Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2005 Volkswagen Golf Plus 1.6 Fsi

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  • franklin
    07-12 01:37 AM
    There will be an update conference call this Thursday at 7.30 pm.

    pm me for details if you don't know them already!

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  • willigetagc
    08-26 12:26 PM
    Why cannot they just say it?. Why can’t they say that it will take 2 days to 22 days or 222 days to transfer the amount?, if someone needs to send money due to an emergency, they do it thinking that the money will be transferred in two or three days, a week maybe…

    Beats me! I don't know why they (the indians) do that. They make agressive promises and then fail to meet them. They should adopt the US business style of promising results in 5-7 business days and then deliver in 3-4 days. It then becomes the customer's headache to plan accordingly and they (the customers) are in fact delighted to get the work done in 3-4 days.

    (Never mind the fact that the work would actually take them less than 1-2 bus day ;))

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  • arunmohan
    06-12 01:59 PM

    I don't see any improvement since 2005 except June/July 2007 fisaco. But people are still waiting since long time.

    I will request all EB3-India/EB3 ROW filers to join this thread. We need help from IV.

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  • walking_dude
    11-14 01:11 PM
    Thanks guys for your suggestions. But no thanks!

    Let me continue with my action while you continue with yours.

    My posts are not intended for you. They are meant for the rare breed that think they can make a difference in this world. I'm sorry to know you aren't that.

    I would rather spend my time working for causes that I beleive - IV as well as Immigrants Rights, instead of wasting time on an on-line brawl. I'm sure you guys also have better things to do in life.

    Let's just move on.


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  • anzerraja
    07-19 07:38 PM
    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing Aman's expenses.


    Could you please pledge an amount ?

    What is obvious is either you have been sleeping all thru or you are new to IV. Aman has made atleast 25-30 trips to DC in last18-20 months

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  • insbaby
    07-19 05:40 AM
    My lawyer sent me the fedex tracking sheet for the I-485 package sent to:

    Nebraska Service Center
    850 S Street
    Lincoln, NE 68508

    I did not see any PO Box on the Fedex tracking sheet. I am not sure if she put the PO Box on the shipping label or not??

    Is it a big deal?? Will my application be accepted.

    Please help
    Edit/Delete Message

    Thats why it was sent to the PHYSICAL ADDRESS of USCIS.


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  • aristotle
    02-06 02:13 PM
    which country you belong to?

    India, sorry for missing that in the earlier post.

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  • swamy
    12-12 10:07 PM
    Ultimately, whatever IV is able to accomplish will benefit the entire legal immigrant community, regardless of contributions/memberships. However, the need of the hour is to realize the opportunities we are missing because of lack of resources and hands in most cases.


    I dont think theres any doubt in the value iv is providing - selling it is the issue. I can be proved wrong in a month but the ongoing funding drive is kind of a ray of hope that people will be willing to give both time & money to help themselves and others.


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  • caliguy
    10-30 11:55 AM
    I have responsed and sent sample letter to all requests I got before 8 AM PST this morning. Also, sent out the contact info for the TSC officer.

    Please do not email me and ask me how to reach an officer at TSC. I have already posted the instructions in this thread so that everyone can see/use it.

    @ leoindiano
    Where is your case? You should call and talk to an IO and find out. It will be good if the IO can put in a note in your case on which 140 needs to be used. After around 100 calls, I managed to talk to a very friendly IO, she put in a note and asked for my file to be pulled out of storage (I believe that is what happened in my case). I was on the phone for around 20 minutes with this IO and I couldnt believe how a IO could be so friendly and polite :) Have you treid CIS Ombudsman and USCIS Sec. Napolitano?

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  • sledge_hammer
    01-31 10:32 AM
    The cut-off date is determined by #485, not LC.

    Hi waitingGC,

    Could you please elaborate? I am not talking about I-485 at this point, and I do not know what cut-off date you are talking about!


