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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-06 02:19 PM
    to Contribution 25, 50 , 200

    How to change a poll?

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  • geesee
    08-14 11:56 AM
    Currently NSC processing time for employment based 485 is 15th Sept. 2007... My notice date is 18th Sept. 2007 (based on case status shown on USCIS site)

    Looks like I am going to miss my GC by 3 days and wait till next year :mad: I highly doubt that dates will stay at 2005 during next month bulletin.. (I truly hope I am wrong!)

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  • jayram123
    09-07 10:27 PM
    Yes,, they did...
    Our forefathers travelled to the promised land in ships that were full of rats, without food or water. Several of them died while trying to reach here.
    Once here on the promised land, we had to fight our way to create a free society that you are dying to be part of. America is land of entrepreneurs.
    And any one that don't have an entrepreneurial spirit is not welcomed here.

    What do you have to bring to the table?

    So are we putting up with all the biased folks like you. We go to work everyday and earn our pay. We are not a burden to US. We contribute to the economy. We start about 25% of the companies. I can go on and on.

    My question first though to the mods is why is this guy and his IP not banned?


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  • darkblue2007
    10-13 11:56 AM
    Yup, issues regarding passport should be taken seriously. We need to keep track of all dates in and out of US, name change, correct names, spell check etc., otherwise it will delay the process when time comes.


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  • shantanup
    06-16 04:01 PM
    Good to have you back in action. Your attitude towards IV issues, lawmaker meetings and advocacy efforts in general is inspiring for others.

    A Great Big Thank You to all of you who have been Contributing to enable IV to organize an event of this proportion.

    My sincere gratitude for the countless hours/days/weeks/months that IV leadership has donated in doing the background work and getting the advocacy days put together. Special thanks to Aman, Himanshu, Pratik, Anu, Jay, Sivkanth, Gopal, Puneet, Kiran, Meenal, Prasad, Bimal, Vikrant, Devang, Ravi, Renji, Ameet & all the DC folk who arranged for out-of-staters to stay in their homes and helped with all the logistics. I got to witness your contributions first-hand. Thank You to your families who supported you and to all the other volunteers working remotely and finally to the ones that I inadvertently left out, a humongous thanks to you too! Kudos to the member from California who attended the event despite having a sick baby at home. Many many attendees have made many many personal sacrifices to come for this event and they are worthy of applause.

    At first, I was hesitant to join because I hadn't been as actively involved in the past months; there was too much personal stuff going on that needed to be dealt with; too much work load, and taking vacation now meant I would have to take unpaid leave when I needed it later. Plus the cost of tickets and getting away from family responsibilities. I thought I could escape with a $ contribution and let someone else do the real work. However, a few phone calls later, I realized how lame all this sounded when people that didn't need to be doing this were working hard for my issues and volunteering for an effort of which I was going to be a beneficiary. It helped that we had a team of members from Texas chapter who had already come forward to go to DC and others were contributing to enable more members to participate.

    Many conference calls were organized by IV leadership right up to the day of the event and many volunteers made hundreds of phone calls to request our members to participate and represent their state and districts. After all, members of congress are working to solve issues that are most affecting their own constituents and having members from their own district coming to DC carries a lot of weight. Many IV members I spoke with had some problem or another and couldn't make it, and then there were few that really wanted to help out in any way they could. In the background, meetings were being sought from both Senate and House representatives, and confirmations were coming in right up to the last minute.

