Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • gc_vbin
    05-30 11:33 PM
    If it is just a name change from maiden to married (i.e. change in surname) you don't need a court order. All you need is your marriage certificate and a notarized affidavit to change the name on the passport.


    I am also trying to go through the process of getting my spouse's name changed. I got good information from all your posts, but I am trying to understand the order of steps to be followed:

    1. Place ads in newspapers in US and India
    2. Get the local court order
    3. Mail all the required docs to respective Indian Embassy in US along with court order
    4. Once passport received with new name, use the court order and passport to change names in SSN, drivers license etc.
    5. Once all of them are changed, send all copies to USCIS (New name will be applied with next stamping and for now we ll still carry old and new passports pinned togther)

    Please let me know if I am missing something and any details if possible.

    Thank you

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  • bsbawa10
    09-05 05:14 PM
    Hello Guys

    How many days we will have left in Sep month. Now its too late any action we will take may need 15 days or more .. by that time we will have oct month and new bulletin..

    rather than there will be a some movement on HR 5882 bill next week.. lets focus on it so it will solve problem for all.

    This is also for all and it is not about recapturing the visas alone. It is about justice to anybody whose PD is current. What kind of justice would it be if your PD is current after the visas have been recaptured and you are waiting for 10 years just because your case is not being picked up in the random lottery ?

    Once again, please visit and make constructive contribution to editing this letter adding impressive thoughts. I am ready to post the letter. If nobody joins hands with me, I will go alone but it will be good if we are together.

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  • alak9801
    07-17 08:52 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you very much for your effort to bring this solution to all of us. You all proved that we could make difference.

    Shahid Alalm

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  • Sherman_tribiani
    09-07 11:07 PM
    Nope, they are not taking my jobs but you are. So don't care about them but I do care about what you are doing or going to do.

    then i think instead of worrying about this a few thousand ppl here, you should start to campaign kicking out those millions and millions unqualified born US citizens out and tell your MNC entrepreneurs making big bucks in Asia back to expoilt middle classes here.. uhmmm...


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  • kosars
    08-14 01:15 PM
    This is in reply to sam2006 above. I had an LUD on my I140 on 7/28/07 but my application was mailed to TSC directly.

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  • reedandbamboo
    09-11 09:31 PM
    I was just thinking and then this came up on me . How about sending a poster along with the letter campaign. I can contribute atleast four posters. They do not have to be full size posters ..can be just A4 size pamphlets kinds. We can just print them in color printer and send them along with the letters. These posters may make it to the press also as they will be funny and spicy for news. Actually, we can send copy of our letters to press as well along with our posters. If we make about 10 such posters, we can send one random poster along with the letter.
    Something like :
    feel free to edit and make better.


    Hats off for your efforts! I was about to suggest adding "We want accountability" to the posters when I saw it in the last one .. maybe these words should be in CAPS, "JUSTICE" "ACCOUNTABILITY" etc.. ?

    Good job!

    Lets now draw up a list of persons/media outlets/organizations to send them to.


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  • apahilaj
    08-14 12:44 PM
    Does LUD on I 140 necessarily tie to 485 receipt generation? I don't think so - why would they touch the already approved I 140 case to begin processing 485? Unless I am missing something...

    My I 140 has been approved in Feb 07 from TSC and 485 application was mailed to NSC on July 2nd. No LUD on 140 and no 485 receipts yet...

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  • uma001
    08-12 09:52 PM
    Potatoes, maybe.

    But seriously growing your own vegetables is a fun activity. I have not done groceries in the last few months (exceptions being junk fast food, yoghurt etc). We grow vegetables all year round. In fact we have excess of most vegetables we grow. Try it, its a lot of fun!

    And good luck to all EB2 and EB3 folks - we've seen good EB2 movement and we hope we'll see more movements in both EB2 and EB3 in the days to come. Till then, Happy gardening!!


    I grow different kind in my backyard. It all depends on the size of your backyard and which zone you live in states. I live in virginia. By this August end /september first week summer crop will end. I grow tomatoes(30 plants), Mint, snake guard, water melons (15 plants), cantaloupes(10 plants), carrots, okra, spinach , chillis. Its fun and hard work too. You need to dig the soil, mix with top soil or garden soil and cultivate it. Every week fertilize it. This is my first year gardening. I have around 3000 square ft of back yard. i do not know what to do with that. I cannot maintain Lawn in back yard. So I decided to grow vegetables.
    I am eagerly waiting for my fall garden..I am planning to grow tulips,beets,cilantro,carrots,potato,peas etc., If I can get same space for garden In India and work place just 3 miles from home , I can happily go back to India.


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  • pappu
    03-10 09:47 AM

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  • hpandey
    11-11 04:33 PM
    If he goes to cops what happens to his 485? He is worried that's why he is on this forum - I think he was looking for posters with similar experiences and whether complaining to cops worked or not.

    Is 485 the sole purpose of our life now ? Personally I don't give a damn about the GC if I have to see my family suffer and I don't think any crime can be worse than seeing an adult abusing an infant who can't protect himself and not doing something about it.