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  • Bpositive
    02-03 12:01 PM
    anyone else with 221g experience from chennai consulate? my case status was updated to send ppt on consulate website...submitting it to vfs tomorrow..

    how long from did it take to get the passport back from consulate after submitting it to vfs?

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  • EndlessWait
    05-24 01:20 PM
    it would make our plans to go back even more certian.. A MASS EXODUS of HIGH TECH WORKERS.. is exactly what this country needs..way to go!


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  • Vexir
    06-04 02:25 PM
    Well, I used the pen tool and the circle shape tools (its a lot easier that way because you can drag the circle out from the center.. and you can find the center easily by using guides :) ) and they worked pretty good for me...

    But that might be a little advanceced for someone new to photoshop.

    Good time to learn though :thumb:

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  • rajuseattle
    04-19 03:05 PM

    If we all unite and just fight for the cause of VISA recapture bill we all will get benefit, people i nthe backlog will be cleared and the people waiting in queue will be able to file their AoS and enjoy the EAD/AoS Benefits.


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  • BrightSpark
    06-19 02:44 PM
    In my opinion the selection tool are the first thing you should get really comfortable with. Once you have those under control youre free to alter an part of the image in any way you want to. Then its down to learning layers and blending modes. :book:

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  • senthil1
    04-27 02:33 AM
    My analysis if the law is passed in the current form

    1. Non displacement provision will delay H1b process. But innovation will not be impacted as best companies Like Google, Microsoft and start up companies will not have a problem in proving that skills are not available in the market.

    2. When a company lays off they cannot recruit for 6 months. But a company is laying off people they will hardly recruit for 6 months. Generally when they do less than 5% of staff that will not come under layoff provision and still they can recruit H1b. So only a few positions will be impacted.

    3. 50% rule may make many bodyshoppers and Top indian companies force to recruit US Citizens and medium non public companies may split into many companies. Some H1b dependent small and medium companies may go out of business. It will have huge short term impact on H1b aspirants but they will adjust quickly to change their jobs.

    4. More powers for DOL will make the companies to follow the law and reduction of abuse

    5. Of course the restrictions will make less number of jobs for H1bs and L1s. But when economy improves demand will increase so that H1b cap will be reached inspite of all these restrictions. I strongly believe that system will adjust the new restrictions similar to TARP bill but short term very high impact. But that can be minimised by applying all those restrictions only for new H1bs. Generally more restrictions the persons qualifying will be best and bright and also wages for H1bs,L1s also will increase with improved working conditions.

    6. If pro immigrants like IV can negotiate to include Recapture or increase GC cap. But that depends on chance of passing the bill. If IV and other pro immigrants lobby and block the bill then that makes sense. But if the bill gets bi partisan support then it may be wise to take different approach. This bill may be like 2007 and may not be considered at all.

    I did not read the bill completely but my views were based on some major provisions and also I do not believe the conspiracy thoeries that they want to remove the H1b program first then EAD then GCs. But it is a protection for US citizens. I am not arguing that the protection is right or wrong but most countries in the world are trying to do that when recession. India has 100% protection for jobs for Indian citizens


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  • bindas74
    06-11 10:12 PM
    Hi Apple,

    Dont lose hope and dont lose sleep over it. I know it's easy to say...but just hang in there. Everything will be ok. As someone suggested, all you will be losing is at most 10K. Even that, you can transfer to some where else and should not be paying a cent. Why go now itself? Let's suppose that the judgement is not in your favour, may be , after a couple of years. Then you can quit your job and say you are leaving. I dont think they can stop you at that time. And I dont think they can make you work either, if you decided not to take up a job. Then file banktrupcy and go back to your country. Relax for a couple of years and then come back.

    So, all i would suggest is stay calm and let the trial take it's course.

    If you do not want to go through all this stress then as someone suggested , try for an out of court settlement. Tell them all you have is about 2K( take off all the money before that). Then they will know what your position is and might settle for that. Better take an attorney so that this is settled for once and all.
    It's possible that the target might not even be you. There might be some millionaire in one of the other cars.
    That's my 2 cents.