    Situation Room on Sunday:
    Got to the Situation Room in Hyatt on Sunday afternoon. Nervous excitement was in the air. Meeting new faces & reconnecting with old ones brought back memories of September 2007 and the atmosphere of college festivals. Training sessions were already in progress, followed by mock sessions which I thought were a terrific idea. There were printers set up and volunteers were at work printing business cards and IV information materials and arranging them into folders. Another row of tables had been set up for signing in, IV coordinator & state chapter leaders were matching up meetings with team members , reaching out to members to confirm their attendance and new members were pouring in throughout the day and evening. Pictures were being taken and posted on the blog. Past and present USCIS Ombudsman visited us there and supported us and spent time talking to us one on one. There were a couple of people that had joined IV just a few days ago and now participating in Lobby Day. Then there was my DC host who was not going to be able to participate in the meetings, but the energy of the situation room got to him and made him change his decision. And how couldn't it! I stayed there helping out until midnight, but a few folks didn't leave until the wee hours of dawn. I must confess that IV Situation Room is THE most fun thing to do in DC. For those of you who missed it, I hope Congress does nothing and you get another chance when IV plans this again. (just kidding...)

    Monday - Day 1 of Advocacy:
    We met in situation room in the morning. Everyone picked up their schedules for the day and were off to a day of true grass-roots work of educating Congressional staff of our issues and proposing solutions. The most important part was telling our own stories of how the process is affecting our lives and driving talent out of the country. The staff members were very polite and listened carefully to our points. Not one of them argued against any of our issues. The support was there, although we did hear things about political climate causing the delay in action on part of Congress. I was done with meetings at 4 pm on Monday and we walked across the Capitol and onto New Jersey Avenue enjoying the perfect DC weather on our way back to the Situation Room. Folders had to be prepared for the next day and schedules created as well, since there were some last minute meetings coming in & some members not able to make it for the next day. We also had to pack and move and set up the new room upstairs since we switched rooms in the Hyatt. Once again, we got out of there at 3.30 am, and had to get back in by 9am.

    Tuesday - Day 2 of Advocacy
    Another full day of meetings was in store for everyone. We had fewer members on Tuesday since a lot of them had gone back on Monday and a lot of members did at least a few meetings by themselves. By this time we were all experts at the message we needed to deliver. Once again the response was similar. Some of the offices gave us leads into other representatives that might be able to champion the issue. Some of them were supportive of administrative fixes that could be done while Congress contemplates on larger fixes. Tuesday was the first time I had meetings on both the House and Senate side and we walked through the Capitol to get to the other side. There is a little mini train you can ride and the building has impressive murals and architecture. But we had very little time to appreciate those in detail. I had the opportunity to meet one Senator himself and it was a whole new feeling being face-to-face and talking to someone that shapes American future laws everyday and is directly going to vote on my issue. This is what democracy was all about, and IV was the enabler providing me the opportunity to be heard on the Hill.

    Tuesday - Congressional Reception
    This was held in the Capitol itself, we had leading lawyers attend as well as Ombudsman and Congressional staff and lobbyists. There was some nice food to be enjoyed by all, informal discussions, humor and brainstorming for the future. After the 2 hour reception many had flights to catch and rest of us went back to wrap up in the Situation room and brainstorm for the future.

    At the end of it all, I was a little sad to leave all the excitement and return to "normal" life. But there is tons of work to be done in local chapters and those of us who have been to DC know how important it is to go and seek out the members from each and every constituency from our state, get members to come forward and talk to the media, and finally raise funds so that we can continue lobbying Congress to fix this problem.

    Thank You IV for providing us with this platform to get our voices heard where it matters the most. Go IV!

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  • Sherman_tribiani
    09-07 11:39 PM
    In that case make it 10,000 + 11,724 , as we all will be directly or indirectly watching you.
    Make that 10,001 ( the 1 is you). You will be present to watch the numbers. Right?


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  • sunilprasad
    11-22 12:25 PM

    Please tell me as you successfully did your name correct in passport, but what's about your VISA name? please clarify me, just passport name change is enough or we have to do anything else for VISA name too? Or VISA name will not applicable afterwards?

    Please reply me, as i have the same problem with me too.

    -Sunil Prasad

    This is not a legal advice to anybody, just explaining who I did!! Risk is yours!!.

    On my passport "Surname" was empty. Complete name was under "Given Name". Assuming on passport:
    Given Name: �Harjinder Singh"
    Surname: ......empty....

