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Porsche Cayman R Interior

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  • sunny1000
    09-08 02:08 PM
    Who asked you? Are we asking for your permission, jackass? If the 75% of the companies were also started by us, then, parasites like you will have to leach off us. Then, who will hire morons like you?

    Who cares about your admiration for leadership qualities? Why, does that sharpen your skills as a kissass to your boss?

    Your contribution is not welcomed. Go back to where you came from and contribute there.
    You say you start 25% of the companies. Though, I don’t believe this number but what about the remaining 75%? Also, what percentage of employment do such companies generate? Negligible! Every Joe Schmuck can start a company; it takes only few hundred dollars. And by the way, those were supposed to be my dollars.

    Having said that, I would like to remind the readers I have great respect for those with leadership qualities. Now, my questions to all, what percentage of green card aspirants start such companies?
    Just 1%, what about the remaining masses, they in my mind are parasites, sloths, cowards and will do more harm than good to our society.

    And this actually strengthen our argument that employment based quota should be drastically reduced and made available to “real people” only.

    You just don’t deserve it…

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  • seekerofpeace
    08-21 03:53 PM
    I understand JSB.

    But question is how long is comes down to sheer luck and chance which pre-adjudicated cases USCIS considered recheck and which they don't.

    Also they may simply deny looking into my case even if preadjudicated by the ND of I-485 receipt being outside the window.

    But again why are we trying to reason.

    In the "Ask a lawyer" Ms Reddy mentioned USCIS is sending RFEs to all cases for possible preadjudication....and since she does not mention that multiple RFEs are impossible, I assume any preadjudicated case can get an RFE so the very term preadjudication is meaning less if it needs adjudication again.

    And since you are putting time frame...and window of opportunity is far and few in between so essentially preadjudication is not a confirmed ticket to Greenhood.

    My 2 cents.


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  • paisa>cents
    08-14 12:27 PM
    Any one please let me know how does the receipt number look like.My 140 already had SRC number.Sorry for my ignorance.

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  • ragz4u
    04-12 02:06 PM
    He protested against the Vietnam war.


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  • akhilmahajan
    06-20 09:49 AM
    Following up on my previous post. Here is the format for the ad and the affidavit. We went to the DC embassy to get the name changed and they have next day (business days only) passport-by-mail service. I don't think they have same day service.

    Actual correct name: <corr_first_name> <corr_last_name>
    Current Name on passport: <first_name_pp>
    Name in US docs (Visa, SSN, Drivers Lic.):
    <first_name_us> FNU _OR_ <first_name_us> <first_name_us>

    Format of the ad we placed in Indian newspaper (TOI) and local US newspaper:

    I, <first_name_pp> AKA <first_name_us> FNU AKA <first_name_us> <first_name_us> d/o <dads_name> R/o <indian_address/us_address> have changed my name to <corr_first_name> <corr_last_name>.

    Format of Affidavit from India (on Rs. 10 Non Judicial Stamp Paper):


    I, <first_name_pp>, D/o <dads_name>, R/o <indian_address>, do hereby take oath and solemnly declare as under:-

    1. That I have declared my name as <first_name_us> <first_name_us> earlier.
    2. That I have declared my name as <first_name_us> FNU earlier.
    3. That now I want to change my name from <first_name_pp> to <corr_first_name> <corr_last_name>.
    4. That in future I may be called as <corr_first_name> <corr_last_name> for all purposes


    Verified at <city_name> on this <date> that the contents of the above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


    The deponent above is the person whose name is being changed. Since my wife was here and the affidavit was to be made in India, my mother-in-law signed on my wifes behalf know what I am saying... (ah! the things you can get done in India)

    We found out at the embassy that we could have used our India issued marriage certificate (which had my wifes correct name) and avoid doing all this. Placing the ad, getting the affidavit and posting it to US all took a total of 1 week. We went to the DC embassy early on a Friday and we got the passport with the name changed via mail by Monday.

    Another friend of mine got the same thing done via the mail-in service. It took him 2 weeks to get the passport back.

    Hope this helps.

    thanks a lot buddy................ really appreciate your help..............

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  • kinvin
    08-14 02:10 PM
    Enquequed. Was it at TSC?


