Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • jgh_res
    03-03 03:51 PM
    I bought Patriot America by img global for my parents. We had to take my mother to ER. The total claim was close to 10k and to my surprise imgglobal did pay exactly as whatever it said. It is not a pre existing condition. Based on my research, nobody covers a pre existing condition.

    The advantage of using the american, comprehensive policy is, the hospital took the insurance card, no questions asked. Send me a PM if you want more details as it was really painful in the first place to go to ER, let alone worry about insurance.

    I think your question should be "Could members who had to use this insurance for ER visits post their experience?"

    It�s good until you file a claim, but you should look for what happens after that.

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  • njboy
    01-30 09:55 AM
    so those with substituted labor better hope it clears before april 2007, and they get to file i140 otherwise..they'll have to file a new labor..just hope DOL does not let them keep the old priority date..Im not being vindictive..just feel that its unfair that people buy labors for 20K and get green card using a shell company in 6 months.

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  • smartboy75
    10-02 01:19 PM
    Hi smartboy75/prince7,
    Any updates?
    I checked my former approved H1Bs and found:
    1) The Sept. 2000 approved H1B with LUD of June 2007
    2) The Feb.2003 approved H1B with LUD 0f April 2006

    For both cases, it seems the status is the same as when it was approved in Sept. 2000 and Feb. 2003, nothing new. Maybe these are automatic updates by the computer system.
    Hi wawa

    I checked my H1 approved back in 2005....even that has been reopened by USCIS....not sure what's going on....

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  • chanduv23
    12-03 11:19 AM
    Leo are right, paid membership will drive away ...members who are selfish and got used to free food around ..Let them leave IV ...Paid member ship will stop enemies of immigration to think before posting or registering ..

    Lets do it .. make it Paid membership ..This a noble cause ..IV is a non profit organization ..We need dollars to proceed ..

    We have to target democrats more aggressively !!

    You are right. Many organizations do this. Once they have reached a base, they stop free membership. But from what I understand, a lot of people still don't know about IV and we must make more attempts to spread the word. Many people just don't know or understand the concept of IV. When we want them to join, the get suspecious and cautious and stay away. The idea here is to reach more and more people. IV is better organized now than what it was before and as people start to realise, they will come forward. Remember, IV is a concept and a platform andwill always stay. people may come and go - there will always be people motivated at different levels.


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  • superdude
    07-17 10:48 PM
    Let us ask IV Core. Thier leadership has been awesome

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  • jagankola
    07-16 10:49 AM
    Just Signed


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  • little_willy
    08-12 07:53 PM
    I think some of our members put the votes in wrong place.

    For Eg : for "Before Nov 01 2002" right now the number of votes are 24 click on 24 you will see which user voted for "Before Nov 01 2002 now check for couple of users for their Labour Approval Date some have labour approval dates of 2006 and 2007
    That is labor Approval Date and not their Priority Date

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  • anilsal
    12-13 12:26 AM
    there are many folks whose entire GC process (apps, EAD/AP for the entire family) is funded by the employer. If such folks cringe on the thought of contributing to IV on a regular basis, then there is something wrong with us. :)

    Contributing to IV is helping your own cause. :D


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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-09 04:54 PM
    looks like the bills hit the floor with a crash;)

    Are the bills hitting the floor next week?

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  • puddonhead
    07-31 12:39 PM
    For all the non-financial enginners who are trying to make sense of financial jargons (like myself - no financial enginnering degree for me but I have worked as a quant for some time in between):

    Any time you are trading something - you are betting on the direction of "something". Smisachu - with his statistical arbitrage background - would probably like to vehemently disagree at this point. But please hear me out first.

    If you are buying a stock - you are betting that the price of the stock will increase. If you are not sure whether prices will increase or decrease - but still sense some bubble forming, then you know that at the top of the bubble and duing the bust phase - the volatility goes through the roof. Maybe it is time for some option trading to trade on the volatility. So you are now trading on the volatility instead of the price.

    If you become even more of a pro option trader - and you think that the market always undervalues out of money options (because human brain is not capable of anticipating the "black swan" events) - then you will buy out of the money options for pennies and will hope that you "poo like a chicken and eat like an elephant". The directional bet you are taking in this case is again on the vol increasing over a longer period of time.

    If you are into statistical arbitrage - you have your own gold standard, usually some mathematical model, of how a specific market should be priced. If the market price differs from this - then you enter into a trade to make money when eventually this anomaly reverses.

    Volatility is the second order "statistical moment" of the price. These, and other derived quantities (are usually termed as greeks in the trading perlance) - but if you are good in statistics - then you could think of all of them as statistical moments and formulate your whole mathematical model on that. There are ways you can formulate strateties to trade even higher order derivatives.

    The basic fact that you are betting on the direction of "something" is often lost on even some professional traders - leading to some wonderful illusions of risk free return (like perpetual motion machine).

