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  • gk_2000
    04-15 09:10 PM
    I can see why plainspeak had been banned in the past. I guess she oscillates between talking lot of sense to lot of nonsense. I will pass on this phase of hers :D

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  • uma001
    08-12 02:04 PM
    Hydeboy is right.
    My american employer rejected to file PERM after ads are posted. They were supposed to befiling in EB3 and they said they found candidates so they are not going to file green card...I am totally depressed..This is the true picture in almost all american companies. BEWARE of green card.

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  • qvadis
    07-11 05:56 AM
    Hi Paskal,

    but the categories and priorities were created to be based on the jobs too. and there are people in EB3 with bachelors degrees only. so what? it's meant for jobs that need a bachelors degree. it is indeed your misfortune to be in EB3.

    It's very interesting to see the fight between EB2 and EB3. You don't seem to be concerned too much that EB3 is in a disadvantage. Well, the original topic was the 'disadvantage' of oversubscribed v. other countries. What if we apply the same principal of equality of EB2 and EB3 applicants and remove these categories completely. That would mean that EB2-I wouldn't get any GCs for the next two or three years until EB3-I has caught up. Fair?

    I don't want to get into the discussion if country ceilings are fair or not. If, however, it was suddenly removed, ROW filers who are only a few months away wouldn't get any GCs for the next few years. I haven't seen any opposing comment, suggesting that the meaning of the I in IV has changed.

    Anyway, in my opinion, the best bet would be to try to recapture Visas and increase country ceilings or set a portion aside for heavily retrogressed countries.

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  • pappu
    03-09 11:20 AM
    This is very useful information. Pappu is unarguably right that it doesn't make sense to wait for a year even after paying $5K. The whole system is absurd.

    I am writing mail to Ombudsman regarding delay in replying FOIA.

    Guys, as IV is also putting all options and working on this, lets not loose our momentum and keep contributing towards this. Pappu's message clearly indicates that if needed, this fund will be used for this purpose specifically and also as he mentioned, we need more fund to get data earlier.

    Please edit your first post on the thread to include my post and update your post to start this action item. We do not have much time and need to move fast. USCIS took 4 months to reply to the letter and gave us only 1 month to reply. We have already lost a few days.


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  • standard20886
    07-17 07:39 PM
    I Whole heartedly thank the core team for their valiant effort in making a dream real......

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  • abhijitp
    11-20 03:16 PM
    I never claimed any amount for this holiday gift on this thread yet but what if I want to donate $31 or per say $ 81 one time, I do not have that option now and so I will end up not donating now and wait and donate when I feel comfortable with $ 100/- or its multiplications. That is called turning away and if you guys do not see any danger into it I do not have any further words.

    Fund raising is an art and I believe our current startegy is lacking that art. If you guys see the base of any major successful fund raising (Grass root level not Political ones, mind well we claim ourselves grass root level organization)you will always find donors with $ 1 to donors with $1 million donatiing as per their will. Grass root level fund raisings can not afford constraints which normally goes successful in political and/or industrial fund raisings.

    Some of the strong supporters of current policy, in their argument, automatically assume that willing donor always used to spend $ 100/- frequently for drinks or food and may be living lavish life style. But they are partly wrong in their assumption...I myself never eat outside frequently. Even on a travel trip I cook my food by myself and I normally do not drink sodas or alcohol so what abhijitp has given a example at least does not remain valid for me but I can not say that it is completely out of proportion, as it has some valid logic but it can not be true for everyone.

    Point is if we make a wrong based fund raising policy, we may hurt ourselves only. I know my option, if I want to donate odd figure now, I will not be able to donate it now, and I will have to wait till I feel comfortable donating $ 100/- and/or single digit multiplications of $ 100/- but would that be considered a good and wise option?

    For an example, I am emotionally charged today and I want to donate $ 61/-(As I may plan that much only..for whatever reasons) but I am not able to donate so I will not donate and say after 4 months I will be able to plan $ 100/- but what if at that time I may not be emotionally charged to donate all together? So end effect would be I will end up donating nothing ( This is just an example..:))

    And for the sake of argument if you enrolled yourself $50/- recurring, you did it willingly and so would you change to $ 25/- recurring if $ 25/-option is available to you? (Note: I think most people on this board fear that with having a minimum amount option, most people will turn to that only but that may not be 100% true. and even if it may become true it will end up having more donation flow) For most people answer is no, I believe, They will stick to $ 50/- recurring option as they can afford and they did it willingly. But with current policy we are completely turning away the people who may otherwise donate, for an example $ 20/- monthly-recurring policy may turn 40 new commited donors in whereas $50/- recurring option is creating only 10 donors and thus we may be ending up $ 300/- confirmed donation loss per month. This is just an example and based on assumption that less amount would attract more commited donors.