    Just went to Embassy of India - Washington DC. Filled a "Miscellaneous form" and under purpose pick OTHERS and write �Name Split". Then write on form what you want.
    I requested " Split my name as Given Name = Harjinder; Surname = Singh".
    Attach a photo on form, pay 20$ fee and collect a corrected passport next day.

    As long as you are not changing the name this should be fine otherwise what will be in advertisement " My name is Harjinder Singh and I want to declare my new name is Harjinder Singh???" unless changing a name it seem simple 2 day task via Miscellaneous form.

    Rest EAD / 485 I don't know because I am not at that stage yet.


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  • waiting_4_gc
    07-17 08:22 PM
    You Guys Rock!!! You are great!!!!! I don’t think this could have happened without your diligent effort. Again I'm proud of IV and feel great to be a member of this community.

    Just contributed $100 to this community thru Google check out.
    Order Details - Jul 17, 2007 5:57 PM PDT
    Google Order #212549421745090


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  • jsb
    08-14 02:01 PM
    Currently NSC processing time for employment based 485 is 15th Sept. 2007... My notice date is 18th Sept. 2007 (based on case status shown on USCIS site)

    Looks like I am going to miss my GC by 3 days and wait till next year :mad: I highly doubt that dates will stay at 2005 during next month bulletin.. (I truly hope I am wrong!)

    Published dates are approximate dates for a ball park idea on where cases are for minimizing phone calls. If published date is Sep 8, 2007. It could have a very wide window of reality between (i) someone has looked at least one case of this date, or (ii) All cases upto this date have been seen. Most likely reality is close to first, as USCIS asks you to contact them if your 'receive notice date' is prior to the published date (suggesting that normally they expect all cases by the date should have been processed).

    This suggests that there are cases with 'receive notice date' AFTER the published date, which have been opened. So, be optimistic, and hope for the best.

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  • chicago60607
    04-13 10:50 AM
    Have sent mine as well


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  • sheela
    08-27 04:27 PM
    This interview EXPOSED how un-informed and careless and whimsical are IOs in handling cases. MEMO should have been framed on their desks/mind....we don't have to remind these guys. In one moment they can deny as important a petition as AOS and just in a flash second they can approve it. They won't make any effort to dig out relevant info. It is like fliping a coin...plain luck when it comes to GC.

    God BLESS all those current...Amen!!!

    Someone gave a RED and left these comments...

    "yeah right..and they should come flip pancakes for u...anything else u want them to do inaddition to ur stupid and unreasonable demands?"

    Grow up ...and I doubt if you can call yourself 'highly skilled' if you can't reason out. God bless you

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  • alterego
    09-07 10:58 PM
    After hearing this, do you think our folks will sit quiet. We will do whatever it takes to makes sure that American jobs stays American.
    By god grace , we will make sure that Strive act does not pass. Especially, the portion that talks about employment based category.

    What an intellectually bankrupt person you are. If in 25 yrs time, someone who would bring skills that improve America's economic competitiveness and strengthens this country's overall quality of life is being brought here by a Lear jet, why would I crib over that, saying I only came in first class? I would roll out the red carpet, it would not be about me, it is about what that person is bringing and the need for it here that determines this. What don't you get in that?
    You are just demonstrating your ignorance over and over again.


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  • kumaruhtx
    04-10 06:54 PM
    Thanks for the Info.
    Where did u get the information from?
    Can you provide with the Official Link?


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  • santb1975
    11-19 05:09 PM
    Great way to put this

    I beg to differ. IV is not turning away anyone. What stops someone from contributing $100 once every 10 months?
    The issue is something else.

    In order to contribute even $10, you need to:
    1) be convinced about the cause of IV
    2) be convinced this organization means business!
    3) give up the "penny wise pound foolish" attitude

    (1) This should be easy for those who were unable to file their AOS applications in July/August 2007, because one of IV's primary goals (abolish retrogression) should then be your goal.
    This is also easy for those who filed their AOS, if only they realize that "working on AC21/EAD" is not as much fun as it seems, you really need the Green Card to live and work the way you want!

