Thursday, December 30, 2010

maa modathi rattri

Hello,everybody.i am a great fan of this site.this is a very wonderful site.i want to share my own realistic first night incident with you.i hope this will enlighten the sexual desires between wife and husbands. My name is ravi.i am 30 and working in a business group in marriage is an arranged one and the name of my spouse is rassi.she is 28 and she is for me the most beatiful lady in the world.she had a nice pair of breasts,great ass,pussy and wonderful pair of buttocks and her face cuts are just beatiful and every man dream to have her.t

 Hough we married 2 years back we are still enjoying our sex for 4 to 5 times a day. I want to share with you the greatest first night encounter we both had. It is the first night of our marriage.rassi and i never talked with each other up to now.i entered into the bedroom at 9:30pm.the bedroom was well decorated with flowers and is having fruits like apples,grapes and sweets like laddus etc.she too entered into the room with nice saree and a full glass of milk in her hand in indian tradition.she is looking gorgeous in her white transparent saree.the view of her heaving breasts through her saree and her nipples pointing sharply towards me is just cock is saluting straightly at her beauty.she came near me and gave the milk glass in my hand.i placed it on the table and asked her to sit on the bed.she sat and i said as this was our first night and we will be together throughout our life.

 She moved closer to me.i said i want to share many many things with you about life on this night but your beauty is killing and then the show started.i took her hand into my hands.this is the first time i touched a lady in my life so i felt very much excited.i said we are not only just wife and husband,we will also be good friends and we have to share everything in our lives especially sex,it is just a symbol of love between us and we cannot find more enjoyment anywhere as in sex and kissed her on her forehead softly and slowly started to press rassi?S soft buttocks and i pressed her stomach and moved hands all over her back and i again kissed on her forehead and i said i love you,she felt discomfortable at first as this was the first time because this is the first time she i spending with a man.she returned back the kiss and said i too love you too. Slowly the discomfort in her is gone and her face started glowing as i talked very friendly with her.i asked her to be cooperative in sex and she said that she will be 100% cooperative and provide whatever i wanted and said i will be yours and you can use me in whatever way you want.we stood up and hugged each other and i started kissing all around head and i kissed the neck portion and bit on her shoulders smoothly.a small moan of ooooooooo.... Aaaaaaa..... Escaped from her mouth.she then hugged me tightly and planted kisses on my lips.

 I put my hands on her shoulders and i moved my body close to her so that my chest will touch her boobs.she understood what i wanted she started to rub her breasts against my chest and soon i locked her lips with my lips and we started kissing her lips and she just hugged me and taken my kisses.i asked u also kiss me.we had slow french kissing for some time and after some time i increased the pace on her lips and she also started to kiss we are kissing in such a way that we are chewing our favourite bubble gum.while sucking each other lips rassi moaned deaaaaar...... Rrrrrraaaaavvvvvviiiii please press my milk tanks.i removed the choli from her body and i started to press her huge boobs slowly and then i pressed and kissed on them like i am taking milk fromthe breasts of a buffalo.she started moaning heavily now and she is feeling the pressure to the extreme.the site of her milk tanks through her milk color transparent blouse is clearly seeing that site the sexual desires in me started to raise high and i started to press her tanks,milk cans,mangoes,melons or laddu harder and harder and she is moaning pleaaaaaaasssse continue dont stop with me,play with my body play,with my breasts in whatever way you like.i am yours.she said please suuuuccccck me.....fuuuuuuccccck me and i dont mind even if you kill me with your sexual desires please....i am very happy with her words and i removed the saree from her body and pressed her stomach and she is rising high and moaned ahahahahahaaaaaa..............ooooooooooo...........uhuhuhuh.....ggggggggrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaatttt......ooooooo...... Wonderful and i said i love u darling,u are wonderful u are my angel.......i love you more than anybody in this world and i want to be with u having fun with u through out my life time darling i love you i said.