    Having said all this, if majority memebrs and core still feel that this will be the only future standard for accepting donations then as I mentioned above, I will have only one option left and that is to wait till I become comfortable for donating $ 100/- ( I will remain emotionally charged...:))

    Some answers.
    1) Paskal has already suggested how you can donate an odd figure with a personal check... it is a matter of time.
    2) I think you can paypal whatever amount you want to IV using PAYPAL. You just need to know the email address of IV, as registered with paypal. I just sent you a PM, please check.
    3) For the latest event conducted by North California chapter, we were accepting ANY amount for a contribution. I repeat, ANY amount. Would you like to know how many folks contributed in the end??
    4) You are missing the point about expenses on gas/ food/ drink. Actually I have no business asking anyone to stop eating out (I know I love to do it every once in a while:))

    My point is, you make no investment in your own quality of life when you do it. So why not invest some amount every month in your own future?

    Do you think things will somehow miraculously change and get you your green card faster?

    Would you also please note that some folks are working tirelessly and/or contributing regularly even as those who will benefit much sooner than themselves from this effort, choose not to pay even $10 a month to sustain this kind of a mammoth effort?

    Please think about it, thanks!


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  • ganguteli
    02-25 08:48 AM
    You people already have filed 485 and have EAD. EAD gives you so much freedom . It is as good as a green card.

    What about people who are less fortunate and cannot file II485. We need to allow everyone to be on the same page first and enjoy EAD freedom.

    That should be our priority before any country limits or this thread action item

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  • optimystic
    08-25 05:23 PM
    holy cow..if the visas are already U for this Month..

    I am thinking about the probability of the officer opening my case next month and then approving the case? I cant see that happening anyway..

    Very near yet so far..I guess now I clearly understand what that means. :cool:

    Good luck to all of you for your GCs ;)

    What does it mean that EB2 numbers became unavailable as of Aug 21st? !!!!!

    The Sept Visa bulletin ( states that India EB2 cutoff date is 01 Aug 06 !!

    If the visa numbers are indeed exhausted, then, the Sept Visa bulletin will be INCORRECT ! and the USCIS/DOS has to redact the Sept bulletin !!! Sounds like another fiasco brewing to me ! Call it EB2-I Fiasco ! You heard it first here. :)

    Would be interesting to see how one can legally corner USCIS with proper evidence that they bungled up. They could always keep all cases in pending state , saying they are still processing/waiting for data, examining details etc, and not have to approve any EB2 cases in the month of Sept..... But would be very difficult to hide it from public and AILA etc...

    They could then wait until Oct so new numbers get allotted, and then they can adjust EB2-I cutoff dates more carefully at that time.... gimme_GC2006 pray to god that , come oct bulletin, EB2-I does not retrogress beneath your PD ! All my best wishes to you.


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  • pns27
    07-11 12:01 AM
    the point is well taken. but the categories and priorities were created to be based on the jobs too.
    and there are people in EB3 with bachelors degrees only. so what? it's meant for jobs that need a bachelors degree. it is indeed your misfortune to be in EB3. and we all know that its a problem and that is why we are fighting for reform. however, the comments made by ns33 were inappropriate and needlessly divisive.

    look, i am not trying to pull down EB3 folks in any way form or manner. my comments were exclusively meant to explain the need for categories to my friend who has been whining on this thread about iv being about EB2 and the need to give EB3 Gc numbers AHEAD of EB2. that is hardly a solution.

    now, for the last time, if this does not stop, i will indeed close this thraed.
    it will be too bad though for the original posters and topic.

    paskal, you are making up things here that that priorities are Eb1->Eb2->Eb3

    Eb1->Eb2->Eb3 is correct only from education and experience for the Job point of view but not true from Quota point of view all get 33.33per year.

    �The argument that Eb1 is preferred/priority above Eb2 and BE2 is preferred/priority over EB3 is absurd.

    The regular yearly BE quota is distributed equally among all three categories that means equal priority for all groups. So then why they should not follow the same distribution for the overflow numbers also?

    Said that all BE3 applicants who are eligible should port there PD to EB2, simple. When you know how the system works try to adapt to it.�

    We filed our CGs when we don�t know the system, we just trusted out attorneys. If we have to do this CG stuff again most of us will do it differently.