    (2) is a proven fact, and most of us are already enjoying the benefits of this!

    (3) Finally, people feel overwhelmed by the thought of donating $50 or $100 to IV but they are happy to spend much more on gasoline, phone-calls, and drinks. You make no difference to your quality of life when you spend $50 on gas and $100 on food when you go sight seeing on a weekend. But when you donate that money to IV, you are supporting the one and only grass roots organization that means business when it comes to fighting for your own quality of life!

    It's like investing in a "credit score" monitoring product for a year before you actually apply for a loan!

    If that analogy makes sense, please please realize you need a similar strategy for your green card, and contribute to IV.

    Preferably, sign up for recurring contributions, as this is the one thing that will help IV in forecasting and planning.
    If nothing else, write to a core team member and let them know you will pay $N1 over N2 number of months.


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  • chanduy9
    07-05 04:13 PM
    Lets concentrate on Iv action items..This is not an IV endorsed effort.

    I respect what IV is doing...sending flowers is not crime or illegal...we are trying to tell our feelings and how much pain we have taken.

    We are one short of 50


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  • pappu
    12-18 06:33 PM
    Thanks fromnaija and Ganesh for the contributions.
    we now have 7 contributions today.


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  • gupab01
    04-26 03:41 PM
    Yes, I have applied for H1-B under master's quota PP on the 3rd of April but have not recd any receipt notification...don't panic am sure we will hear something in the next 2 weeks...

    but the deadline for processing premium processing cases is tomorrow (4/27). By tomorrow we should ideally be receiving the approval notifications and not still waiting for the receipt notice....

    ur thoughtson this.......???

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  • english_august
    07-05 11:01 PM
    Thousand if not millions of us are affected by DOS's reversal or the visa bulletin, and it would be quite a protest even if 20% of us joined together and raised our voice against this ill-fated system.

    Well said. Just think of this flower drive as a way to display our collective might to the media. What really shocks me is that most of us are tech savvy and yet we don't even see too many blog posts on this issue by the community of skilled, legal non-immigrants.

    We need to be more vocal, and sending flowers is just another way of expressing our thoughts.

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  • reedandbamboo
    09-13 12:12 PM
    Please check your PM!

    03-06 04:33 PM
    Following users have pledged $100:
    Bharam, kvrr, Naveen

    Following users have pledged $50:
    amits, ArkBird, lc1978, qasleuth, ThinkTwice, vbkris77, kkarun, Kven24, munnabhai, TomTancredo

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    Following users want to pray God and see what others are doing:

    100 x 3 = 300
    50 x 10 = 500
    25 x 72 = 1800

    Total: $2600

    We are half way

    09-12 01:11 PM
    This thread starts with a call to all the EB2 people. Is it only the EB2 people suffering due to USCIS actions? Or are EB2 applicants a distinguised lot that they dont want EB3 to join with them?

    It is so depressing to see the attitude of some of these guys !!! There have been so many threads explaining the difference(or indifference) between the qualifications of the applicants.

    The suffering has been equally bad or even much worse for the EB3 applicants. I am an EB3 2003 applicant and my suffering has been equally painful. The campaign should be about fair treatment to every applicant, not alone EB2 or EB3.

    Any campaign will only be successful when we try to do something together.
    If you yourself are belittling the EB3 applicants, why do you have higher expectations from the American Citizens/Government.

    Thanks for having the patience to read my post, YOU BIG BROTHER EB2 applicant :-P

    Please do not try to thwart the campaign. We are trying to address a specific issue, which is about blocking approvals when dates are current, and for that, we are using this current fiasco as an example. The USCIS memo specifically talks about EB2 india, china applicants on hold. Since EB3 was listed as U, we cannot do anything about it. If both EB2 and EB3 were current, I would have given a call to both. There is no belittling out here. the Circumstances are like that.
    EB2 and EB3 are working together in the visa re-cpature.
    This is a separate issue, but will be useful when visa re-capture is successful.

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