 She asked that how much do u love me.i said among all the human beings in the world i love you 97% and the other 3% of my love belongs to my family members and relatives etc.i asked her how much do u love me.she said my love just belongs to u and i dont want anybody in this world and i just want to be with u all the time. I started to unhook the buttons of my shirt and she said this is wrong u have taken away my saree and i must remove your dress and she slowly unhook the buttons and remove my shirt from my body.she then started to move her boobs over my chest and she moved like a snake rubbing her big milk melons over my chest.she even knelt down and know her boobs are touching my cock.she knowingly started to rub her boobs against my cock and by kneeling down she started to press my buttoks simultenously.i looked down at her and my cock is simply saluting her and i did not want to interupt her because this is the kind of wife i just wanted and i always wanted a wife who will be full filling my sexual desires to the extreme.

 Then she stood up and we kissed each other on lips 10 minutes nonstop.i found through her blouse that she is not wearing a bra and then i touched her langa to observe whether she is wearing a panty or not.i found that she is not wearing panty also.i asked her why u are not wearing bra and panty,she said that her mother said not to wear them on the first night and i asked why your mother involved and dont u know about the feeling of sex individually.she got a little bit of anger about it and she said with smiling anger that her mother also know about sex and the tastes of sex.she had been having sex with my dad for more than 25 years and said that her mother is always the sexual guide of her.i said sorry to her and said that your mother is also so sexy like you. I asked her will our parents have sex any time at this age.she said that though they have crossed 45 years still they are having sex for 2 or 3 times a day.i asked how do you know that.she said that their parents sleep in a different bedroom and their moaning will be heard to her room.she said that they both will go to bed at 9pm and they will sleep at 12pm.i asked funnily did you see them have sex anytime,she said that she saw both of them secretly having sex naked for nearly 10 times and now also my mom and my dad will take bath together.raasi said that as they needed some change in their sex life because they are enjoying each other for more than 25 years,mom is dating with neibhouring uncle and dad is doing sex with uncles wife sometimes.they even go to different clubs though they are not wife and husband.all this is creating great interest in me.she said my mom teached the skills of sex for 1 month before marriage how to behave with husband.

 Raasi continued that her mom also used to hug her while making head bath.raasi said that her mother also used to press her breasts and even used to push fingers into her pussy and also said that her mom used to kiss all over the body in the bathroom. I become fully erect now and suddenly pushed her towards me and taken off her blouse and that was the first time i saw the beautiful naked boobs in my life.i pushed her on to the bed.i am not able to control my self and i started to press her boobs very hardly.i tasted all the breast part with my mouth and sucked and bit her she is moaning like anything.she is moaning aaaaaaaaa....... is is paining very much when you are pressing my boobs.but please continue to press them harder and harder.i want more pain.with more pain there will be more gain of enjoyment.come on press them....suck them....piss them...kiss them.come on.more please more please. After that raasi laid behind me and took of my pant.i have only panty bulge stood straight and the head of my bulge is visible to her through my panty.she requested me can i please remove this panty.i then remove of her langa and as soon as i removed it off,she removed my panty and we are both naked before each other for the first time in our lifes.she asked can i suck your lollipop,i asked how do u know sucking of a cock,she said that her mother made her to practice with sex toys how to suck a man?S cock.

 While i am standing up she knelt down and started to suck the head of my was very horny and she took half inside her mouth and chewed it by pressing my already cum filled balls and asked how is it?I said wonderful darling,great and i made her to stand up and asked her to open her mouth and took an apple in my mouth and we bit the apple for both sides and the remining part fell down and we chew the apple in our mouths and exchanged them from our mouths and ate them,we did the same with the laddus also,then i made her to open her mouth and splitted my saliva into her mouth and she splitted back my saliva into my mouth and she then splitted and then i did it again and we played that saliva splitting game for some time. Then as the room is litted with no.of candles and i blew of them and just made 3 candles nearer to the bed to be still glowing.i made her to sit on my lap and pressed her boobs again.then i took the milk glass and made her to drink half of the drink in it and i drank the remaining.

