Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • aspiration
    06-14 02:51 PM
    Your idea is good...But only people who will participate in this will be those who have already made the calls..

    I don't think that those who couldn't spare 10 mins of day to make a call themselves will ask their friends or family members to call house members... And if they start calling by themselves... You and me won't be posting this message for taking help with Friends and Family... We have more than 30,000 members and time and again i reiterate that there must be more than 200 unique visitors for this thread.. SO PLEASE PLEASE>.. I urge all of you to do your part ...No one else have to post this message and ask you for support , if you call.
    ( No one would be reading this message untill he or she is stuck somewhere in the processing of their adjustment of status).. So why wait folks?

    Your call to lawmakers is for your own benefit and befit of everyone of us..

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  • indyanguy
    11-11 09:12 PM
    If I use EAD and if my I485 is denied, since my spouse is on L1, can I get a change of status to L2 at that point?

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  • gumpena
    09-15 06:42 PM
    Our only hope is HR5882. Please start calling congressmen..

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  • Nagireddi
    01-31 06:24 PM
    I have just voted.


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  • Leo07
    11-21 11:26 AM
    any suggestion here?

    I'm still not decided, couple of days to go....:)

    Now with Atlas America off...What's the best alternative?, I'm running out of time here...

    Friends, please suggest. I bought ICICI lombard 3 times previously, never had to use it, so no comments there. Now, I'm thinking of buying something better as I had heard horrible things about ICICI lombard.

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  • cal97
    07-19 06:44 PM
    Can you please post the link

    immigrationportal has reported only 2 cases of rejection for july 2nd filer. Their package returned back and received by party(around july 10th), per forum there.


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  • jkays94
    06-07 06:39 PM
    100% agreed. Illegal immigrants do not have any rights/privileges.

    The US constitution guarantees the basic rights enshrined within it to all within its borders irrespective of nationality or immigration status. The claim that the undocumented do not have rights is one propagated by Lou Dobbs and other anti-immigrationists. This is why it is possible for an undocumented worker to file a discrimination complaint with the EEOC and win for example.

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  • kubmilegaGC
    09-24 07:40 PM
    If possible taken an infopass appt. They might be able to tell you the correct status of your appln.
    BTW: Does any one know how long does it take for a decision to be made on an application once it has been pre-adjudicated and assiged to an IO?:confused:

    9/11 - assigned to IO
    9/17 - CPO

    Hope this helps!


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  • zCool
    01-31 11:02 AM
    Those who are celebrating .. consider this.. your employer decides for any reason to not continue filing I-140 or decides to let you go in 6th yr.. earlier you used to have at least possibility of sub labor.. now you are basically straight out of luck.. Also if microsoft needed some genius from China or India to join their team and the guy obviously deserves special consideration due to business need and/or his talent.. they are stuck..! It's not good.. yes desi folks were selling and buying these but remedy is worse than the defect.. they could have made changes to rules to make it stringent and almost impossible to get but no reason to place such arbitraty deadlines etc.. if H1B and GC is geared towards desi consulting.. it's should not and will not exist in the long run..
    Indentured servitude and middle-men agent type business model is not ideal for anyone including US economy..

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  • SGP
    04-01 01:48 PM
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$GOOD AFTERNOON GC$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Deadline = April 30th, 2011
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread) and momentum to continue with this campaign.The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.
    Actions - 1) Vote on survey.
    2)Email with PD, ph#,email & subject "I485 filing impacted�,
    3)Print/Circulate Fliers and spread FB, wiki link (see "support thread")

    Dear IV Members,

    If you believe that your success depends on your immigration process - whether it's the ability to file I-485 earlier or to get green-card and citizenship sooner or whether it's the ability of your spouse to work - then you have to believe that your success somehow depends on the success of Immigration voice and these 170 volunteers in DC next week.
    As you may know, we are just one more week away from hosting Advocacy day in Washington DC where about 170 members of Immigration Voice will conduct nearly 250 meetings with offices of Senators and Congressmen. Such events cost money. If we have enough contributions, we can spend as per our budget of nearly $ 50,000. If not, we will have to cut back on the event spending and reduce the magnitude and size of the event.
    If you are not coming to DC next week, please do your part and contribute funds to Immigration Voice. It not only finances the event properly, it instills pride and confidence in the members who will be there in DC that there are thousands of willing supporters behind them who could not be there physically but are 100% with them in their determination and resolve.