    To be fair - there are some trading strategies which appear very simple and intuitively appealing - yet produce extremely complex mathematical results when you try to find out exactly which "something" you are taking a directional bet on.

    So if you want to trade - I think a good idea is to first find out what is this "something" that you will like to bet on. Alternatively, if you have any strategy - please first understand what kind of direction bet you are taking - and the risks associated with it.

    Any thoughts?

    P.S.: "Directional bet" is a dirty work in trading perlance. I used it intentionally for effect.


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  • Oli-G
    06-22 07:59 PM
    and that, my friend, is just childish behavior =)

    Battle finished a few days ago. People have a right to want to kow the winner, and to get "excited". I'd kinda like to know also ;).

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  • october2001
    12-12 11:39 PM
    hi october2001,
    Did you use PO box as address on I-485? I had heard USCIS does not accept PO box as address in I-485.

    they do according to my lawyer and I got my welcome notice the last time sent to my PO BOX the first time they sent the Welcome notice they sent it to my physical address not PO BOX but because the address didn't have the C/O name of my friend and then my name so the mailman when He read the name and looked in the mailbox he didn't found my name so he returned it to the sender USCIS if USCIS wrote C/O...he would of let it (the mailman) the second time USCIS sent it to my PO BOX directly ( what they did they included the original envelope that was sen to my physical address with the return to sender tag and the time received and sent ... + the original Welcome notice with the physical address on it all these two item sent in another envelope sent to my PO BOX
    I hope this is clear


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  • rajuram
    06-12 11:58 PM

    IV has to convince the government that this mess was created because close to 100000 visas were WASTED/UnUsed while BEC was busy(or not busy) sorting through the cases. If it is the mistake of a govt department, then the govt should fix it by recapturing these visas. They will act only when you make them look bad or file a suit against them. Why hasn't IV been able to push a simple argument like this????

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  • Maniaci
    06-04 03:52 PM
    Alright, now this one is a skin.... I hope...


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  • willwin
    08-13 12:08 PM
    At this rate, EB2 I will become current next June for sure and EB3 ROW/I will move. But again, this movement may be for just 3 months ...

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  • nogc_noproblem
    03-13 01:17 PM

    This my copyright and very much pertain to our situation:
    I left my world in search of prosperity
    The prosperity is taking an eternity
    My struggle is long and daunting
    Making it more and more frustrating

    Life at times seems uncontrollable
    Flowing with the time unstoppable
    Graying hairs testify for the feeling
    Fat belly making me further unappealing

    Sometimes I think of going back
    Try to gather the courage that I lack
    But the world I left is not the same any more.
    And the world I am in, has lost its lure.

    I am on the crossroad of my life
    One is forward, one is left and other is right.
    I don�t like the choices shown
    May be I would have to create a world of my own



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  • hpandey
    07-02 06:57 PM

    Sorry for not making it clear enough...
    This guy was not even eligible for a H1 in the first place as he did not know anything about IT... It was his decision to move to US and to lead an american life... so he cooks up a to be a software engineer(with due help from his H1 filer consultant, I assume) and landed up here. He was in deep trouble when the Grocery shop closed down and he had to look out for another job... Last I know, he was taking QA training...

    So its not a case of my friend being mistreated by his consultant but a case(I'm sure he is not unique within H1 community) where my friend, along with his Consultant took the whole H1B program for a ride....
    1. He was not forced...he himself falsified it intentionally
    2. He is not complaining...he is happy the way things has turned up for him...
    3. What was he thinking when he came down here... Surely he cannot code a line in any language or do anything in IT ... He had to take up a non-IT job..

    What you are suggesting is probably 0.1% of all the H1b applicants or at the most 1 %. Even that is a big number. I think 99% of all H1b applicants come with intent to work in IT or whatever field they applied in rather than work in a grocery shop. I don't think anyone wants to come to US to work at a grocery shop or a petrol pump .

    Lets focus the discussion on H1b employees who are mistreated by the employers by paying them too little , not paying benefits, unfair treatment and so many other things that I could go on about.

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  • REEF�
    06-19 07:51 PM
    :lol: Nice, otter pops

    It might've looked better if the iPod shading showed through though, it looks sort of flat.

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  • Juan28210
    04-19 02:56 PM
    Thanks for your responses!

    This link got very good discussions on ability to pay. May take me a couple of days to read all of them though... -

    02-06 11:14 AM
    So How come all we hear from the core team is requests for contribution? There is no detail of any actions/efforts that are happening currently? It will certainly be more engaging for all members to at least know what efforts are being worked on currently? I think expectations need to work both ways otherwise you just have an autocratic organization that has to follow and do as the leaders choose to do. Just my 2 cents and all you frustrated folks please take a deep breath before jumping in.

    09-17 12:21 PM
    H.R. 6020 : would grant amnesty to illegal aliens who are family members of armed forces personnel.

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