 I also brought 10 liters of milk into the bedroom and hidden the 10 bottles each containing 1 litre under the bed.then i made her to sit on a stool and took a bottle and poured the milk on her head and the milk flown on the body and touched her boobs and they flown upto her belly part.i put hand under her hair an made my hands revolve round her head and i ordered her that this is my time you dont react on me,u feel for yourself.i sucked all her body flowing with milk with my mouth and i lifted her with my hands and thrown her onto the bed and took another bottle and poured milk on her legs and over her pussy and buttocks.i sucked her legs and then i came to the most loving part in the woman?S body which i wanted to feel since i am matured.i sucked her pussy lips having milk as if i am french kissing the lips.i kissed and sucked made as if i was a mad dog.she started moaning now heavily aaaaaaa.. Greeeeeeaattttt come on carry on please.she is whispering God gave me just the kind of husband i wanted who is fulfilling my desires to the extreme.she is moaning thanks Goooddddd ,thanks for giving me this hungry man to this hunger woman aaaa...... ....oooo greatt,this is what i want.carry on darling. Then i inserted one finger into her pussy hard suddenly.she screamed loudly aaaaaaaa noppi(its paining).her hard scream made me so erect and then i suddenly pushed 2 fingers into her.she again screamed loudly slooooooowwwww it is paining heavily.this is the first time i am getting something into my love hole.then i remainded what she said before.more pain...more gain....

 She begged me for the first time be slow then u can do it in whatever way u want. I hugged her tightly and she too did so and we locked each others lips and started kissing like anything.we started revovling on the bed and we are feeling as if we enjoying this from so many years.for sometime she is on me and soon i am on her like this we turned on the bed.we forget our self during this activity and we suddenly fell down from the bed.though we fell on to the floor we did not part our lips and we started turning on the floor also.she suddenly parted from me and said i want u.i want u inside me.i want both our bodies to be combined.i inserted 3 fingers into her pussy.she moaned aaaaaaaa......its paining and she said i dont want this pain and she holded my big fat cock in her hand and said i want this.then i sat on her legs while she is laying on the floor and slowly inserted the head of the cock into her.the head of the cock went into her without paining her as she was very wet inside,i pushed the cock further inside and she moaned loudly.aaaaaaaa.....oooooooo please be slow,its first time plllllleeaaaaassse oooo.slow ga denggu(fuck slowly).this bad word in telugu erected me very much and i said langa slow ga ne dengguthanule kanne ne andham nannu champuthondi(i will fuck u slow but your beauty is killing me bitch).

 She said yes nennu langa nay ne langa ne(yes i am a bitch,your bitch)i am mad about u,your face,chest,cock,ass,buttocks every thing.i pushed my cock suddenly into her hard irrespective of her pain and half of my cock entered into is very painful to me also.she moaned louder like a dts dolby sound system.aaaaaaaaaaa......oooooooooo......aa aa aa.i started to move my cock to and fro and she is shouting in pain oooooooo i caaaaant bear this i am dieing of pain ooooo fuck me slow i want you inside me,but slow please,pleeaaaseeeee....slow its paining heavily.i continue making to and fro moves and this made my cock to almost enter completely into her.her shouting with pain,just continued to moan louder and louder as i continue making to and fro motions into my loving hole.suddenly her voice change and she said langa kodaka noppi pudathundi ina dengu aapaku naa puku nedi ne madda tho neku kavalasindi chayyi na puku ne.noppi ina puku medda neku anni hakkulu unnayi(son of bitch,even it is paining for me dont stop fucking pussy is what ever you want to do with my pussy with your cock.even its paining its ok for have all rights on my pussy).

