Monday, July 4, 2011

Toyota Sienna 2011 Inside

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  • cloud 9
    05-11 03:40 PM
    Put suggestion on Immigration Secretary's website to move back substituted labors according to substitution dates (I-140 filing)

    Hi ps3539 (Mr Genius)-->

    What should be done to people who already got their GC or Citizenship using substitute labor? Should they be kicked out of the USA?

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  • Michigan123
    04-30 07:38 PM
    My visa stamp has name some thing like that

    xyz is first name ABC is last name
    FNU is family name unkown

    The passport has Given name as XYZ ABC ....and surname is blank

    The EAD ,485 ,Social Security Card has

    The michigan DMV has refused to issue the Driver Licence ,They are telling the names do not match ...... Some how I have shown the AP document which has photo as identity and having name LNU, XYZ ABC ......accepted the documents . I know this is start of whole lot of trouble ...

    Now I want to know how to correct these changes at USCIS ,consulate .......
    God knows how many places ...........Totally confused ......

    Given the fact the USCIS has lot of pending cases and will not change in matter of months or years ....

    All suggestion will be appreciated

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  • diptam
    09-07 10:45 PM
    "75% people have undergrad degree" - How many straight drinks i need to take to Digest this statistics ?? Did you re-engineered this stat:D

    "Undergrad Degree" in S/T/Engg/Math - Could you tell me % and then i'll explain why you need to turn on to Macaca's....

    Say Hi to your friend Lou Dobbs/Ron Hira and tell him that craps dont work everywhere.

    Isn�t it odd that the timing of your rally coincides with the introduction of the Strive act? % of Granted you scored a point when you were allowed to file for employment authorization this July. If your one rally worked, do you really think other rallies will work too? The world of politics is driven by numbers; you do not have enough numbers to get any lawmaker interested. So wake up Macacas, admit it, you all are bunch of losers.

    So far as the skills are concerned, you have been harping on the theme that you are highly skilled? If the definition of highly skilled is a mere undergrad degrees then 75% of Adult Americans are highly skilled. I bet not even 5% of you have PHDs and you call yourself highly skilled. Huhhh

    And this for the leadership of your organization: You are wasting your time. If you are so desperate to get green cards contact me. We will see what we can do� One thing I believe though is this country needs people with leadership skills and not so called "Highly Skilled". So I will be more than happy to work with you. I am sure you have my e-mail address. At the least, I can help make the process faster for you, if so called visa numbers are available.

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  • sam2006
    08-14 01:36 PM
    create a protfolio
    and add in the Receipt no
    you will see a column with LUD


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  • sam2006
    08-14 01:03 PM
    i also think that almost all the 140 approved at TSC and 485 applied at NSC got an LUD 07-28
    and are moved to TSC
    eb3_nepa and others any comments guys

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  • Immi_Chant
    02-27 03:26 PM
    Wednesday is 03/04/09. Let me know if you meant tuesday or wednesday.


    Hi friends,
    No doubt this is a great idea and also as newbie2020 suggests no point of wasting time and loosing the current tempo and massive support of IV members on this regard.
    Would like to request all, is it possible to change the bridge schedule a bit to 9.00 or 9.30 PM EST so that it would be easier to participate for people who are in Pacific Time Zone? If most people have difficulty in doing that, lets move forward with the current schedule.

    Please update.....



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  • shukla77
    12-19 02:43 PM
    Contributed my little 20$. Will do 4 times more.

    Keep it up ..

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  • Appu
    04-12 02:07 PM

    Will Words Fail Her?
    Immigration Officials Snub Literary Sensation Yiyun Li Despite Her Peers' Praise

    Despite being compared to Hemingway, Yiyun Li lost her first bid for permanent residency because an agency says she has not "risen to the very top of the field of endeavor."

    By Bob Thompson
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Wednesday, December 21, 2005; Page C01

    Five years ago, Yiyun Li had a problem: How do you persuade the literary world to take you seriously when you're a 28-year-old native Chinese speaker trying to write in English, you've published exactly nothing and your training consists of a single adult-education class?