    For background click here -> Announcement about April 2011 Advocacy Days (
    Contribute to Advocacy Event on the Capitol Hill ( (All one-time contributions will go towards organizing the Advocacy Days event)


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  • bondgoli007
    08-18 02:23 PM
    With the attitude towards immigration in this country, i really doubt this bill will pass :(, i really hope it does though, i think the USICS is a strong believer of "sabar ka phal meeta hota hai", translated, the fruit of a long wait is sweet, i just hope the wait is not too long and the fruit rotten

    Also, i am ready to help/organize/contribute for the community to make these bills pass....
    Welcome to the forum Pavan....I understand your apprehensions on the bill and I too share some of the same apprehensions.

    However, the congress returns in September and IV Core will update us on the situation. There is still no reason to believe that this is bill is completely dead, so keep checking IV site and when there is an update from Core, put in your effort AND get your friends involved too.

    You can actually start getting your friends in similar situation involved right now. Get them registered and get them to read up on IV in general. The only way we can get any reform is by numbers. I hope you have already joined your state chapter and look forward to your continued presence and contribution to IV.


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  • Maniaci
    06-02 01:14 AM
    Introducing the Apple iBOY. Wish I could have spent more time on it, but I'm too lazy ;).

    Edit: I just realized this is not really a skin... more of a modification. Is it legal? If not, I'd like to have this entry voided so I can try again hehe.


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  • alterego
    03-11 08:08 AM
    What is the USCIS definition of backlogs and pending ? See the link below. ( Section B)

    USCIS does not consider backlogs / pending cases as "pending" in case there are no visas available or FBI checks are pending
    ( such as EB2 and EB3 India at this time )

    The numbers shown in this report seems to be OF cases which are yet to be adjudicated and NOT the cases which have been already pre- adjudicated are dumped in their cold-store because there are no visas available. s.pdf

    Your point is valid. I think this may be part of the obfuscation by the USCIS. Giving senators and congressmen an impression that things are efficient when we know they are not so. That is why we need to get the real truth out and let the legislators know about it.

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  • gsc999
    07-11 04:49 PM
    I will help you. Please send me phone numbers
    Please Pm me your e-mail address and ph number so that I can send you the phone list and explain the data.




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  • ThinkTwice
    07-12 09:58 AM
    GUys please respond to the call for help, we need help with getting getting the banners and help organizing the event.. please get in touch with gsc999

    We need help:

    - putting together some wooden banner structures. We will provide material. Please PM me if you are in Sunnyvale area and can meet in person on Friday in Sunnyvale for transfer of material.
    - Ten or so volunteers to help direct and manage the Saturday(07/14) event.
    - People to help with misc. activities like registering the participants who come to the event.

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  • swamy
    11-28 01:02 PM
    I am not sure we want to gag him - it's kind of late too to do that. But letting the sponsors know they are encouraging hate-groups is good. If this would work CNN itself may have pulled the plug on him


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  • Macaca
    02-06 10:57 AM
    So public schools Elem/Middle/High , still have to go thru nornal H1B process for teachers, have to wait for OCT1, start date.

    I got my H1B from a University starting Aug. As far as I understand, there is no H1B quota for non-profit. I also have a US degree. There is a separate H1B quota for US educated.

    I don't know where I was plugged in. I don't remember any details.

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  • Immi_Chant
    01-30 07:24 PM
    Done. Its question # 78 as on 4.37 PM PST.