 By hearing to such a beautiful and educated lady talking to her husband that too on the first night and her fucking in such a vulgur language i was stunned.but i liked it very much.i understood that it may be her mother who told her to talk in such language because it makes a man very horny. I continued fucking by making to and fro movements and she now seems to be enjoying this and she is also moving her body up and down inorder to take the whole cock into cock completely entered into her and we both are moaning with pleasure like any thing.she is very nearer to her orgasm and i too am going to cum very soon.we both started to make fast movements of our body.we both wanted to stop for some time with the cock in the pussy so that we did not want to complete our first section right now and i laid on her just playing with her boobs for 10 minitues.but my cock size in her pussy did not decrease and this time is wanted her to be on me and she made faster and faster movements lying on the top of we are very nearer to our climax the pace of our desires and love for each other keep on increasing.

 I decided to enjoy in doggy style.i ordered her to bow down as when people bow when they are praying,feet touching the floor and hands kept straight touching the floor or head on floor.she did so and i pushed by cock into her from her back and she responded to me by moving her body rythemically. The pace increased and she is moving her body very fastly and said come on faaaaaasssssssstt pllllleeeeeaaaaaasssse fast pllllleeeeeaaaaaassssse fast please please please fuck me faster and faster.i am going to climax.i responed to that and moved faster into her.she said yes,its the way to do dear.its the pain i want,because of u producing this pain i am gaining more enjoyment.go on and she whispered more pain more gain. This time i am going to cum.i parted her legs and made her to stand touching to the wall and pushed my cock into her.i then cummed into her and as soon as i come she had her orgasm and both our juices are being exchanged and that movement is just wonderful and we exchanged our juices for the first time with some sweet kisses.

 I gave her some great hard strocks into her pussy.she moaned a loud ooo... In acceptence to her varginity being lost.she kissed me on the forehead and said i love you.i love u very 100% love just belongs to u.u are great really great and continued praising me.i said i too love u 100% darling.u are just greater then any one in the world and u are beatiful and i have no words to praise your body and it is just wonderful and i am proud to have such a lady who giving me enjoyment like this as my wife.i thanked her but she said that there should be no thanks between us as we were one.i cummed huge huge loads into her and till then that is the biggest amount of cum in my life. While i am taking of my cock from her pussy she said dont take it out.its not good to take it off while it was still hard and keep it inside until it decreases.we both laid on the floor and we are having huge amount of sweat on our naked bodies and we sweeped the sweat on each others bodies with our tongues.

 It took 15 minutes for my cock to slow down and then i parted from her. We both wanted to clean our tools of fucking and we went to the joint bathroom and both carried a milk bottle into bathroom.she took my cock into her hand and poured milk on that part and washed it and then again washed it with water and i also cleaned her pussy area with both milk and water and then i said i have to go for urinary and refresh myself and she also said she too wants to go for urinary and latrine.i said u go out then,i will refresh myself and then come and then u can refresh.she said i will not go out from here and said what if i were here seeing u shit,we have fucked each other for such a long time,why are u telling me to go out.with no other option i poured urine and released the shit in front of her only.after that thing is over i held a mug of water in my hand to clean my ass and buttocks and she said dont do that baby i am here to take care of all your needs and she took the mug from my hand and cleaned the shit from my body.i am very happy about this because i used to dream before my marriage that a lady is cleaning the shit of me from my body.then she refreshed herself and i cleaned her shit. As i walked towards the door inorder to exit from the bathroom she came infront of me and locked the door.i asked her whats the matter.she said i want to have one more section of fucking and i said sure i too want it,i have more desire of having sex with u right now and i hugged her and said darling open the door and we will enjoy.raasi said no,not in the bedroom i want this section to be here in the bathroom,on the bathroom floor and in the tub having our bodies filled with foam on our bodies.