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  • thomachan72
    04-11 08:48 AM
    your immagination/calculation might be what?? Havnt we seen a lot of posting about what mischief is being done by a handful?? why do we spend our time on analysing that? IV shouldn't be a website where I log in in the morning and find what all mischief is happening or happened or will happen. There are mischief makers and let the law deal with them. we are a group of straightforward individuals who wish to concenterate on fighting the injustice of the extreme delays. If there was a mischief the USCIS is supposed to catch them and fix it. it is not allowed to delay yours/ mine just because a few others did something wrong. Please concentrate on today and tomorrow. Plan for a new line of action and we will join.

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  • chanduv23
    07-05 10:01 PM
    I think that the IV core is aware of this campaign. They are not against it, as far as I understand, though obviously, there is no direct endorsement from them either.

    I think this is a great idea to get media attention - something different and unique, and media always loves these things. The only thing that can doom it to failure is lack of enough numbers.

    If we go and tell a journalist about this campaign, the first question we will be asked is, "how many flowers are you talking about?" and if our answer would 50 or 100, then the story dies right there. 250,000 affected skilled immigrants and only 100 of them are enthu enough to send flowers - well that's no story :rolleyes:.

    So the only thing I can say is that at worst, this action will do you no harm and you will be out of 30-40 dollars. But at best, this can give us a media spotlight - and I think it is worth it.

    Well no one wants to spend $20 to contribute to IV but ready $30 for flowers and post it to Gonzalez :)

    The idea that core wants to float is to have an effective campaign under the IV umbrella. Please come up with more innovative ideas and discuss with core.


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  • PlainSpeak
    04-15 09:43 PM
    So typical of you guys. Once you lose an argument you start abusing and if the opponent is a female its more the merrier for you guys. Do you even know the basis rule of being polite with everyone in USA. So if the guy is an american you will kiss his feet. The moment the person is an indian you start abusing if it is an indian female then you have a licence to abuse

    And these are the kinds of people who will get US citizenshiph

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  • santb1975
    06-23 10:34 PM
    It has been a real busy year with long working days and multiple complex projects that have been taking away my weekends when I first saw the news about Advocacy days planned by Immigration Voice in Washington D.C. That was definitely not another thing I had time and energy for. My first thought about the event was that I will make it if I can. As days went by I did not want to miss this event. I thought I would regret if I missed this. After a couple of years of no talks about immigration, Advocacy days provided a good opportunity to focus and advocate for issues we all have been living with for many years with many more to come. My vacation request was sent for approval to all the project managers I have been working with and got approved.
    I landed in D.C saturday evening and went to the situation room on Sunday. The situation room was filled with passionate people who have made a choice to dedicate their time to advocate for issues faced by our community. All of us had a lot to accomplish over the next three days. Every one of us had anywhere between four to eight meetings with people who write laws that shape this nation and determine its future. There were a few events happening in the situation room throughout the day like registering members, giving out meeting schedules, tracking schedule changes, training members on how to handle meetings with law makers, mockup lawmaker meetings, preparing meeting materials, printing business cards, making sure everyone has necessary accommodation, making sure everyone knows where their meetings are, who their team members are etc. Towards the end of the day, former USCIS Ombudsman made a visit to the situation room and told all of us how important it is for us to take our issues to law makers and keep up with the work we have done when we go back home. Things don�t happen in life if we don�t try. He really felt bad for all of us who had to walk between House and Senate offices for our meetings over the next couple of days. It was around 11 PM when most of us were ready for the next day. I met my team before I left the situation room and I knew our team was high performing and would do really well. A few people stayed back to finish up and it turns out everyone who stayed back were up until 4 AM.
    We had five meetings scheduled for day 1 in three different buildings on the same side of the capital building. We picked up an additional meeting over the ones we were already scheduled for since we had additional time. Everyone we met knew our issues and were very supportive. No one needed an introduction. Our team accomplished a lot on day and we felt really good. Towards the end of the day and my foot started screaming. Walking between three large buildings which serve as offices for House of Representatives and climbing steep staircases gave me one less blister compared to what I normally get after finishing a half Marathon and next day was not going to be a day of rest.
    My second day turned out to be more exciting compared to the first one. I had five meetings scheduled and I was going solo for my first two lawmaker meetings. I had an opportunity to give a process overview of obtaining permanent residency (Green Card) for highly skilled legal immigrants in one office and that felt really good. After my second meeting I met my IV friends from Southern California and we all headed to our next meeting together. We went to the Rayburn cafeteria to get lunch after. Just when I thought I had luxury of having a 90 minute lunch and only two more meetings to go to for the day my foot really started screaming. The dress code on the hill did not allow me to take my shoes off and stretch my foot or wear sneakers. It felt better to sit for the next 90 minutes in the cafeteria compared to walking or standing. Our next meeting was in the Senate building which was on the other side of the Capital. Normally it would take about 10 to 15 minutes to walk to other side but it took over 40 minutes to reach the office we were supposed to get to only to find out that our meeting got rescheduled to 4:30 PM. I had a 5 PM meeting scheduled as well which did not give me enough time to stay for this meeting and head to the building I came from earlier. I split from my team and started walking towards the other side of the capitol hill for my 5 PM appointment almost an hour early because of my foot issues. I couldn�t really walk for long after I left the senate building. I walked to the nearest bench in front of the capital. I didn�t care about anyone watching me and just took my shoes off and sat down for the next 30 minutes before I could walk again. Our 5 PM meeting was with a Congressman himself and had a Core team member, myself and another member who was later offered an unpaid Internship by a lobbying firm. Just when we were wondering why the position would be unpaid we were told that the reason for being unpaid was because the green card process for the member accepting the position would be reset since It would not fall under same or similar category which made all of us crack up.
    Our next stop was the congressional reception which gave us an opportunity to spend the evening with present and former USCIS Ombudsman, representatives from law maker�s offices, personnel from our lobbying group and a few prominent Immigration attorneys. Our reception was wrapped out around 8 PM and we headed to the situation room for our closing meeting. Our closing meeting went on until 11 after which each one of us took our Action items and next steps to take back to our districts. Everyone we met over the past couple of days told us to keep up the work we have been doing for the past few years. Good work and great follow through always leads to good results.


