Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • belmontboy
    04-15 12:28 PM
    Well IV support to this bill does not have my support.
    But IV will do what it has to do.
    So i cannot wish you all the best because i disagree with the approach

    Let us see how things will pan out

    we don't have to agree and support everything. IV does what benefits majority of the people (directly or indirectly)

    No worries with the luck, If I was lucky, I would have had my GC by now.

    BTW, many thanks for a civilized discussion.

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  • mdumar
    03-09 04:20 PM
    Doubled my pledge from $25 to $50.

    Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: mdumar)
    Unique Transaction ID #93K29071YA807004J

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  • sam2006
    08-14 01:03 PM
    i also think that almost all the 140 approved at TSC and 485 applied at NSC got an LUD 07-28
    and are moved to TSC
    eb3_nepa and others any comments guys

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  • abimanyu
    04-21 09:20 PM
    Here is another story. My spouse has been working for the same firm for 7 years now. After finishing her Cost Accountancy in India, she received MS in Accounting and MBA in systems management from a top B-School in the US. Even then, her case was filed under EB-3, after a two-year wait because her company does not immediately process GC for newcomers. Her case went to the Dallas BEC for LC clearance in 2003. After that we haven�t heard a peep from the Dallas BEC. Her lawyers, one of the top law firms in the county, are not helpful at all. They wouldn�t tell us our case number so that we can check the status ourselves or tell us what they are doing to pursue the case. Apparently, the company has been burnt by employees who have left the day after getting their GC. Hence, the Law firm�s motto is mum and the HR department in the company is not doing very much to assist. Besides assuming that miraculously the LC is approved, the EB-3 for India is so badly retrogressed�well, we feel hopeless. Moreover her company has a bond agreement, if anyone leaves before completing 2 years of full-time service after receiving the GC they have to pay a fine of 10 grand. Her job involves extensive travel, which is really putting a strain on our family. However, we are in no position to change jobs, even within the same firm. I can apply, but then, it is another 6 grand for processing and I will be way back on the line, and the standards for EB-1 is so exacting and the paperwork required is so daunting that it will take months to get all the paperwork and letters together. And, my school is not very enthusiastic about sponsoring people under EB-2. Anyway, what�s the point of filing under EB-2 now?


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  • akhilmahajan
    06-18 10:12 AM
    Can you guys share the formats of the add, you took out in the newspaper..........

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  • andy garcia
    02-05 08:19 AM
    No cap would be the best solution... but that is very tough to sell in Washington....That's why all this complications of asking to take dependents out of the cap and allowing overflow to go to China/India...

    As I understand, IV already made these arguments to senators and even the senators who are sympathetic to immigration are not willing to remove the cap..The only thing they would accept is that the overflow would go to India/China/oversubscribed countries....I wonder if one of the core members would comment on this.....You do not need to name names....Just a request give a description of your interactions with law makers in this regard...That would put this issue to rest.....

    theortically what longg says is correct.The system is not fair......but not many are listening to us at this point...So we have to find some way out of the situation.....

    We need both alisa and longg as members because we need more to get traction in Washington.....the only common solution for these would be to get the numbers increased somehow....Otherwise EB3-EB3-India-China-ROW keep fighting each would have nothing....

    If the DOS says this is because this what the law establishes:

    "The annual per-country limitation of 7% is a cap, meaning visa issuances to any single country may not exceed this figure. This limitation is not a quota to which any particular country is entitled, however. The per-country limitation serves to avoid monopolization of virtually all the visa numbers by applicants from only a few countries.

    How do you like if people from a certain country go to India to take all your jobs?


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  • reddymjm
    12-03 11:32 PM

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  • hsd31
    06-18 09:50 AM
    My wife got her name changed on the passport last week from the DC embassy. Her original Indian passport had only her first name and her last name was blank. Her US documents (Visa, SSN, Drivers License, etc) had her name as <first_name> FNU (Family Name Unknown). For a passport name change, the Indian Embassy requires you to:
    1. Create an Affidivate in India saying that the name needs to be changed from <first_name> <blank> to <first_name> <last_name>.
    2. Publish the name change in a national newspaper.
    3. Publish the name change in a local US newspaper.

    Along with the name change application, you have to submit the original affidivate, the paper clipings of the Indian newspaper and the local US newspaper.

    Alternatively, if you have a marriage certificate and the marriage certificate lists your name as <first_name> <last_name> rather than <first_name> <blank> (as on your passport), you do not need the affidivate and a copy of the marriage certificate is sufficient.