 I am very happy and we both entered into the tub filled with hot water and having foam in it.we played some sexy water games in the bathtub for 1 hour and then i lifted her from the tub and made her to sit on a same stool on the bathroom floor and took a shampoo and placed the shampoo all over her body from head to toes.i rubbed all her body with shampoo and the foam covered also her body.her breasts are larger then they where in the first section of fucking and her erect nipples made me to suck her boobs for long times.i sucked one boob and press the other boob with one hand at the same time.i observed in her that apart from playing with her boobs and pussy she is also feeling very sexy when i am kissing her lips by locking them with my mouth,when i am bitting her or kissing her hard on her neck and shoulders,when i am pressing her stomach by putting my hands on the both edges above her belly and when press her buttocks harder.

 She then made me sit on the stool and rub my body with shampoo and after the foam fully formed on my body like her we both stood up and rub each others body and made the foam which is separating us to fall down.then she laid down on the bathroom floor and made i her feel the pleasure by pushing fingers into her pussy and by kissing and sucking all over her body from top to bottom.she then wanted to take my cock into her mouth.i sat on the stool and she first started to roll her tongue all round my cock and after that she took the whole cock into her though and sucked it slow and she increased the pace of her sucking my times she stopped and rised her head and see at me and used to ask me how is it?This used to make me very erect.i caught her hair and slowly i revolved my fingers over her hair.sheremoved my hands from my head and said with sexy anger let me enjoy you for some time on my own and you feel my enjoyment which is being given by me for now please dont touch me.raasi began to suck my cock now harder by taking the complete cock into her mouth and for the first time i started moaning aaa..... Ooooooo..... And she i a great cock sucker though she is performing this for the first time.i said osey lanja nevvu manichivi kaadu nevvu kama devathuvi.entha langithanam ga denguthunnavanty nennu kannade,neeku kamasuthralu nerripinchina nee amma entha lanjo. (you bitch u are not ordinary human,you are like goddess of sex.u only behaving like this means your mother who gave birth to u and teached u about sex would have been a greater bitch than u).

 She replied ori lavadaga nevvu ee langani denguthunnavu anthe nee amma kudda lanje(you cock man,you fucking this bitch means your mother is also a bitch).we did not feel anything for talking vulgarly about our family members moreover we enjoyed talking about mother during our sex encounter. She increased the pace of sucking my cock and also played with my balls.i became erect and said to her that i am going to cum,you lay down i will fuck u.she said i want your cum in my mouth.i cummed half of the load in her mouth and made the the ramaining cum to fell on her face and her boobs.she splitted the cum which she taken into her mouth into my mouth and i splitted it onto her boobs.i tasted my cum on her face and breasts and put the cock in between her boobs and pressed both of them.then she took my cock again and cleaned the cum on it with her tongue.then she took my cock between her boobs and pressed her boobs with her hands.then we had on ordinary bath together and had our towels wrapped around our bodies and exitted from bathroom and came into bedroom. Then we taken off the towels and entered into the blanket on the bed.we talked for 30 minutes about our families,relatives,tastes and habits.while talking i massaged her boobs very slowly with my fingers and she used to massage my cock very slowly.

 After 30 minutes i wanted to fuck her because i actually wanted to fuck her in the bathroom but she had taken me in her mouth there.i wanted to have a fast fuck now because the time may be running out.i asked her do u have energy left in u do do it again.she said woman has more energy than man in sex and i can bear u fucking me any no.of times now.i asked her to rub my cock against her hand and she rubbed with faster pace than what i expected and soon i was at my complete erectness and i laid on her an and pushed the cock hard into her and she moaned like anything.the moaning and shouting of her are being like a wonderful music to my ears.i wanted her to scream and shout louder and louder.i gave her the hardest strocks than before.i did not make fast to and fro motions inside her but i suddenly gave strocks at a time in order to hear her shout very she is suffering with huge pain.she is shouting with pain aaaaaaa...... Aaaaaaaa..... Aaaaaaaaaa..............aaaaaaa ami cheshtunavu neeku amyna pichi pattinda amiti ee dengatam kukkalaga.antha noppi puduthundoo thelusa.ina neeku ala thelusthundi neeku pukku undi naku madda undi neenu dengithe thelisaydi(what are u doing?Are u mad?You are fucking me like a u know how much pain i am getting?Ho can u know? If you have a pussy and i had a cock then if i fuck u u would have known that)