    "look, i am not trying to pull down EB3 folks in any way form or manner." I will take your work on this. But the message I got from reading your postings is different, hope that is not your intent. I am just letting you know, I am not accusing you, just giving my feedback.

    Please dont close this thread because of my post.

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  • addsf345
    05-11 04:36 PM
    Now you are acting like crying baby.
    Labor substitution was never illegal unless you have purchased it. Hijacking the priority date is incorrect according INA. If you are not feeling pity about the fellow immigrants who suffered injustice (also from India) you are selfish a individual. FYI more than 60% of the 2007 July fiasco were substitutes I am neither IV core nor you (as per Profile). So all these guys can do is to bring this issue to their attention. So they can decide this battle needs to be fought or not.
    You can check my earlier posts to know my status.
    As for as fighting is concerned you are the one who started the fight calling them jealous. Since you do not have any points you are using such slurs. Please be gracious on such forums. Even if this is successful it will not affect you because your priority date was current when you applied the I-485. There might be delay which you can overcome by fighting for removing the country quota.

    I justified 'jeolous' as I was jeolous too, when I could not get one lcsub for me. However thinking about it from all angles, I did overcome it now.

    btw, do you have any proof or reference for this?

    FYI more than 60% of the 2007 July fiasco were substitutes


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  • h1techSlave
    03-06 11:50 AM
    Is this funding drive for this:

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  • sounakc
    11-11 12:23 PM
    control your anger. dont go to the cops. just get rid of that person ASAP. you will be equally in trouble for employing illegally. as on B1 visa they are not supposed to work.


    Hello guys,
    Sorry for this non-immigration related post. We have this sudden, tragic situation that I wanted all of your advice on. Thank you for your time in reading this long post.

    We had hired an Indian nanny in NJ who, we learnt after hiring her, is here on a tourist visa. We were paying her $350 per week cash, which is the standard rate around here for nannies (incl. citizens and people on GC). We had liked her when we met her in response to an ad on Sulekha, and we thought an Indian nanny would be good for our first child. She has been with us for about 3 months, and we were intermittently not getting a good feeling with her for some reason. We finally bought a small security camera and installed it yesterday. On the very first day with the camera, we came home and saw the recorded video to find that she is violently hitting the baby on two separate occasions. Needless to say, it has shocked, angered and extremely saddened us. I showed the video to a couple of friends and even they say it is unbearable to watch. This was just the first day of recording and it pains us tremendously to think what all may have happened previously.
    She is of course not going to stay with the baby alone anymore, but I want to know what legal options I have to penalize her to the fullest extent, so that she does not do this to anybody else�s small babies. She it seems had come here last year and taken care of someone else�s baby in Hoboken, and I can imagine that their baby also went through this. (This woman and her husband are a ~ 35 year old couple, who have a multiple entry ten year tourist visa; both come here for 6 months every year and work odd jobs like this. They apparently got a (unsponsored) tourist visa after showing a lot of landed property in India).
    I specifically want to know if I will have potential problems if I go to law enforcement about this- regarding have employed her (both of us are on H1B visas). I know we have made mistakes and should have done better due diligence in this, and there cannot be any more punishment for us than seeing our 8 month old � who cannot tell us about it when we come home- being beaten on the tapes. We saw this yesterday and have not told her yet. We want to weigh all options before we proceed, but from today onwards one of us is home all the time till Friday. Any advice or opinion is sincerely appreciated. Thanks for reading this long post. And, to all who are thinking of nannies or have one, please learn from our mistakes and closely monitor your child�s safety every day.


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  • mpadapa
    09-07 10:20 PM

    I cannot use abusive language on the forum.. Have it as a private message..

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  • deelip
    07-17 08:55 PM
    Thank you every body for all your efforts. Special thanks to Active Core members. You made us proud for the leadership you provided.

    Outstanding thing is "Gandhigiri still works".


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  • chanduv23
    03-09 12:11 PM
    Just made my $25 contribution through paypal

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  • chanukya
    02-02 07:45 PM


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  • vinerva
    08-26 12:08 PM
    Is it 2 PM PST or EST?

    I am not sure ..I think it is 2PM EST

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  • axp817
    12-03 10:26 AM
    I haven't been called for an interview yet, and I hope things remain that way. But I have to thank you for taking the time to share every little detail of your AOS interview. Besides the initiatives that IV undertakes, to me, the next best thing about this forum is enthusiastic members like yourself sharing their stories on AOS interviews, H-1B stamping interviews, RFE/denials/MTR, Infopass, Travelling with AP/Port of Entry and anything else that can be a little nerve racking when you don't know what to expect.

