Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    06-09 03:56 PM
    Advocacy day is going well. There are about 300 meetings being planed between today and tomorrow. Its very hectic in the situation room.

    This afternoon USCIS Ombudsman came to meet us in the situation room and spoke with the members. More details and pictures will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

    This is one of the most important event conducted. I feel bad that I couldn't attend in person.

    Kudos and special thanks to everyone who made this happen.

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  • summitpointe
    04-27 02:31 PM
    Six years in US complete
    Previous employer cheated by not filing GC
    So need to change employer for filing GC
    I-140 approved with current employer
    Not able to file I-485 because of retrogression
    Wife not able to work
    Moving around for jobs with family
    Cheating Employer
    Frustation with H1B Extension and stamping
    Not able to Plan to go to India because of Interview dates
    Not able to plan on good school Child's education
    Not able to spend more money on good health insurance
    Lot of time and money spent on H1B Extension and stamping
    Signing short term lease for Apt's and moving around
    Drivers license based on H1B papers
    No benefits like 401K etc with small employers
    Sick with the current employer

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  • senthil1
    08-12 08:06 PM
    That is the way green card processing works if they follow rules. The perm process is to test any candidates are available for the position. If they find a qualified person then that position will not be available. But still the company can process GC for another position if they are willing. Most companies used try to reject all the candidates to get a green card for a H1b person. But recession made the things worse. To change the situation either economy need to improve or Change the green card process. One of the option is change to point system with increase of Annual cap. That will take away the control from employers and chance of explotation is less. But point system got a negative response from Lawyers and employers.

    Hydeboy is right.
    My american employer rejected to file PERM after ads are posted. They were supposed to befiling in EB3 and they said they found candidates so they are not going to file green card...I am totally depressed..This is the true picture in almost all american companies. BEWARE of green card.

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  • needhelp!
    09-16 10:27 AM
    sweet_jungle, can you please update your first post of this thread with directions on what we need to do and within what timeframe?

    All people affected by USCIS blocking approvals for current people, lets get organized.
    This time USCIS is hiding by not making official announcements.
    We need to act as we did last July.
    Lets send letters to congressman like zoe lofgren.
    NSC is issuing frivolous RFEs as delaying tactics.
    I am not seeing similar outrage as we saw last year.
    The time to act is now.


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  • YesGC_NoGC
    03-09 10:55 AM
    I pledge $50 for this effort.

    Shoudl I send money on the regular IV account through Paypal?

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  • newbie2020
    02-25 07:11 AM
    This sounds like an exciting plan.


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  • gsc999
    07-06 01:00 PM
    Guys, any reason why we have a whopping 70% of the members not interested in contributing to this idea??

    I will give you a couple of reasons, why I am not supporting this idea, at the same time I won't discourage you from doing it:

    Last year when CIR was being discussed in Senate, anti-immigrants sent thousands of bricks to Senator's offices. Bricks build walls, their message was clear, focus on border security first. This was a -ve campaign. It was popular in the right wing media but since CIR passed in Senate. I am presuming this campaign didn't work. The reason it failed was because the idea was to grab headlines but no thought on what after that. No strategy. Lets correlate this with flowers. An officer at USCIS will get these or maybe a dozen people. They will feel good. End of story. They don't have the ability to change the USCIS policy or the July bulletin, which is IV's aim. So basically sending flower is a gushy gesture and may sound fancy but USCIS doesn't work on emotion. If it did, why would they loose thousands of visas each year even though there is rampant backlog and retrogression?

    Some members say well, flowers will attract media attention and hence help our cause. Well, unless Paris Hilton is sending those flowers you won't get much media's attention. Indirect, subtle and passive communication doesn't work in America. That is a cultural issue that these members need to come to grips with fast.

    Our goal is to make USCIS accept July applications for AOS for GC. Since USCIS won't do that whats the best way to do it, well to exert external pressure. How is that done. Contact Media, Senators, Congress members and the Judicial system.

    Too much babbling on my part, now, I am going to write a journalist requesting more media coverage on our issue.

    Best of luck

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  • NolaIndian32
    02-26 05:15 PM
    Realizeit: So all of you who support this, please think in terms of how you can convert your verbal support into action in some way, in the coming days

    Best of luck! :)


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  • antihero
    04-12 09:19 AM
    Come to think of it, this idea has potential to fly. We can ask CIS to make the date of I-140 filing as the PD for substituted labor case. This will ensure that PD will move forward smoothly till July 07 at least. That will cover most of the long standing ( and long suffering) GC applicants and bring them relief. This will not have any other impact on the number of outstanding apps or available visa numbers etc. I guess this change in PD assignment logic can be done by CIS without the need of any new legislation.

    The idea inherently appeals to those who believe in fair play. How do we take this forward.