 I did not mind all i said the vulgar language my darling raasi is using is a music for me.i continued giving hard strocks.she continued shouting.ooooooo....ooooooooo.................. You are killing me.........o yes,its paining like anything.i may die because of your hard strocks........ Pain its paining aaaaaaaaaa........ I cant bear this.this is like u are raping me aaaaa...... Oooooo........aaaaaaaaa. She is crying with pain.though she is using vulgar language and crying louder and louder of pain and telling it paining very much she never said me to stop fucking or to fuck slowly.she slowly started to get pleasure and enjoying herself and defended my hard strocks.i cummed in side her and she started crying again.i parted my cock from her pussy.i saw that she is bleeding blood from her pussy.

 She is crying.i said sorry for strocking so hardly.she is still bleeding and crying.i sucked her pussy slowly with her tongue in order to decrease her pain.after some time she stopped bleeding and is became comfortable and i said i am very very sorry.she said its ok.i liked your way of fucking me harder and harder,but as this was the first night of having sex i am not able to control the pain,u behaved harsh on me but its ok now. But it was the first time i dominated her and it was the first fuck for both of us on the bed as we had fucked on the floor at first and enjoyed in bathroom then.She kissed me and said love u very much and asked for whats the time now.i was really suprised by seeing the time and it was already 4:30 am.

 We hugged each other and slept in each others hands. As we did not sleep all the night we had a good sleep.then she was awake and started parting from my hands.with her movements i was also awake.i hugged her tightly and asked where are u going?She said it was morning and we have to go out from this room.i switched on the tube light switch which is nearer to the bed and saw that it was already 11:30 a.m.we cannot see through the bedroom the daylight because the room have no ventilaters to pass the daylight into the has windows but they are closed and they too are made of furniture and wood.

 So we cannot see the light and we get air through the a.c and fan in the looking at the time she jumped from the bed and tried to wrap the towel around her.i pushed the towel from she is feeling shy and folded the hands around her breasts because her whole naked body is seen under the brightness of tube light(before we are in the brightness of candles and bedlight. Because of that she did not feel shy before).i was still under the blanket and i started to steer to her pussy.she took off one hand from her boobs and covered her pussy and turned her beautiful buttocks and ass are seen.she bowed down to search for her clothes on the floor.i came out of the bed and covered my under area with a towel.she pleaded me to give the towel.i gave her the towel and she covered herself and i pressed her boobs from back by hugging her and she tried to espace from my hands.i asked her whats the reason.she said we should get out of our room now because your family members may feel and crack jokes on us,she continued i too want to enjoy with u right now,but we should get out from here. Soon the phone in the room rang and i lifted it and its my mom.she asked me how is your wife?Did u enjoy the night?Is she comfortable with u? How is our selection choosing your wife?

 I said great selection,great wife mom.i said to my mom that i want to be in the bedroom for some more time but my wife is saying that the family members will be joking on us if we spend long times in bed like this. My mom asked me to give the phone to said to raasi that we will not feel anything if u remain in bed for more time enjoying each other.more over we will be feeling happy about both of u for satisfying each other.if your husband wants be there,satisfy him.we have no problem at all and said to her that ravi?S brother also stayed in bedroom on his first day of marriage with his wife upto 1pm in the afternoon and enjoyed each other(its a totally different story with my brother staying for such a long time with my cousin because my cousin is our relative and my brother and she loved and had sex many times before their i and raasi are enjoying for the first time and we did not know each other before and had never talked to each other before our marriage but we enjoyed the greatest sex never before to anybody on our first day of marriage).raasi felt very happy with my mom?S words and said thanks to her.

