Monday, November 2, 2009

make Way for The Good Guys *winkz*

Previously, I have shared a whole stack of things about Naruto and heyya!...I'm back with more right here. This time I'm gonna blog about the characters in the series so lets start with the good guys shall we?

Presenting to you...

Team 7 (Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzukami, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno)

Kakashi Hatake

  • Also being bid as Kakashi sensei and guess what?? In Japanese, Kakashi literally means a scarecrow! Pretty obvious that he's a sensei, so yeah..he's the leader cum guru for Team 7, guiding Naruto and his 2 comrades throughout their growth to be great ninjas and missions. I wonder why he ended up in Japan? *giggles* Just so you know (or as you already know, you Naruto freaks)..he's constantly late for meetings, classes and all. Truly Malaysian style, when you're still at home, you'll say you're on the way.

  • Like Sasuke, he's also a Sharingan-eye-user due to a past incident where he actually witnessed the death of one of his team mates, Obito Uchiha who gave him his Sharingan eye and imparted quite a number of his habits. Kakashi earned a high reputation being known as the 'Copy Ninja Kakashi' and as a skilled and powerful ninja with Obito's Sharingan.
  • He seems pretty similar to Jiraiya for their pervert-like behavior and reactions towards the stimuli of both hot ladies and! *rolled eyeballs*

Naruto Uzumaki

  • He's the main protagonist in the series (duh!), who has lived a very heart-breaking childhood being alienated aside by the villagers that mistreated him, knowing the fact of he's the sealed child of the demonic Nine-Tailed Fox. Despite that, being very honest himself, he have made many friends along the way and tend to gain trust more easily in time people get to know him better.
  • He's highly ambitious and a head-strong person, looking forward to become a Hokage somebody. Therefore, he trains as hard as he can, even the sky doesn't seem like a limit to him. He never gives up on himself or in the people around him.

  • Having a healthy rivalry between him and Sasuke, he constantly tries to improve himself to be better than he is without pause. He knows how to play his cards in life. He's a very cheerful and playful boy at most times. As a bonus, he values friendship and family a lot. Very influential too.

Sasuke Uchiha

  • A good looking, cool-genius boy that drives girls crazy (Yup, Naruto's jealous about that!). Rival of Naruto with a close friendship in tact. A sharingan-eye-user, a descendant of a powerful genetic based family.

  • Has deep hatred for his brother, Itachi Uchiha (who killed the rest of the family) and he desires to kill him. Therefore he will do anything to reach that goal. With that, he have withdrawn a cold and isolated character later.

Sakura Haruno

  • Sakura's a sweet-looking girl with an extremely hot temper and very strong in strength (seriously, no joke!). Can you imagine her punching walls that ended up breaking? Or even yourself? You will ended up seeing stars literally in space!
  • Who says tom-boyish girls like her can't have crushes?? *giggles* She has a crush on pretty boy Sasuke!
  • Very gifted in terms of medicine. This heroine is more to a medic-ninja-girl which will someday grow up exactly like Lady Tsunade (who also trains her), attitude-wise of course. They are both hot-headed and physically strong ( I wish I can be like that? It's good to give guys a lesson sometime).

Next labelled anime post...Team 8!
Come back next time for more aitez?

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