    I do agree with you, USCIS honors the old PD on the Labor, not the I-140 filing date.

    Dont know the exact rule on the labor substitution cases, but i know for sure people who applied in 2007 with old sub labor PDs from 2000 and 2001 received their GCs. I would simply call them lucky as they found the Employers who took advantagfe of the sub labor rule and filed their petitions before the sunset date of July 16th 2007.

    Lets hope USCIS do their job and approves only the genuine lab sub cases.

    For rest of us who were the victims of backlog elimination centre and then the stupid July 2007 fiasco of making very EB category current, its just our bad luck, in backlog centre too DoL processed our apps out of order and now USCIS doing the same thing.

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  • needhelp!
    09-07 10:08 PM
    We just need to make them work on our side.

    Why only 10 you tube videos when there are 23000 members in this organization?

    Why do I have to hand out flyers to complete strangers when 10000 visit the site everyday??

    AND Why only 100 votes to attend rally on THIS (, when there are over 300 active users at THIS very moment???!!!

    I think he is telling the truth. Otherwise we would have almost 100% attendance for the rally. But it does not seem like. So, i think we "so called higly educated and qualified" need to think about it.


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  • delhirocks
    07-08 04:21 PM
    bump...Please update if you have send flowers.

    Note: Use the message provided by Pappu

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  • krish2005
    12-07 02:21 PM
    I agree with you totally on this chanduv23.

    Doing things legal ways is just fine in most cases. But there are some times when you need to decide and treat people in a humane way.

    A saying goes. "Headache pains are known to only those who have it and suffer." Somebody was arguing that scientifically delivery is just a natural phenomenon. But the pains and trauma can only be felt by a woman who delivers and there are circumstances when you are forced to be in shackes during delivery.

    Hope this sensitive thread does not divide the IV community.

    Very well said. I have been on IV and actively participated in a lot of campaigns and events and interacted with a lot of people from different walks of life, different nationalities, different situations etc ... WHat I have noticed is, everyone has their own opinion and stay entitled to their opinion. Everyone wants to be judgemental through their opinion.

    Now, lets all for a moment - step out of our "legal immigrant" shoes and step into the shoes of someone who has to decide what to do? As a decision maker, what will you do? Everyone has their own opinion to which they are entitled and thats whats happening.

    Now, ocne again - step out of your legal immigrant shoes, and say, for some reason, you lost status and are deportable - what will be your opinion? Would you say "Shakle me and put me in detention center?"

    If you are in poverty and and have no food for 2 days, you may go grab a bread from a store and run to a safe place and eat it - will you talk all these rules about shop lifting .....

    If you catch a hungry child shoplifting to eat a bread will you PUNISH him? Ir will you try to do someting to make things better for him?

    All you have to do is to come out of "the hate and hard" thinking and try to look at things in "rational and meaningful way"

    Hate no one for what they are or how they are. Try to see if you can help. Just help.

    I have been living in US for close to 10 years now and though I am proud of fellow Indian community and their achievements, I have also noticed how the community is divided and oponionated. Forming so many sub groups, promoting caste feelings, fighting each other, trying to piut down other fellow community members, lack of unity and what not ....

    If everyone in this world want to be considerate and help - then there will certainly be a day when we can see a world without poverty, wars and all the issues we are having today.


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  • zCool
    12-20 01:43 AM
    I am actually giving up and have decided to take up offer in India as Technical Lead after my H1 expires next yr.. but Still I contributed 20$..

    Good Luck to us all..
    Let's Roll..

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  • MahaBharatGC
    12-03 05:10 PM
    Just couldn't believe how much the IO knows about. They are just so mechanical in actions and they do not even know the basic understanding of various bulletins. :mad:
    I pity on your experience and it just shows how important to record keep every communication you make!!!!

    Best of Luck & JaiHind!
    I guess My interview didn't go as expected.

    1) I reached the office an hour early.
    2) After waiting,they did security check and let us in
    3) Then the lady who was assigned my case, came and took us into her room
    4) Oath, etc
    5) She then started asking for Birth cert, Marriage Cert, kids birth certi, 140 approval copy.
    6) Then she pulled a file (which was labelled DOS Visa bulletins) and spent around 15 mins on Oct 2007 bulletin.
    7) Then asked us who filed your did your self or your employer did..we said employer.
    8) Then she said, something is not right..per Oct 2007 bulleting Visa's are unavailable so yours was not filed properly.
    9) Then I said, ours was filed in Aug 8th 2007. She insisted the receipt date is oct 2007..then we showed her our 485 reciept.
    10) Then she thanked us and started looking at Aug 2007 visa bulletin. and said, even then in Aug 2007 EB2 was U, so yours was not properly filed.
    11) I told her, There was an interim Memo released by USCIS that they will accept application until Aug-17 2007 based on July 2007 visa bulletin
    12) She said she will look at DOS bulletins
    13) After 10 mins she said, she cant find any such memo..and said, since there is no evidence with her, she has to deny our case based on "Improper filing when PD was not current"
    14) Then I said, if PD was not current, wouldn't TSC return the application denying on the spot? Why would they accept the application?
    15) She said, you would think so..but they accept many we are told to verify all the time
    16) THen said, she believes us but for process, she needs evidence and said she will look into further and then make a judgment.