    Since then, the Beijing-born Li's career arc has been so steep it gives her peers vertigo.

    She's had stories published in prestige magazines such as the New Yorker and the Paris Review. She's won the Pushcart Prize and the Plimpton Prize for New Writers. Random House has signed her to a $200,000, two-book contract, which Executive Editor Kate Medina calls -- in what qualifies as a serious understatement -- "most unusual" for a literary writer at this stage of her career. Her first book, a story collection called "A Thousand Years of Good Prayers," was published this fall to wide praise.

    Now she has another problem: How do you explain to the federal immigration bureaucracy what the word "extraordinary" means?

    n the summer of 2004, Li petitioned the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to become a permanent resident of the United States. To approve her application for a green card, USCIS would need to agree that she was an artist of "extraordinary ability," defined in Title 8, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 204.5(h)(2) as "a level of expertise indicating that the individual is one of that small percentage who have risen to the very top of the field of endeavor."

    To the upper echelons of literary publishing, Li looks like a slam-dunk to meet this definition. Not to the USCIS, however. A year after she filed it, her petition was rejected.

    She has appealed. A USCIS spokesman says she is likely to get her answer in a few weeks.

    The appeal was rejected around Jan 2006 - Appu

    The 33-year-old author, who plans another effort to get her green card, had applied based on "exceptional ability" in the arts. Her previous literary honors include the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award and a Pushcart prize,


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  • kart2007
    08-12 08:24 PM
    EB3 Guys,

    Take it easy... This is just for humour, to have fun at these times.

    No green card for you. Just work well for 6 years, enjoy life in US, enjoy sports cars by renting, not by buying, rent a big house, have a lawn and garden in back yard, grow your own vegetables. Have nice vacations like Hawaii, Jamaican islands, Vegas, Porto Rico etc.,Have fun in life. Do not go for green card. After 6 years, get nice job in India,own apartment near to office and ask your parents to live with you. Take kids to school . Have fun with them. Try to become director, AVP,VP,SVP,CEO,CTO and President. Do not go for green card. After you become director, buy a single family home and mercedez or BMW and have fun. Retire by the time your kids become earners. Grow vegetables in back yard. Do gardening and have fun. Thats how life should be. Do not hope for green card. H A V E F U N.

    Well said. Actually renting a "house" in a good place gives you a much better quality of living for a few bucks more, without the headaches and commitments (read green card) of mortgage, downpayments etc.

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  • gsc999
    07-06 04:00 PM

    I just read article in times of india regarding aur drive to send flowers to USCIS.So its good we are already getting media coverage.

    all the best
    TOI, great. That is good because most Americans trust TOI for their daily news. Couldn't help with the sarcasm. :rolleyes:

    Anyways, It seems I might be converting to this idea of flowers, after my previous opposition to the idea. The only flower or a plant I can think of is a Cactus, will that work?

    I am talking about those three to five feet tall cactus plants, that prick you when you touch them.

    My message will be:
    "Dear USCIS, since the working conditions at USCIS are poor and you may not have resources to water all the flowers that you are receiving. I am sending you a cactus that is low maintenance.
    xoxo :-)
    Secret admirer"


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  • indiananu
    02-29 04:20 PM
    Can someone on this thread please take a look at whats in the link below and let me know if this will suffice as a name change in the passport?


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  • realizeit
    02-25 01:05 PM
    I presented this PROPOSAL to CORE and just now I received a message from Pappu saying that they will discuss this and get back to us in a few days.


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  • walking_dude
    11-30 02:40 PM
    Thanks hpandey. Others, please continue with the contributions. Let's strengthen IV to a position that it can push through our legislations.

    Sent 100$ via Paypal.