    The renew/change-passport-by-mail service that the indian embassy provides will take 10-12 business days (excluding Indian public holidays :) ). If you go in person to the consulate/embassy you can get your passport back within 3-5 days.

    Atleast as far as I know, the DC embassy doesn't have any same-day service(don't take my word for that, I could be wrong). Good luck !


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  • sanju_dba
    06-09 01:03 PM
    Hi Guys

    I want to bring up one point very clearly. Guys there is no one in Washington DC offices talking about the difficulties we are facing other than IV organization members . We need to lobby the lawmakers
    3. Donate what ever we can ( 10 , 20 , 30$ etc..) to our cause in IV .

    Thanks Redds777!

    For this event we did fund raising and that helped the cause. for the Lobby efforts is there any number that IV want to publish and members will get inspired again!

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  • sunny1000
    12-18 07:50 PM
    just made the $50 contribution...guys and gals, keep 'em coming!!! Happy holidays:cool:


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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-27 07:40 PM
    would anyone care about green or red i guess its better to be all red yahoo


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  • paskal
    12-19 09:14 PM
    I'll second that...especially the mini celebration part :-)

    go for it iv members, let's get to 50% asap

    let us surprise ourselves with what we can do when the collective will is there!


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  • what_if
    08-11 06:40 AM
    Thanks Deecha,
    My wife's case may or may not be fine. She came on H4 and got her H1 in 2004 but got a project only in the middle of 2005 and the company started paying her only once she was on project. But thats fine. If her 485 gets rejected (although the company not paying her is not really her fault), we'll just pack our bags :) Also, her I-140 is still pending.
    I appreciate your taking time for my question.

    Since you're a beneficiary of you're wife's AOS, you're in "pending status of authorized stay". Therefore you *are* authorized to stay here as of that day until a decision on the 485 is made (the unlawful stay clock stops ticking). If you get rejected on your H1 extension, you can still stay in the country and possibly work on the EAD (a derivative benefit of the 485). If you think your wife's 485 is airtight, and there's a problem later you can use the 245(k) provision since you were in unlawful stay for less than 180 days.

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  • NKR
    09-11 05:06 PM
    count me in guys...lets get the ball rolling... its go time.

    Few big question we need answer tow
    1) Why is there no forward movement of dates if there is visa was available from this year/quarter's quota... what is up with retrogression?

    2) If visas were unavailable, why was the fucking date advanced to Sept 2006?

    4) Why was FIFO not followed during adjudication?

    3) How the Fuck long do they need to determine the backlog ..? we need USCIS to publish the backlog stats. Without that visa bulletins are pointless?

    Enough bullshit.. as some user suggested here .. we should just raise stink and ask for their resignation

    All the 485 cases filed are i their system, it s simple fucking sql query .. or a join at the best ... a blind monkey with hair on its breast could find an aswer to that question in a few mins.

    To answer your 2nd and 3rd question, I think there is something's fishy. it was as if like they made a temporary advancement in dates to favor a few later applications. I am sorry, i am just trying to find the reason behind this madness...


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  • sugaur
    06-09 11:40 PM
    I hope Pappu will post a succinent summary of the event soon. Please dont do it in donors forum only. Many of us have contributed to IVs efforts and for one reason or other don't have donor access.

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  • chanduy9
    07-05 03:25 PM

    Who initially not willing to send flowers, they can change their mind at any time and send the flowers on JULY 10th. Please join us, we may get good response from media.

    Just post your order#.


    we are FOUR short to 50



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  • nogc12
    07-17 08:49 PM
    Now we have got the attention of the law makers time to push for more change.

    Great JOB IV!!

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  • vin13
    03-04 08:39 AM
    Just a reminder folks for those who are planning on attending the conf call

    conf call details : Dial in number 218 339 2626
    Access code: 245906

    Time: 9:00 PM EST 3/4/2009 Wednesday


    newbie2020, can you also log into IV so if there is any trouble connecting to the conference call, there is a back up way to inform/instruct individuals.

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  • sxv7392
    12-19 11:33 AM
    I just did

    11-11 09:21 PM
    If not you, somebody else will take this matter to the cops, and that person could even be me. Sorry!!!
    I feel sorry for your situation, but you have no choice.

    He might be thinking that the biggest mistake he has done so far is, came to IV for suggestions!!!

    04-10 11:32 PM

    I just applied for a H1-B, I am under a H1B1(Singapore) I have a Master of Science, from a USA univeristy in California.

    Does the UCSIS do the filtering in my application? Or was there a special process i had to follow?


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