    17) We had no choice and we were over the interview. we were little disappointed though

    18) After coming home, I realized she took all I-94s and we got panicked..because if 485 is getting denied and I-94s are gone, how do we prove our legal status, so we thought of going back..then I thought, if have to go anyway, then I should take a print out of Interim Memo

    19) I went back an hour later with the print out
    20) I told security that, we had finished our interview and officer forgot to return our I-94..they insisted that we shud take infopass and they wont allow anyone to go back..I had to really argue with them (I decided I have nothing to loose..anyway 485 is screwed and so stood there asking them to let me in)

    21) After consistent nagging, the security guy took our passports, interview response letter(After interview if your app doesn't get appproved they willgive a kind of reciept saying u attended the interview..blahblah) and went in

    22) Came back and told me to go in since the officer wants more details from you (I thought this was a miracle)

    23) I went inside, and after a while officer came back. We apologized and told her that we came back for I-94s..she said they will retain and wont return..We told her that we are not using EAD and we are still on H1B..she said she will give back..
    then she asked, I am sure you didnt come back for I-94 alone, did you get any document?

    24) We showed her the memo.

    25) She read that and said I am glad you came back..this clears everything out..I will run this by my supervisor and will see if we can adjust status today

    26) We waited for 2 hrs and then she took us inside.
    27) Asked our passports (to stamp...really)

    28) Then she looked into the computer to get the visa #.
    29) The we noticed a changed in her face and then she quickly turned into a folder of current VISA bulletin..we again.
    30) The officer said, per visa bulletin u r current and ur PD is dec 2005..there is no reason for system not to allocated a visa #..
    31)She tried for 10-15 mins and finally gave up..said she cant stamp in the passport without allotting the visa number..said sorry..I cant do anything..I will follow up with DOS ppl and will let you know in a week or so.

    32) The reason she gave is, when she tried to allot the visa, she got a message, "cut off date not established". I have no idea what this means.

    hmmm....still keeping fingers crossed..this is nothing short of a car race.



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  • rongch60
    05-11 03:44 AM
    As gc_check explained, all EB2 with PD<2007/7 will get the green card 2 years earlier if this can be fixed. I do not understand why IV can not discuss it with USCIS.

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  • aeroterp
    06-05 12:39 PM
    My application with my current employer under Advanced degree cap reached Vermont on April 19th, but didn't make the cap!!!! I do have another application through another company that reached under the cap but is still pending. So, I think I will reapply with that receipt notice.

    Just wanted to let you all know.


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  • greatguy
    12-19 11:36 AM
    billpay initiated for 20 bucks. Will reach the PO Box address in 5 business days.

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  • sweet_jungle
    09-06 03:40 AM
    This is also for all and it is not about recapturing the visas alone. It is about justice to anybody whose PD is current. What kind of justice would it be if your PD is current after the visas have been recaptured and you are waiting for 10 years just because your case is not being picked up in the random lottery ?

    Once again, please visit and make constructive contribution to editing this letter adding impressive thoughts. I am ready to post the letter. If nobody joins hands with me, I will go alone but it will be good if we are together.

    lets start posting on Monday morning.
    Over the weekend, people will comment and make constructive suggestions. By Monday, we should have enough material to post.
    lets post together. sending a single email will not help

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  • immiusa
    11-11 05:15 PM
    Hello Mr Thunderbold,

    I can imagine your situation. Feel sorry to know that your 8 month old baby was beaten badly. Going to cops will definitely help you. She will be punished. Probably, she will be deported back to india and ban to USA. But, it may lead to put into you troubles for hiring illegal immigrant, for paying cash and not reporting to IRS. They may even review your tax returns for the past 3 years.

    07-08 05:13 PM
    Order # FNM1321413

    Deliver on:
    Jul. 10, 2007

    Delivery by:
    FedEx�, DHL� or UPS�
    Deliver to: Emilio Gonzalez
    20 Massachusetts Avenue
    Washington, DC 20529
    Occasion: Other
    Gift Message and Signature: "Kindly accept I-485 petitions in July and honor the original DOS visa bulletin"
    <Name> - An employment based immigrant

    08-13 01:37 PM

    Your PD is not current this month, how come they approved it?

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