    I hope we all do the same for the benefit of this community.

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  • PlainSpeak
    04-15 11:19 AM
    Yes, I support excluding dependents from quota.

    If you look at IV's agenda, most of the items benefit EB as a whole. The idea is to reduce number of people being part of quota. If you think in these terms, you should not have any problem in supporting "Exclusion of STEM grads" from regular quota.

    I support legal porting of EB3 to EB2 even though its detrimental to my own case. So I am not selfish like you call me :)

    As for your stand on MS F1 visa, you remind me of "rkay". He too makes nonsensical statements like you. If there was an violation of law, USCIS would have known it and plugged the loophole. If you have found some "loophole" that USCIS doesnot know, let them know.

    Please see my reply to alien007 for my rebuttal

    12-07 10:22 AM
    Saguar, this is not a simple issue and we cannot just this as an independent event. Yes these people are here ilegally but what do they do; work. Yes they work for meagre wages and reduce the price of commodities which would otherwise need to be imported from elsewhere. Now we have heard that due to some of the raids innocent children were torn apart from their parents who never came back from work. children came back from school to learn that they will never see their parents again. whole towns, churches and communities cried out in anguish when such events happen. The pain is tremendous. when you allow a problem to get so deep rooted into the society often the best way to handle it is to first accept it and then plan carefully. You cannot suddenly start deporting a minor fraction of these folks who have indeed contributed to the economy directly/indirectly. You can import cheap goods from other countries but people are now realizing that it is better to import labor and have work done here. This raids and intolerance has an element of hatred mixed in and it is not only about "law". Churches came forward to hide and protect the children who were affected by the raids. shouldn't the children be evicted too??

    I equate the situation to a person who sneaks into your house at night and in the morning demands that you respect his human rights and provide him with food and water. No one would tolerate that, yet some how some people think thats ok when it comes to the countries borders.
    The church encourages it as most of the illegals are catholics. Poor and illeterate people are usually more likely to attend church and contributes to the churches influence. Believe me, were the Mexicans muslims, Jews or Hindus the church wouldnt care and would probably oppose it. The mosques and temples on the other hand might step in..............
    Regarding the children, please understand why they are in this situation. Due to the choices made by their parents.
    I think you and I can agree that illegals need to be treated with dignity. But they should not be coddled. . A US citizen who commits burglary, driving without a license, outstanding fines could easily be facing a jail term. The article wants you to feel outraged because her leg was shackled? Please read the headline again. Their strategy is to demonize the law enforcement when ever they try to enforce the law against illegals.
    Yes the problem is deep seated and complicated. Giving amnesty would make them all legal, so the problem goes away! Just like you hear some people talk about drugs. Lets make all drugs legal, so the problem of illegal drugs will go away! What kind of solution is that?

    06-15 09:36 AM
    This was the first time I participated in the event - I had no idea of what to expect and what can be achieved. I can honestly say that meeting all the people who attended the advocacy days showed me the dedication this group has and also realized that there was so much more to initiating laws and passing laws and how futile our arguments are on the forums regarding different categories in EB.

    In the meetings that I attended either the staff knew little about our problems (green card backlogs and legal immigration) or they knew of our problems and told us about the vast hurdles in the political environment that keeps popping up and derailing immigration reform. However, at no time the issue of EB1, EB2, or EB3 ever came up!! At the end of Monday, most of us met to share our experiences and as far as I can remember none of them mentioned it either. There was a lot of discussion on what the staffers wanted to know about IV and the solutions it was proposing. We were met with both understanding as well as skepticism - and I believe our job is to have more discussion with them and to make them see our point of view.

    Obviously we cannot be in DC to do this all the time, but I believe that we need to continue to keep in touch with these staffers as well as make repeated visits to the local district offices too. Two observations, many of the staffers wanted to know if we were from the district or the state that their offices represented - and even though IV tried to match this, we just lacked members from certain area, so fellow IVians, I request larger and wider participation in such efforts. Secondly, I have met with both my Rep as well as one of my Senators office locally, and when I mentioned it to the staffer in DC, she was very happy and was more receptive.

    I want to take this opportunity to Thank IV for opening my eyes to a world that I live in but never cared to understand. The road ahead for us immigrants is hard and long, but now I have started to pave the road with IV leadership. The question is will it be just few working hard and long? Or can we hope for better with 40,000 members?

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