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  • redds777
    06-09 12:34 PM
    Hi Guys

    I would like to point out a few things about the recent Lobby day we from IV did on June 6th and 7th in Washington DC.

    I am a proud participant and I am glad I did take part in it. This was my first time and I am ready to this again when needed. Initially I was skeptical about this drive like a lot of you . But after I saw the commitment and dedication of our senior members , I am encouraged and I am glad I went there to DC and I was surprised how positive was the response I got from the offices of senators and congressmen and congresswomen. There were a lot of IV members who traveled from all across the country although there were a few states from where members could not make it to DC. Thanks to all of those who attended this event and those who attended know how much positive feeling we had on those 3 days.

    In my opinion we were successful in bringing the attention of various congressmen/congresswomen and senators to the issue of employment based green card backlogs. A lot of the senators offices were already aware of what IV is doing and in some cases when we said we are from IV, They started telling why we were there and they were very supportive of our cause.

    Some of them had no idea what we were talking about. They think that there is no such thing as backlog in green cards for high skilled immigrants from some countries like India and china and Philippines etc.. We had to educate them and explain the entire green card process steps to their legal aides but towards the end they understood our issue and were supportive of our cause.

    Actually a lot of the staffers of senators and congressmen attended the Reception on capital hill on Tuesday. That also underscores the support we have there. To translate the support into more concrete legislative support in our favor, We need to organize more and increase number of members attending these events in future to have a more solid impact on them.

    I want to bring up one point very clearly. Guys there is no one in Washington DC offices talking about the difficulties we are facing other than IV organization members . We need to lobby the lawmakers much much before any legislation is drafted and taken up for debate in congress. If we think we will rise up and make some noise when the bill is tabled, we are wrong. By then we will be very very late in the game. The deals would have already be done in congress and our issues will not be addressed at all. ( that is just how business is done in Washington . If you snooze you loose) We need to rise up and take a more active role in IV by
    1. Contacting senators and congressmen in our districts and explain to them the issues we are facing , IV Can help you by providing the documentation required and any other help needed in talking to the representatives. ( you will be surprised by their support and positive response to our issues when you meet them )
    2. Register and take part in the IV state chapters meetings and discussions
    3. Donate what ever we can ( 10 , 20 , 30$ etc..) to our cause in IV . If we can not help ourselves, no one can help us .(keep in mind in DC We would need money to take up any advocacy efforts ).
    4. Participate in the lobby drives and other such events to raise awareness about our problems. Numbers really matter in DC . just posting the issues on forums will not help us although it may serve as a consolation by venting out on forums . this will not take us anywhere

    Guys please talk to your friends who are in the limbo in EB GC process and get them to actively be involved for our cause. We all will be benefited by the results from the efforts we put in. We all have day jobs at the same time we need to sacrifice some time and resources to the larger cause.
    Hope I have inspired my fellow members who are sitting on fence to actively get involved in IV and support our cause.