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  • greencard_fever
    07-17 09:01 PM
    Thanks a lot to all members for being with us in this struggle. We have tasted our first big success this year. Credit goes to each and every IV member. We were all affected by the visa bulletin fiasco and this is our victory. This is a victory for all our members and we must rejoice.

    IV had worked very hard and had been pushing for this in the background. Our flower campaign, rally and other advocacy efforts all came together and helped us at a crunch time. We thank members that sent flowers and also walked in the San Jose heat for 4 hours. All that really shows our commitment to this cause.

    We are happy that our efforts are successful and IV has been able to make a difference. Please also know that during this effort, IV was extremely active and decision makers heard our voice. We cannot give out all the details but what IV members should know is that these efforts should make each one of us proud and what we can do if we have a firm resolve. We were also the first to break this news even before anyone else or media could, and continued to update our members as time passed.

    IV also thanks its contributing members and it is because of their contributions we were able to continue this effort. Many thanks to the members that are contributing now after this good news.

    Please continue your support for this organization and be an integral member of this ever growing community, so that this journey can continue and we can end retrogression and have immigrationvoice as our voice.

    Team IV

    Job Well Done IV..kudos to you...big bow to you...

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  • ash0210
    12-19 10:31 AM
    I sent the info thru check from your end where it went wrong..

    system is working. I sent you a PM


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  • rnanchal
    02-04 02:21 PM
    You have hit the nail on the head. Speculate is all one can do. Relief will come when the politicians here want it to. When it suits their needs and interests, not before. They know exactly what everyone's plight is. They play dumb to suit their own agendas

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  • laborfd
    12-20 04:05 PM
    Sent another contribution of $50 through pay pal.
    Please contribute to IV, this will help us in resolving the issue with GC.
    Let's all contribute again for those who have not and to those who can again.



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  • GTGC
    03-09 03:48 PM
    Just contributed $50 -Transaction id = S-98L182225B618081N

    Lets get to the bottom of the mess called USCIS!

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  • pappu
    12-18 06:33 PM
    Thanks fromnaija and Ganesh for the contributions.
    we now have 7 contributions today.


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  • santb1975
    11-19 11:58 AM

    girlfriend The 2010 Wide Glide is a nice Harley Davidson 2010 Wide Glide. 2010 Harley-Davidson Road
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  • learning01
    04-19 11:19 AM
    I am sure guidelines for the stories are buried deep and scattered in the thread. For the benefit of all and a good story line for publication in this top US publication, could you once again summarize in bulleted points you are looking for. In the meanwhile, I will research this thread and come up something similar. Also, this will keep this thread in focus. Thanks.
    We need

    1) More stories, preferably non IT or IT if it involves research. Please look at the first post in this thread for the format of the email.

    2) All those who have sent stories in the past to me, please send us your phone numbers where we can call you and also our IV id. We might call you very soon.

    Such opportunities do not come often...we can really be noticed Nationally if we are successful this time and it will help our cause immensely....please help yourselves....

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-06 11:29 AM
    I pledge $50 for this effort.

    This data will be very useful in making a solid case for fixing EB GC issues.
    With this data, our claim will be supplemented and supported by the figures. Which is going to be really helpful for our cause.

    Come on folks, this is very important..
    Everyone is going through a hard time, but this expense of $25 is simply too important to ignore.

    We can do it...

    Amit, You are really a great asset to community. Thanks for all your support. This will be a good motivation for others.

    Guys, we are going really well. We need to make this happen. Yes, we can!

    10-24 07:20 PM
    Hi Friend,

    When you corrected your surname in the passport,did they issue a new passport with a new number?


    08-26 01:09 PM
    On my 485 receipt, I have RD as 7/20/07, ND as 9/13/07. But when I check my case online, it has 9/12/07.

    I had called TSC yesterday and the rep kept telling 9/12/07 and TSC is processing 8/30/07. I told her I have the original receipt in front of me and it says 7/20/07 and not sure where you are getting 9/12 from. She said "Oh I am sorry, I was looking at the incorrect place". She later gave me a SR # and took all the info. The funny part was she even refused to open a SR telling the date was 9/12.

    Not sure whether opening a SR now will help but trying does not hurt and it is FREE !!!! Hopefully the officer looks at my file and then approves it.

    If you look at my previous posts on this thread, you will get clear picture of what happens. TSC did receive your application on 9/12/07, although USCIS received it on 7/20/07. They entered your data on 9/12/07, and sent out notice the next day. For the two months, it was perhaps lying somewhere with several thousand other applications no one wanted to accept. Mine was received on 7/2/2007, but entered in the system on 10/11/2007.

    TSC doesn't care where your file was until they received (and agreed to accept it), which was on 9/12/07. So they say, they (TSC) received it on 9/12/07. Unless somebody has instructed centers to place physical files where they should have been based on the mailroom RD, it is very unlikely that they do anything but place in order they received them i.e. for your case, place your file behind those received (by TSC) on 7/11/07. It is not good, but that's what it is when they say "we process cases in order we receive them" (note that here "we" means the center, not USCIS)

    It is unfortunate that it works this way, but there is no other explanation to what happens.

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