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  • eb3_nepa
    06-07 12:58 PM
    I am married too, but i only said that there are other easier paths aswell.

    Regarding working late, i am a fulltime employee with H1-B and never came to office before 10:00AM and stayed after 6:00PM and never ever worked weekends. Mine can be an exceptional case, but what iam saying is, your relationship with your manager is important. This can make a lot of difference in your lives.
    As long as you deliver what is expected of you, you can even work 4 days a week and get paid for 40 hrs per week.

    I don't know, if we are deviating from our main discussion agenda started by LogicLife.

    I think we are deviating. But allow me to say this. The point that logiclife made VERY largely correct. The other point that you made just now is true as well. Your relationship with ur manager sort of defines how well you wud do. But then that makes ur h1b/Gc process "manager specific" ;). Plus you and I are lucky that we dont work long hours like some others, but the average H1B worker does. Like Logiclife said, it may not be coz the employer forces you to, but you do it anyway to make yourself more useful and avoid layoff issues. I am sure most of us at this stage are more worried about losing our jobs coz of H1/GC problems than actually finding jobs or having no savings.

    Someone pointed up above that some say having a GC is better and some say having a Job is better. Here is what i think. If you have a GC atleast u can find another job even it takes 2-3 months. If ur on H1b you CANNOT. About the savings, well that is an individual thing. Some save more and enjoy a little less, some enjoy life more and save less.

    About whether immigration is a right or a privilege. Right now i think it is more LUCK than either one.

    04-02 09:53 PM
    I hardly believe your story. Your written english doesn't seem like you are a H1-B guy form the other counrty unless you are from Canada. Why the f'ng game, what do you need? Now tell us another story that you are from Canada.

    @snathan, sorry pal i thought you must those fake identities in disguise who could pull you back from filing a complaint since they were one from the run, anyways with your suggestion the consular processing i understand there is a chance to come back, but to be true these 3 months have set me back by 3 years, with the consultant not picking my call when i want to ask him about the situation, running from company to company to attend an interview, they all taking a 5-6 hour interview and then then getting back 2 months later only to tell you that
    they had another senior in line from the company for promotion , they gave him the job and no outside candidates are being considered, other companies also making a mockery of the process of hiring. I would be better going to australia and working from within there, yes i did pay for my H1B but to be so true as i want to be i though it was a procedure at the companies and only realized after i had handed it over by reading this forum that i had also become in cohoots with this consultant. I am not a cry baby here , just that people flying in from all parts of the world , India, Australia, Canada and god knows from where, should be made aware that such things could happen to you and beware, for me the beware sign a little late as i believed at first started my research later.

    @uma thanks for the support but i have already decided to fly back, i appreciate this forum and the people who are willing to help

    @roseball well got no breath left to do another set of visa interview at the US consulate and answer those questions

    @poorslumdog when i started to research i found that this company has done this to many Indian guys, many Canadians by charging visa fees and charging some extra dough and sat on it like a vulture, did nothing to call them to the country and some have never reported to work after 3 years of visa filing, now why is this whole tantrum of filing then, they have been expanding with offices in various areas in US and it acts a good mark on
    their company in terms of view from a outside and successful visa filing with candidate money with no responsibility of placing then is a goldmine, they are like half hits in terms of placing and calling people here, i met with an Indian guy who had come here on his own and changed the company finally as he went thru the same scum of this company.
    Seems like there are victims falling for this modus operandi time after time.

    @HRPRO thanks for the suggestion

    @GCvivek thanks for the analysis of my situation, i feel that its tough to put him to trial but somebody is going to have to do that someday, let it be me, atleast if only a black mark
    it will add to his database and track record of black marks and i am sure many more would have tried but never complained against him, makes him immune everytime someone passes without doing it as i agree they want to be safe, but i want to blow the whistle.

    I need help on the procedure of documents to be submitted , please help me on that as well.

    06-04 08:11 PM
    Chunk thats a nice one but it looks unnatural. Something about the white on the front...

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