    Just got back to from DC and back to work. In a nutshell, it was amazing to relive the 2007 experience and reconnect with the dedicated IV members and Core team.

    More updates coming..

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  • pappu
    12-20 10:20 AM
    I guess you mean Dec 20.
    yes corrected


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  • dwhuser
    08-25 12:27 PM
    There's a soft lud yesterday on our 485 and I-140 online cases status. Although it doesn't mean anything I got a quick question. Does an infopass appointment trigger soft LUD's. Yesterday we were suppose to attend an infopass appointment and got delayed in a traffic jam and were late by 10 mins and had to cancel the appointment.
    Also we recently filed AC21 due to a change in employer. Do you think that would be the reason?

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  • delhirocks
    07-05 07:20 PM
    Thats a pretty harsh message in my books...

    Type: "Get Well Soon"- with a big balloon
    Only a very sick mind can play such games with our lives. We wish you all the best in predicting the next visa bulletin and pray to god to have mercy on your soul. Regards, A victim of July 2nd Visa scam!

    For July 10th.

    I wish we can somehow capture the delivery on film. The reaction will be worth the while. Also someone needs to tip off the media to be there.


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  • dtekkedil
    07-05 04:17 PM
    Lets concentrate on Iv action items..This is not an IV endorsed effort.

    This is probably not endorsed by IV. But the idea is to support one of the efforts endorsed by IV!

    One of the IV endorsed effort is creating a media blitz. Our hope is that this will work towards creating that media interest!

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  • gsc999
    07-06 01:00 PM
    Guys, any reason why we have a whopping 70% of the members not interested in contributing to this idea??

    I will give you a couple of reasons, why I am not supporting this idea, at the same time I won't discourage you from doing it:

    Last year when CIR was being discussed in Senate, anti-immigrants sent thousands of bricks to Senator's offices. Bricks build walls, their message was clear, focus on border security first. This was a -ve campaign. It was popular in the right wing media but since CIR passed in Senate. I am presuming this campaign didn't work. The reason it failed was because the idea was to grab headlines but no thought on what after that. No strategy. Lets correlate this with flowers. An officer at USCIS will get these or maybe a dozen people. They will feel good. End of story. They don't have the ability to change the USCIS policy or the July bulletin, which is IV's aim. So basically sending flower is a gushy gesture and may sound fancy but USCIS doesn't work on emotion. If it did, why would they loose thousands of visas each year even though there is rampant backlog and retrogression?

    Some members say well, flowers will attract media attention and hence help our cause. Well, unless Paris Hilton is sending those flowers you won't get much media's attention. Indirect, subtle and passive communication doesn't work in America. That is a cultural issue that these members need to come to grips with fast.

    Our goal is to make USCIS accept July applications for AOS for GC. Since USCIS won't do that whats the best way to do it, well to exert external pressure. How is that done. Contact Media, Senators, Congress members and the Judicial system.

    Too much babbling on my part, now, I am going to write a journalist requesting more media coverage on our issue.

    Best of luck


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  • ganguteli
    02-25 11:33 AM
    Is IV only for those who have filed I485?

    I gave my opinion and people gave me lot of reds. There is a majority here who already have EAD and have filed I485. You people do not care for those who are less fortunate and struggling in the early stages of the process. If July 07 had not happened, all of you would be asking for I485 filing option today.

    By giving reds to people who disagree you will drive people away and make IV only for those who have filed I485 and not for the entire EB immigration people.

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  • sagittarian
    04-10 02:41 PM

    So ~13000 in the first two days. Mine is going to reach tomorrow. Do I still have a chance ??????

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  • Sherman_tribiani
    09-07 11:39 PM
    In that case make it 10,000 + 11,724 , as we all will be directly or indirectly watching you.
    Make that 10,001 ( the 1 is you). You will be present to watch the numbers. Right?

    07-06 09:19 PM
    We are all just doing our best in a bad situation. Anyway the more Gandhigiri we do the closer we can get to the essense of Gandhigiri. We would like to learn from the experience.

    u guys are negating the effect of the "gandhigiri" by sending the flowers and then sayin f$#k u for screwing it up, thats a stupid strategy and fails the essence of the "gandhigiri" cAmpaign

    07-17 06:54 PM
    you guys rock man!

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