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  • santb1975
    11-25 12:18 AM


    pictures of the 2011 Toyota Sienna Toyota Sienna 2011 Inside. Toyota Sienna 2011
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  • rp0lol
    03-09 07:55 PM
    Subscription Details

    Date of sign up: Mar. 9, 2009
    Subscription Name: Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: rp0lol)
    Subscription Number: S-1PN16158NR129041D

    Subscription Terms:
    $50.00 USD for one month

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  • permfiling
    11-21 02:32 PM
    Nice idea folks.

    Google Order #161217886604401

    Contributions so far : $200
    PD: EB2 - 2005 //Missed the boat



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  • pritesh80
    05-01 11:02 AM
    I applied through a consultant for the masters quota and got a reject (I applied on the 4th of april) they have considered it as regular because the package did not contain a course completion letter (i will be graduating this may 4th, so all i could get was just unofficial transcripts.) Now the school agreed to give me a course completion letter.
    with which,
    I re-applied through a consultant through masters quota today.
    I will be applying through CmpB tomorrow through masters quota (just got the offer as of today).

    can any one tell me what is going to happen on reject/accept?



    Can you tell me what all documents you submitted. I seem to be in a similar condition as you. I have a letter from my University showing the 'Expected Graduation Date', I have an official transcript which shows the courses i have taken and i have an EAD card which mentions that i my OPT starts June 1st.
    Is this enough information?

    girlfriend Toyota Sienna Toyota Sienna 2011 Inside. 2011 Toyota Sienna
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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-10 05:09 PM
    There are only a handful who are active. EB3's are screwed so bad that they have resigned to fate or comtemplating using AC 21 and reapplying in EB 2. i have tired pointing it out to many that EB 3 as a whole is in the same boat, few care and the July filers are happy in the land of EAD/AP.

    Some people like me who really love what they do and dont prefer changing jobs have reached a point where they are begining to think if it is all even worth the wait. You will not find a sleeping giant, rather a depressed giant overrun by a bunch of koolaid drinkers.

    Hey you guys - ask not what someone else can do for you but what you can do for someone else...didn't JFK say something like that ;)

    You are ABSOLUTELY correct in saying that all the forums mention EB2 and very little attention is shed on EB3. I wonder why! Is it because EB2 recepients are more actively involved on IV? Or because EB3 recepients are quieter? Both these situations lend themselves to the bias towards EB2. And ultimately lead to one thing - more being done for EB2. I am EB2 and believe you me - I'm not complaining.

    Sadly though, the number of EB3 applicants is many many times the number of EB2. So, there's something to be said for participation and having your voice heard. It is no wonder then that we as a group are dismal at having our collective voices heard - we don't participate like our lives depended on it. And in this case our entire lives depend on what's going on...

    So, instead of bickering and blaming, why don't we awaken the giant that is EB3 India and China and have them participate as well...maybe we'll be able to kill many many birds (country limits, DC rallies, contributions to IV and lobbying activities, phone call campaigns, letter campaigns...) with just one stone....just thinking out loud...that's all...

    Any ideas?

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  • Eb3Pro
    03-06 11:48 AM
    Let me know how to contribute ? donate to IV or paypal to some member ?

    08-14 02:04 PM
    Fedex-d by law firm on 6/29.
    Package delivered on 7/2 (no idea about the time)
    Notice received 8/13

    Receipt Date : 7/2
    Notice Date: 8/6

    06-18 09:55 AM
    I have a problem where my "Given Name" is entered as "<first name> <last name>" in my passport (India). The "Surname" is left blank. I have been in the US for 7 years now and it has never been a problem so far. I usually enter the "<last name>" in the last name column on all documents. I wonder if this will cause problems during the I485 name check stage. Any one here who can throw some light on this issue?

    I realize that the question is a little weird, I appreciate any response.


    I had the same issue and I got it changed from Indian consulate NY. The whole process took around a week. You need to advertise in local newspapers which is not a big deal. Around Rs 200 in indian newpaper and $70 in US newspaper (Classified section).

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