 My mom said to her if u feel hunger eat the fruits which are in your room and said carry on and stopped talking. I sat on the bed and made her to sit in between my legs and we ate some apples and grapes as we are hungry.after that i bit one apple and dragged the towel low so that her boobs will be visible to me.she pulled the towel up again because she is feeling shy to show her body under the brightness of the tubelight.i said to her that u said that u love me 100% and u will do anything for me and u are now resisting me to see u naked.i said u should keep your word.she then removed the hand from the towel and now the towel fell down and the body upto her stomach is seen clearly.then i started to rub the apple which is bitten by me before towards her boobs and pressed the other boob with my hand.

 She is enjoying it very much and said that it is very nice.then she took an apple into her hand and she bit it and gave to me and suggested me to rub both her boobs with the apples at a time.i came infront of her and rubbed both the boobs with the apples.we both are enjoying this.then i made her lay on the bed and i took some black grapes in my hand and rubbed them on to her boobs very hard.she asked for more pace and to press her boobs hard.i did so.then i poured some milk on her boobs and sucked her boobs containing the apple and grape juices and milk.then she rubbed apples and grapes on my chest and pour milk and sucked me.then we removed the towels did the same activity with apples,grapes,milk on our buttocks,ass,her pussy and my cock etc.. Then we both had a nice fuck.she laid on the bed and she holded both her legs with her hands in such a way that her legs are touching her boobs and after that we went into the bathroom and raasi again performed a cock sucker there and swallowed my cum inside her.i rubbed and pressed my cock towards her boobs.then we had a nice bath together and came out of the bathroom. I had a computer in that room as it is my room and this room is my i planned before i brought a blue film c.d.i asked raasi do u like to watch it.she said sure and also said that she watched some blue film before.i asked where?She said that her mother made me watch them while training me about sex.

 I played the blue film on the system and we enjoyed it for an hour. Then we hugged and kissed each other for 15 minutes.we still wanted more and more.I took 2 not big but medim size fibre chairs which are not having hands and we took of the towels to make ourselves nude and sat on the chairs in such away that we face each other.we combined both the chairs and i pushed my cock into her pussy and we moved rythemically in side.then finally we both had our climax and we stood up from the chairs and hugged each other and expressed our love towards each other.i made her to wear her saree and she made me to wear my dress and our first time bedroom sex section lasted finally at 4:00p.m.that means 17 hours and 30 minutes.

 After 2 years of our marriage raasi is looking more beautiful than before and we are daily enjoying sex for 4 times a day.we never felt bore in our lives when we both are together.we had a own house where only raasi and i live.i used to come from the office at 5 in the evening and as soon as i come we had our bath together and had sex in the bathroom. Then from 6 p.m we go to the near by park and return at 7 p.m. We cooked our food together and then she watched t.v and i look of at office work.then at 8 p.m. We had our dinner and at 9 p.m. We go to our bedroom.we will be fucking there upto 11 or sometimes upto 12.then we wake up at 6 a.m and had sex again in bed and made our breakfast together at eat it and we will have a bathroom fucking and had our bath and i leave the home to my office at 8:45 a.m. Raasi when she is with me alone is very different when she is talking with friends,relatives etc

 She used to be very polite and decent with others and she is praised because of her goodness by all.but in bedroom she and i both will use vulgar language in order to raise our sexual feelings. This is a very real incident and this is for whose who are married and not feeling comfortable with each other,who are going to face her first night.many marriages today are being broken because the wife and husband can?T satisfy each other during sex.i ask the parents of the girl to encourage their daughter and make her know how to enjoy sex and take of the fear of sex for their minds by teaching them about sex after their marriage is arranged. I am very thankful to indian sex stories for conducting such a good site and hope u will come up with more wife and husband stories in this site. I will write my honeymoon experiences in the next story.

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