ask the same thing you have put in that letter if they ignore my emails.


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  • nraja
    07-11 05:06 PM
    Thanks for the mailing letter. I will forward the same message to my friends.


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  • sparky123
    07-12 11:28 AM

    There is a rumor going around now. One of my colleagues here claims that he got a call from his attorney that there is going to be a new bulletin for july, released either tomorrow or on Monday. Can someone talk to their attorney and confirm this?

    I'm unable to reach my attorney now.


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  • gcdreamer05
    04-27 11:06 PM
    Thank you stuck in the muck, i will follow these in the year 2019 when i get my green card and hopefully if i am alive !!!!!!!!! :D:eek::rolleyes::mad::(

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  • dreamworld
    06-15 05:27 PM
    Please guys. Do not rush your marriage for Green Card. I know couple of my friends ended up in bad marriage experience just becoz they are getting faster green card. Choosing right partner is more important than GC.

    If you already decided on your partner and waiting to get married, then its right time. So my advise, please counsult with an attorney if you are unmarried and filing 485.


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  • snram4
    01-21 01:08 PM
    Anti immigration group targets all of the immigration. You can see numbersusa website. There are 2 reasons for the hate towards H1b and L1 program. Fraud and abuse is more in H1b. 20% was found by USCIS. Many fear it could be more. Mainly Indian bodyshopping and consulting companies are main reason. Another reason is many fear that H1b and L1 program is main reason outsourcing. Many big companies laid off US workers and did outsourcing to cut cost and they were asked to give Knowledge transfer to the onsite resources (those who are H1b or L1). Number of jobs in High skilled are very less (may be 2%) compared to low skilled in US. So they think 65k is more in percentage terms. US congress expects that H1b should be used only when no US Workers available. That is the reason there is no support at all at congress to increase H1b Cap. When they put a H1b restriction for TARP companies it was passed uniamously. So if we need EB reform just we need to disassociate or take neutral stand on H1b. They cannot remove H1b as it was with WTO.

    I always wonder why give GC to 50k people regardless of their education experience and harass the 65K master degree/highly skilled tech worker ? All anti immigration group target H1B but rarely I see any opposition to GC lottery. It seems to me that due to media ( lou was one big guy ) has painted the H1B as the biggest enemy of job loss which is not true.

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  • Leo07
    12-02 09:07 PM
    One quick and dirty one is to...people who want to 'Add to Reputation' of posts...need to buy:)

    I can't believe...I got few red dots....for this post. These Red dots that many of our IVers donate so generously need to be purchased in order to give it to anybody next time.

    Just kidding, don't take this seriously. Some people found this post 'illogical' :)

    Events with food, music and lots of other fun and all the money goes to IV. We need to form workgroups for doing this in every state.

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  • morchu
    04-25 08:10 PM
    Understood. Now you want all H1 L1 B1 everything to be stopped. So lets vote only for EAD/AP/GC till you get your GC. After that US should stop GC also, right? (but ofcourse, naturalization still should remain open for a few more years).

    If one person can work for your job at $8/hr, and you are charging $100/hr, market would adjust itself to $8/hr (for a moment forget about who does this $8/hr, it can be a high-school kid, or anybody).The only reason why somebody blames that $8/hr kid for loosing his job is because he "thinks" he is "superior" to that kid. There are many situations where companies decide to retain "fresh college grads" and layoff "senior experienced" persons, to save money.

    Don't take me wrong, but I also think the L1 is mis-used a bit. But I personally think the mis-usage comes from other factors (like H1 unavailability, employer prefer L1 because employee cannot change to another employer in L1, other H1 restrictions) etc..

    .....I wish this bill passes with full effect

    06-11 08:28 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I need an advice from you.

    The situation:
    -- Involved in a collision few months back. As I had rear ended the vehicle, as per the investigation, it was found it was my fault(80% mine - 20% others)

    -- Now after more than 18 months, I get a law suit for 3.25 million dollars(. This was served against ppl who were involved. Right now my I have my EAD and AP and maintaining H1 status.

    So what are my options now?

    1. Check with attorney and start defending..?
    2. pack the bags and go back to my country ? If so, will there be any issues in coming back again, say after 3,4 years?
    3. What about my GC?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I guess it would be a biggest decision of my life ..

    PD is Nov 2006.

    What's your insurance coverage? It seems you had rental car. Have you taken the rental coverage at that time?

    Send me PM and I can ask my friend, who was invloved in big accident like you. Insurance company will fight for the last penny and after that you have to pay, if it is not covered.

    01-30 08:51 AM
    Is there a link on DOL or any other Federal websites talking about this? I am not doubting but wanted to see if there are any more sources of information on this topic - on the net from government or any other federal agency.

    Office of management and budget...yes they will

    once the rule is published in the federal register and ppl have commented on it...its pretty much set to go

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