    So, just stay cool man..you are not going to lose anything.

    A proverb comes to my mind:

    "Try pulling a mountain with a hair. If you succeed , you will get the mountain. If you fail, all you have lost is a hair"

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  • B3NKobe
    05-30 10:59 PM
    General Overview:

    This is also my first battle iv started on Kirupa Forums, I started it on the Lab.Rats Forums and it has been great so far. Also if your wondering why I chose to skin an iPod for the battle theres no reasons, its just what popped in my head and was easy to find a nice image for. Now onto the battle info:

    iPod Skin Battle Rules/Objective:

    - Objective: Skin an iPod with a design of your choice (Not MOD an iPod)

    - Must use the iPod image supplied in this thread. Do not re-size image.

    - One entry per person.

    - Entries are to be posted in this thread by 20th June 2005

    - I and some others will then review the entries.

    - The best entries will be chosen for the polls after the deadline.

    - Please Dont spam this thread, And Enjoy!!

    iPod Image To Use Below:


    Cheers Ben :kommie:

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  • diptam
    08-25 11:18 AM
    You can't do anything to ICICI - they are private banks and the way they have agreements when you send money - they can tweak dates when to actually dump the cash , change exchange rates anytime ( within a reasonable range) to increase their Profit margins. Its just a smart way of doing business and making - i wont call that 'stealing money'

    If you want to be smarter than them jump to online SBI boat , they have the best Online rate and let ICICI know next time that you switched loyalty because they were getting smarted beyond range.


    I used to transfer money earlier by Remit2India (R2i) and sometimes C2i but since then they started making ( or your stealing) more brokerage money out of my hard earned dollars - i switched :cool:

    Let me know how you feel the online SBI - they are always 15-10 p more than ICICI or CITI so at the end of year if you save average $25k you are anyway saving Rs 2.5-3k. Not a big thing but they maintain some ethics about tweaking rates and the exact day they dump the cash to your account - i got about 43.25 when market rate was 43.57 and those smart banks ( or thieves) were doing around 43.07..43.12

    Hope this helps.

    I have sent money using icicibank's M2I service . Usually they take 5 working days to remit the money(atleast 8 days to transfer). I made four transactions last week(mon, tue, wed, thu) and they already remitted the money using low conversion rate.

    It just took less than three days to remit the money this time. Bank deliberately did this just to steal money from me. I have lost more than 35 paise per dollar and it comes close to Rs 10,000. This is ridiculous and its a big robbery.

    How do i get my money back? How do i make a compliant about this bank? They have no one to assist me over the phone.

    What to do now?. Rs 10,000 may look too small for us. But how can we let banks to act like a criminals.

    Any help/suggestion/comment?

    09-24 09:32 AM
    I believe the guy or girl who made comment on Immigration website has more like a grudge and might be carrying some old IV mistakes like lack of transparency we had in past etc. But gotta understand, everyone makes mistakes and improve.

    More, I don't understand that if that guy doesn't want to contribute coz he or she is poor - thats fine. He will still get benifits from IV efforts.

    04-15 08:44 PM
    Here is a suggestion for you:

    1) Book a round trip ticket for your wife to fly back immediately. Meanwhile, take an appointment for your wife with a local USCIS cert civil surgeon to take the TB test/vaccine. Take it wherever you can get it -near or far.

    2) Get lawyer to draft the RFE response. Submit the doc's report to lawyer as soon as you get it. (most surgeons will give it in a day or two after checking the bump.)

    This whole process should be done in less than a week if you can prepare everything else before your wife gets here.

    3) Wife flies back and continues with rest of vacation with kids. You can have your Euro vacation at the end too! :)

    Downside: Twins will have to be away from Mom for a week.
    Upside: Monetary Losses and life disruption cut as short as possible.


    Thanks for your idea....I'm trying to convince my wife to do exactly that if tommorrow's appointment in IO doesn't result in extension!


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